An inspiring hour of togetherness and learning by Doctor Noize and his music industry friends for kids and families at home in these times.  The Doc and his family call friends from home to build relationships, creativity and purpose through writing and singing songs together.

  • Homemade is a melodic masterpiece and a recipe for addressing earnest issues with quirky humor and a compassionate heart.”

    Jon Samson Music Therapist & 2020 Children's Music Grammy Winner


Doctor Noize productions inspire kids' minds and creativity and bring friends and families together.  Stream Homemade here free because the Doc believes great educational media should be available to all.  Then go pay it forward with what you do in your own life.

(1/3 goes to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief1/3 goes to Environmental Defense Fund, 1/3 goes to Dr. Noize's free online learning activities.)

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  • Every artist and engineer donated their time and talent to Homemade.  100% of its net income and donations will go to its three clear purposes of COVID relief, environmentalism and home learning.  We make the world we live in.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Recording Artist, Doctor Noize Inc.

Homemade started with Doctor Noize inviting family and friends staying at home in a pandemic to make music together, including six Grammy-winning singers and acclaimed instrumentalists from pop to classical.  They recorded and produced a track a week for six months, often releasing them with videos online. It became an album about what it was:  the Doc calling friends and family to make music while staying at home.

The project immediately spawned a national hit on NBC, Fox, CBS and Sirius/XM with its opening single Stay At Home, with the funny and timely environmental song Positive Energy! featuring a united chorus of 25+ children’s music stars right behind it.  Homemade then takes a virtuosic journey through music fundamentals, multiculturalism and genre as Doctor Noize characters play their own version of his #1 national hit song Banana.  It closes calling upon kids, families and virtual classrooms to make heartfelt homemade creations of their own.