Learning grammar has never been so much fun!
by Beverly Wrigglesworth, School Library Journal

Learning grammar has never been so much fun! And because poor grammar makes the Mayor cry, Doctor Noize (Cory Cullinan) and the Mayor (Coert Voorhees) have put together these songs to teach students the finer points of grammar usage. Launching the album is the top ten hit single, “Welcome To Grammaropolis.” Each part of speech has its own introduction, with songs about nouns (“Noun Town“), verbs (“Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!“), adjectives (“Paint the Way“), adverbs (“Do You Qualify?“), pronouns (“I Got the Blues“), interjections (“It’s How You Feel“), prepositions (“A Merit Badge Is Just Like A Cat“), and conjunctions (“Let’s Bring It All Together“). Mr. Mayor and Dr. Noize have a lively debate about slang, followed by the song, “Let’s Get Groovy, Baby.” Musical styles range from rock, hip-hop, and polka to rap, blues, and show tunes. The vocals are very good, accompanied by terrific instrumental performances on electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, piano, harmonica, saxophone, synths, electronic drums and percussion, whistle, congas, cabasa, and cowbell. Elementary arts teachers can liven up their lessons with this fun production.
Beverly Wrigglesworth works at the San Antonio Public Library, TX.