Doctor Noize Beats Truman
by Rebecca Wallace, Palo Alto Weekly
I’ve finally forgiven Doctor Noize, that big meanie, for making me believe a fake press release. News does break on April 1st, y’know. Anyone could have fallen for it.
Fortunately, we stopped the presses before reporting that kids’ musician Doctor Noize (a.k.a. Cory Cullinan, who lives in Colorado but hails from Los Altos) was going to have one of his songs in “High School Musical 4.” Man. I could’ve written a heck of a headline.
Cory swears his latest Noizeletter is true. Lots of good news. I’ve always found it interesting that he’s a classically trained Stanford musician who has woven his expertise into groovy shows and CDs for kids. This fall he’s heading back to the concert hall to solo with the North State Symphony at youth performances in Chico and Redding. Nice.
“Herr Maestro and I promise these events will be very solemn and absolutely no fun at all, especially the rockin’ tuba solo,” Cory says in the Noizeletter.
Satellite radio isn’t exactly raking in the forints lately, but maybe Doctor Noize can help. Or not. As Cory writes in the Noizeletter: “I once wrote a song for the long-running network soap ‘Another World,’ which had been on air for 35 years. My song was played on the show, and just months later…the show was cancelled. That’s power, baby.”