Composer, teacher and performer Doctor Noize teams up with orchestras large and small to interactively inspire kids and newcomers to explore the worlds of classical music and the symphony in the hippest, most inclusive way imaginable.

  • The symphony concerts we performed with Doctor Noize were spectacular! I have never seen kids respond with so much enthusiasm to a classical music concert. He's fun, funny and irreverent. His gift for inspiring kids is unparalleled.

    Kyle Pickett Conductor North State Symphony & Juneau Symphony

Award-winning composer, teacher and performer Doctor Noize graduated with Distinction and Honors studying classical music at Stanford, but don’t let that fool you — his Symphony Shows are crazy, interactive fun.  Audiences sing, dance and connect with the orchestra, and leave wanting to explore more. Two programs are offered:  Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony, from the acclaimed musical recording of the same name, and Doctor Noize Goes Bananas!, taking kids on a tour of music history to decide that the future of orchestral music is gonna be a wild ride.

But... are these shows are impactful beyond the spectacle?  Pictured is Eric Whitmer, chosen from 1,000 kids at a Doctor Noize Symphony Show in Chico, CA to come onstage and learn to conduct the orchestra on the spot.  Eight years later, Eric contacted Doctor Noize.  He said he had learning differences, and decided, on that day, he would go to a top college and join an orchestra.  Eric graduated from a Top 15 academic school and became the timpanist in the very orchestra Doctor Noize brought him up to conduct as a kid:

  • I still credit Dr. Noize as being one of the foundational experiences in my musical journey... Truly your program changes lives! Who knows what I'd be majoring in at Vanderbilt if not for Phineas McBoof!  I’m majoring in percussion performance with a minor in business, focusing on arts administration and sustainability... Whoo boy that’s a mouthful!

    Eric Whitmer North State Symphony Percussionist & Former Audience Member

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  • Orchestral music is the most adventurous and colorful music in the world.  Kids and newcomers are the most adventurous and colorful audience in the world, because their minds are not yet made up.  As young fine arts audiences in the digital age are increasingly elusive, it’s imperative that those of us who want to preserve the art form we love design and perform symphony shows that specifically appeal to new audiences.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
Upcoming Events

Date City Venue
Sunday 11/15/20 - Monday 05/31/21 Home Stay At Home
We’ve started penciling Summer 2021 Shows into the Calendar pending public health guidelines. In the meantime, we’ve made every Doctor Noize album and book FREE online (along with extensive Learning Curricula and videos) for the duration of the pandemic until EVERYONE has a chance to be fully vaccinated. Get ’em at the link above. Kids, parents, educators — thanks for doing your part to keep us all healthy and safe! Doctor Noize can’t wait to see you all again in person. What a party that’s gonna be.
Saturday 05/15/21 Denver, CO University of Colorado Denver
Doctor Noize will be at University of Colorado Denver’s Commencement, celebrating earning his Masters in Recording Arts after defending his Portfolio in Recording Arts Education For Grades K-8! That’s right… the Doc’s a graduate student at the very school where he’s a faculty teacher. Don’t ever stop learning, and don’t ever stop sharing what you know.
Thursday 08/05/21 Columbia, MO Stevens Lake Amphitheatre
Time: 6:00pm. Doctor Noize heads to Missouri to play the show he was supposed to play last summer!
Tuesday 08/10/21 - Thursday 08/12/21 WY Wyoming Tour Venues
The Doc is scheduled to play nine shows at multiple venues in Wyoming this summer. Details TBA!
Monday 08/16/21 - Friday 08/20/21 Stanford, CA Stanford University
Doctor Noize’s alter ego Cory Cullinan is scheduled to teach Recording Arts at Stanford again this summer. This year, the class will go on whether it’s in person or virtual — the Doc’s spent a year teaching full remote classes at CU Denver, and we can do this! The course isn’t open to younger kids, but other recording artists, musicians, college students, and even high school students demonstrating real interest in Recording Arts may apply. Let’s make music this summer!

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