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  • My time working with the North State Symphony would not have been as eventful and exciting if I hadn't got the chance to work with you. It was always a joy to see little faces light up in the audience. I wish Phineas McBoof a mountain of success going forward.

    Sam Rodowick North State Symphony & Music Teacher at Madera Unified School District

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  • My gratitude's off the charts to have a hand in this positive, proactive, inclusive, multi-racial & international project. Global sustainability's the issue of our time, but it’s also the issue of our children’s future. Time to get 'em in the loop, in a fun & funky way, to build a brighter tomorrow holistically. Our record’s a hurricane of love for the earth & its people.

    Doctor Noize CEO & Recording/Multimedia/Performing Artist, Doctor Noize Inc.

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