Doctor Noize's interactive app was kids' opportunity to explore the foundational Doctor Noize story with greater depth with this modern interactive book where characters on the page talk, move and make music like never before.

  • As original as children's entertainment gets...  The dialogue and interplay between the characters is charming and funny.  The story... also teaches listeners about the instruments.

    Jeff Bogle Out With The Kids

What do you get when you combine old-school storytelling with world-class illustrations and modern technology?  Join The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses to find your own inner genius! This interactive book — based on Doctor Noize’s book of Phineas McBoof’s original story — fused the sounds of Doctor Noize's beloved recording of the same name with the storytelling and colorful illustrations of the accompanying book. But it also had scores of new wonders…

Wanna mix your own version of Doctor Noize's theme song, I'm With The Band? You could do it here. Wanna hear Doctor Noize narrate the book himself, with his signature storyteller's delivery? Check. Wanna inspire Phineas and The Band to move and say things they don't say on the recording or original book? This app was the answer!  We recorded and created loads of extras for this production and, as always, Doctor Noize crafted it with a deep love and admiration for the brilliance of children and the adults who belong to them.

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  • I’ve always loved reading to my own kids — now I get to read to yours too!  Your kids will dig mixing their own version of our theme song.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

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