In this moment in time when so many of us are home, we're all in this together even though we're apart. Parents and teachers are looking for innovative ways to engage and teach our kids, and kids deserve some inspiration from characters built to provide such things.  So...

All Doctor Noize products are 100% free here until a vaccine is widely available.  Kids completing the series and curriculums learn music fundamentals, history, genre, instruments and the orchestra; grammar, punctuation and the power of words; and the leadership and character to be a strong and purposeful person and friend in any situation.

Doctor Noize is an award-winning elementary, high school and college teacher and an elected Governor of the Recording Academy Board.  All products have specific educational goals told in engaging stories by lovable characters.  His Homemade album encourages kids to create and share art of their own from home to express thoughts and feelings.

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  • Finding ways to keep the family occupied without fighting can be a challenge.  But I've found a family that is doing just that, and at the same time, they're helping others.

    Natalie Tysdal Denver Channel 2 News

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  • Thank you! I really enjoyed making the song, coming up with lerics/words, and finding the subject. It was awesome! I appreceated it very much. Thank you so much please come again. PS Disco Monkey! Zombie style.

    Claire Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School