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Dare Your Creativity With Doctor Noize

Chart-topping family musician and author Doctor Noize played his first hit shows with the North State Symphony in 2009.  He’s since signed a partnership with Dream Cortex, producers of the Hello Kitty, Tom & Jerry and Ben10 3D animated videos and games.  Along with enhanced recordings and books, Doctor Noize Inc. now produces hit mobile apps, 3D animated videos, free online games and learning adventures.


Zooglobble and NPR family music commentator Stefan Shepherd called him a “musician/genius/mastermind” and “the funniest guy in kids music,” and his hit album The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof was just played multiple times in its entirety on SiriusXM Kids Place Live Radio again, where he’s had several Top 10 hits.


Doctor Noize plays keyboard, guitar, saxophone, percussion, kazoo, and sings at his wildly interactive shows.  He loops and layers instruments on a laptop, arranging and recording music live with his audience.  Kids get onstage to dance, record their own vocals, and play instruments.  “My mission is getting people inside the creative process of daring to pursue their passions,” says Doctor Noize.  His brand’s motto — “I’m With The Band” — is simultaneously about having the courage to sing your own song in life and to share that song with others.


Always pursuing his passions, the Doc — a former award-winning music teacher who graduated with Distinction and Honors in classical music at Stanford — was commissioned to write a family orchestral piece featuring the Doctor Noize characters.  Premiering in 2012 by California’s North State Symphony under the baton of his favorite Maestro Kyle Pickett, it joins the ongoing Doctor Noize adventures as a full-length album after.


His productions take you to the world of Phineas McBoof and his International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses.  More than just a collection of songs, his albums are called “rock operas for kids” by Mindy Thomas, Kids Place Live Program Director, who invited her listeners to “close your eyes, turn off your TV, and imagine yourself in The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof” when playing the album on air.


Doctor Noize’s first iPhone game, Bananas! — based on his #1 national hit song Banana — has been downloaded over 130,000 times and charted Top 25 in dozens of countries, including the US.  It’s even been pirated — a dubious form of flattery!  Rave user reviews at the iTunes store cite amazing music, warm characters and graphics, and addictive gameplay.


What permeates it all is a sense of daring and fun.  “Kids are creative and adventurous.  The notion that you have to dumb things down for kids is false.  Adults are the ones who’ve closed their minds to things.  Some people think you can’t sell sophisticated arts to kids.  We can.  Or we’ll fail trying and have no regrets.  That is our adventure.”


Doctor Noize Inc. does little traditional marketing, relying on Very Important Noizemakers across the country to spread the word when Doctor Noize comes to town.  He calls his fans Noizemakers and devotes almost all his company’s marketing on Noizemaker events and Giving Back Showz, charity events which raise thousands of dollars a month for causes the company believes in.  How much good do these shows do?  See for yourself — it’s tracked on


Doctor Noize plays shows with the North State Symphony in Chico and Redding in May!