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  • Cory Cullinan, the musician/genius/madman behind Doctor Noize is both a very funny and a very loquacious man. The interview below, which was conducted in late December, was even longer what's printed below. I left out jokes and I left out even more of the obvious passion Cullinan brings to his unique family music project.

    Stefan Shepherd Zooglobble & NPR "Kids music worth sharing"
  • Five stars. Addictive!! Very very fun!!

    Joseferret Bananas iTunes review
  • You’re the new school house rock! Love it!!

    Chelsi Word AZ Noizemaker
  • Genius! Check it out!

    Lisa Park CO Noizemaker
  • 5 Stars for Grammaropolis. Not only does my second-grader come home from school and put this album on repeat, singing along with the lyrics while she does her homework, but her 3-year-old sister is picking them up too! And because of this album my oldest put "conjunction" and "interjection" on her bonus spelling list this week. This is educational kids' music that parents can enjoy too! Comedic sketches, a variety of musical genres, and a parody of public radio and Fresh air's Terry Gross--can a parent looking for tolerable kids music ask for anything more?

    Bakonewsie iTunes Review
  • My kids LOVE Phineas McBoof. It's their favorite CD right now!.

    Andy Blackman Hurwitz Co-Founder of Baby Loves Disco, Baby Loves Jazz & Baby Loves Music
  • In his music for children, he creates layers and loops and invites his young audience members to help make multi-track songs. Seeing and hearing how each contribution, from percussion and bass to melody and harmony, adds to the whole, audience members get a new appreciation for a song's structure...

    Yoshi Kato San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)
  • You are an extremely busy person so I feel so blessed that you are willing to do this concert for us. We are confident it will be a great night! We are all so excited! With the money raised, we plan on splitting the proceeds for both Treyton's and Connor's memorial projects. In Treyton's name, we are fundraising to build a baseball field in Whitewater which will be called Treyton's Field of Dreams. Connor's memorial will be a playground in Jefferson. Thanks again for all that you are doing!

    Amie Alvarado Organizer, Concert For Treyton's Field Of Dreams & Connor's Playground
  • Loved the Dad’s singing group @ Koelbel. You can always make me laugh, even when the day is really busy.

    Donna Geesaman Senior Programming Specialist, Arapahoe Libraries
  • Cory Cullinan, AKA Doctor Noize, is the freshest new face & sound in kindie rock today but don't let the rookie status fool you. His first release, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, is no flavor of the week. It's a musical & narrative rock opera that is surprisingly one of the best children's CD's of 2007! (Mind you, I don't make that sort of claim lightly...)

    Yosi Award Winning Children's Musician & Indie Kids Rock Blogger (read his full Doctor Noize interview)
  • We love the cd.

    Riki Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Your project touched me on a gut level. The work you all put into this is beyond imaginable and I can't believe you did it. So worth it. The music is delightful and important. It's respectful, i.e. not dumbed down at all.

    Tor Hyams Grammy-nominated songwriter
  • Interesting, fun, engaging and participatory for all ages. The kids were so into it.

    Lani Bautista Museum Facilitator Lead The New Children's Museum
  • Parents -- this is a must see. My kids love Dr. Noize. His show is high energy, creative and had unreal energy. Make sure you put it on the schedule. You will thank me, I promise. This guy is completely amazing. My kids adore him. He is insanely creative. It will be a blast. Trust me, the kids will love it.

    David Locke Radio Host of Locked On Sports @ KFAN 1320 AM Salt Lake City Radio Play-By-Play Announcer of the NBA's Utah Jazz
  • My BFF was telling me all about this amazing presentation by Dr. Noize today at Redding School of Arts. And I was saying "Wait, wait, stop, I KNOW Cory!" So, how funny is that?

    Leslie King Northern CA Noizemaker & former high school classmate of the Doc!
  • I truly appreciate everyone who shares their thoughts and experiences about Doctor Noize, and I personally read every post and contact we receive.  I couldn't do this without you.  PS Everyone quoted here is 100% insane.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Oh Musical Impresario, Dr. Noize... You are amazing. Yours in all things fun...

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack Principal, Sitka High School Sitka, AK
  • Of course, I just LOVE it when my son is so moved by songs and/or stories, and you've made something that is PERFECT for him. We were in the car - waaaay too late, after eating dinner at my parents' tonight - and started listening to your first disc, and my son could hardly come inside.

    Lori Henriques Grammy-nominated Children’s Recording Artist
  • Brilliant, Cory. The world is very lucky to have you in it.

    Lori Henriques Grammy-nominated children's musician
  • The concert was fantastic!!! We all loved the show and when we got home, my son was already asking if I knew when he'd be putting on another performance in the area.

    Melina Barnes Vancouver Noizemaker

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!