Doctor Noize's recordings entertain and inspire kids, families and classrooms to embrace diversity and longform thinking. In stories emphasizing creativity, curiosity and character told by some of the world's great musicians and singers, it's a feast for the young at heart.

  • Just wanted to share with you that the "Banana" song has morphed into the "Pajama" song in our home, which we sing as we are getting ready for bed. I can't imagine we are the first to discover how perfectly that works, but I wanted to give you a "shout out" to thank you for providing the go-to soundtrack for rallying my stepkids, 6.5yo Lily and almost 3yo Levi, to get their pajamas on and move into storybook mode.

    Mary-Shannon Northern CA Noizemaker

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Doctor Noize productions inspire kids' minds and creativity and bring friends and families together.  Stream Homemade here free because the Doc believes great educational media should be available to all.  Then go pay it forward with what you do in your own life.

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  • Many fine artists make collections of songs for kids.  My goal is to introduce kids to larger-form works, and more sophisticated concepts, than a single song could ever offer.  If we can expand the creativity, curiosity and character of each listener — from kids to adults — we can raise the ambition and empathy levels in this beautiful world.  Each recording features world-class artists administering giant heaps of fun to the cause.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

Prolific composer/producer/performer Doctor Noize knows that kids and newcomers to any genre are the most creative listeners in the world.  More than collections of pop songs with kid-friendly lyrics, these recordings are musical theatre adventures inspiring families and classrooms to stretch their imaginations, musical boundaries, and arms to characters of all kinds. The underlying theme of Doctor Noize recordings is that diversity — of perspectives, of talents, of styles — is what builds the best quality of experience in this world.

The Phineas McBoof series introduces the wide world of music, the Grammaropolis series introduces the sophisticated world of words, and Funk The Earth introduces the world to sustainability concepts, through colorful characters and stories.  Listening to longform works makes us think more deeply, develop greater attention spans, and learn the specific learning objectives of each production.  All recordings are performed by virtuosic musicians and voice artists, at a production quality rarely heard on recordings of any genre, for kids and adults to enjoy together.  Explore your Genius.  Join The Band!