Looking for a new and inspiring way to introduce orchestral music to kids? Tired of people yawning at poorly conceived family orchestral shows? Doctor Noize has two high-energy answers to inspire the next generation to a love of fine art music:


Program #1: Phineas McBoof Crashes The SymphonyPhineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony Score


A 60-minute odyssey into the world of orchestral and classical music. Join Doctor Noize and The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses as they embark on a search for Phineas McBoof and find him at his new gig — as an orchestral conductor. With Doctor Noize’s trademark flair as an entertainer, audiences are introduced to the colorful world of classical music. Instrumentation, orchestration, periods of music history, key composers, sonata form and its relationship to modern pop song structure — all of these and more are covered in the Doc’s orchestral work of musical theater. Will the evil Mama Meanie — who hates classical music — stop Phineas and Doctor Noize from staging the show of a lifetime? Time will tell…

Click to view a page from the symphony score.

This is probably the only truly interactive work of orchestral music you will ever see — watch bootleg highlights of the premiere. A teacher there had this to say: “Kids walked in not caring about classical music, and walked out thinking that anyone who thinks kids can’t handle classical music is uncool.” Optional solo parts for local kids and a children’s choir are part of the score. The orchestral score is available in two formats — large orchestra and small orchestra.


Originally a commission from The McConnell Foundation and premiered with California’s North State Symphony, this show is now being performed with orchestras from Alaska to Montana. Looking for a great Guest Conductor to lead your Doctor Noize family symphony concert? Contact Doctor Noize’s favorite conductor Kyle Wiley Pickett, who premiered the show, knows the score inside and out, and conducts and plays the role of Phineas.


A 45 minute version is also available.


Program #2: Doctor Noize Goes Bananas!


Looking to program a show that integrates both Doctor Noize compositions and established classical repertoire? Then go with the original Doctor Noize symphony show. Perform orchestral versions of some of Doctor Noize’s most popular songs, like Banana and The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof, along with your own selections from the classical repertoire. Doctor Noize — with his degree in classical music from Stanford and background teaching an innovative classical music history course to kids — can help you program the repertoire if you like. Or simply incorporate repertoire the orchestra is already performing for its adult concerts.


From that, we’ll construct a 45-60 minute show based on a tried and true template the Doc has performed in multiple cities with multiple orchestras. In a humorous and powerful transformation, Doctor Noize will begin the concert as someone who thinks classical music is an outdated form of music that has no relevance to modern music. Through an exploration of music of many eras — from the Doc’s own songs to the classical repertoire we program — the Doc and his audience learn that classical music is not only relevant to modern listeners, but offers a world of colorful creativity that is custom-built for the imagination and creativity of a child.


You can hear the full orchestral version of one of Doctor Noize’s pieces performed in this program — Banana, Che Cosa Mi Avete Incitato A Fare Per Amore? — on The Return Of Phineas McBoof album. Opera star Nathan Gunn is featured on the recording.


Looking for a great Guest Conductor to lead your Doctor Noize family symphony concert? Contact Doctor Noize’s favorite conductor Kyle Wiley Pickett. Dr. Pickett premiered this program and knows the score inside and out. Even more importantly, he’s a showman and father who knows how to connect with kids at family concerts.