Doctor Noize is committed to giving back to the community, and it brings him great joy to do so.  Every year, he produces one major project for a charitable cause, performs four charity shows, or the equivalent, for causes he believes make the world a better place.

  • How was it that this man had a literally boundless store of energy and good humor?

    Doris Huang (read the full article) Pinewood School & Harvard graduate

Doctor Noize approaches Giving Back Events like he approaches his creative, educational, and personal goals — with a clear purpose and a results-oriented approach.  Each Giving Back production or event must have a strong partner group and a measurable goal or impact -- see the Sample Target Goals at the end of this page for ideas. What can we do together to Make The World We Live In?

The Doc's Stay At Home song and Homemade album took care of kids in a pandemic and raised money for needs surrounding it too.  The show in the video above raised $4,000 for the education of a girl named Kaia whose mother unexpectedly passed away weeks earlier.  The Doc's star-studded Positive Energy! song raised environmental awareness, and his 2021 Giving Back project is already in production and lights out!!! Know a way the Doc could help make a positive impact to a community in need?  Submit a proposal for a Doctor Noize Giving Back event.


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  • Let’s make a positive impact together.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

About that last bullet-point above...

Several Doctor Noize projects that have made a positive impact on the world, like the Symphony album and Shows, have been sponsored by donations.  What can we do together?  Would you like to commission a work, recording or show series that brings attention to a need?  Is it something Doctor Noize can use his skill set as a producer and entertainer to shed light on?  Let's make the world a better place.

Sample Target Goals for Giving Back Events…

  • We want to raise # dollars for our partner charity.
  • We want to feed # meals to people in need.
  • We want to make # people aware of X impactful issue.
  • We want # low-income kids to experience a free Show their community school could never afford.
  • We’ll give # kids at a children’s hospital an hour of imaginative and carefree fun most kids don’t get.