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  • We were at a party with all ages, and a father leaned down to his daughter to whisper, "That's Doctor Noize's Mommy." She shouted out, "Grandma, that's Doctor Noize's Mommy!!!" My new claim to fame!

    Leola Wooldridge Doctor Noize's Mommy
  • I am already a great fan. I again drove to the French Atlantic coast for summer vacation. It is a very long drive and a good opportunity to listen to a new album over and over again. What I like in particular about the CD is that even after having listened to it several times, you always find new little interesting things. Just two examples: At the end of track 10 before the scene in the symphony hall starts, you take up the my parents melody and transform it into a classic concert piece. At the end of track 13, one can already hear the instrumental version of the monster dance of track 14.

    Peter Zapf German Noizemaker
  • It just wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day without an email from Dr. Noize. 😉  Thanks for the laugh.

    Jenna Makus CA Noizemaker
  • I'm lovin Phineas and the book!

    Chris Maldonado Host of "The Kids Show" on KRFC FM, Fort Collins, CO
  • We love your show, I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future.  We do have a pretty nice town and I’m very glad you found it hospitable.  Thanks again!

    Debbie Sturman Director, Niobrara County Library
  • Congratulations on a great tour! Again, we really enjoyed having you here in Redwood City... Thank you for helping to make (downtown Redwood City) a destination spot because of your concert.

    Christopher Beth Superintendent, City of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.
  • I teach kindergarten at Santa Rita in Los Altos. A couple of days ago one of my little girls asked if I knew about a singer that she loves. She went on to describe Dr. Noize. I told her I knew who she was talking about and told her I thought he went to Santa Rita when he was a kid. She was so excited! You have some big fans in my class!!”

    CiCi Nakano Kindergarten teacher, Santa Rita School, CA
  • Dr. Noize rocks! The kids and I went to see our good friend Dr. Noize today, and he was mega-fantastic. This bootleg video of the concert doesn't do him justice (sorry), but it does give you a sense of the kind of energy he puts into his shows. One of my favorite things about Dr. N (yes - we're actually that close) is that he seamlessly weaves music education into his concerts. You can't help but walk away feeling more musically inclined, and he even lets the kids rock-out with his equipment at the end of the show. We predict that Dr. Noize is going to be B-I-G, BIG! And we hope everyone spreads the word. Rock on, Dr.

    Chris Walsh School 180 "180 Days to Change How We Think About School"
  • Listening now, I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Enthusiastic Noizemaker Listening now, I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You brought fun to this town.

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack Principal, Sitka High School Sitka, AK
  • Like the best of children's literature and music, the CD operates on many levels simultaneously: beneath the bubbling surface of pure kiddy appeal runs an undercurrent of musical and lyric allusion aimed at delighting the parents of the young. I defy you to find me another children's album with any piece in seven.

    David Yearsley Professor of Music, Cornell University (read the full published review)
  • Addictive... I tried out a new game yesterday called Bananas. While it’s made for kids, I really liked the game and had a blast playing it. It’s great fun for kids (and adults).

    Jim Dalrymple The Loop
  • Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of mixing 3 records for children's music artist Doctor Noize. His music is smart, funny, educational and--perhaps best of all--enjoyable for parents. Through music and books he teaches kids about our greatest form of art, and all of the styles within. His albums involve the evolution of a story surrounding Phineas McBoof and his colorful bandmates and friends. They have been on quite the journey and the next installment may be the biggest and most important step yet: classical music. Doctor Noize has composed a symphony--for recording and live performance--to teach kids about the most sophisticated form of music there is. The piece has been performed multiple times with full orchestras and has been a great success. And now it's time to record it.

    Justin Peacock The Hook Factory
  • My boys had a blast, thanks for the great concert! So now, not only do we sing the Banana song, but also 1-2-3-4-5-6-7- a song!

    Lynese Zukowski CO Elementary School Teacher & Noizemaker
  • I host the Kid's Show on KRFC once/month, your Phineas McBoof CD is fab...

    Lex Krausz KRFC FM Radio Host & School Librarian of Cache La Poudre Elementary, La Porte, CO
  • My son's been singing 'banana banana' and 'that's just silly' NONSTOP since saturday's concert... He's so into your music!

    Mythily Herz CO Noizemaker
  • His two books – “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” and “The Return of Phineas McBoof” – and CDs are jam-packed with crazy characters, including Phineas, a cheeky monkey. “It’s a story about McBoof – based on Paul McCartney – and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses,” said Cullinan from his home in Colorado, as his two daughters, Sidney Grace, 9, and Riley Max, 7, made noise in the background. “What the band has in common is their openness to trying all kinds of music.”

    Eren Göknar Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)
  • I watched your show from above and from across the way by the Food was great...kind of a crazy day...thanks for making our Countdown to New Years so were wonderful as always!!

    Jeff Patched Alaska Noizemaker
  • During readings taken from his book (The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof), Cullinan performs songs and rewrites the ending with the audience by adding a new character playing a new musical instrument. Through all of his artistic endeavors, Cullinan delivers a pro-music message that is creative, educational and fun.

    Laurel Fishman (read the full article)
  • It’s a good week to be a monkey. That is, assuming your name is Phineas McBoof.  Dr. Noize’s hit iPhone app BANANAS has been updated to include Riley Robot.

    Jeff Bogle Out With The Kids

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