Real people from all walks of life took the time to express this positive energy to Doctor Noize.  The Doc loves you all!  Browse the categories below.


  • You'll be happy to know that your CDs are being played over and over and over and over and over and over in our house.

    Peter Apel Award-Winning Children's Recording Artist
  • You're a one of a kind person. You're a leader. I learned from you. Thanks again for presenting me with a challenge. It was a a blast, and we are going to put the computer on "stun" so we can pop out something as wonderful as all your voices and melodies and orchestral scores.

    Ed Gutentag Director, Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony Kickstarter Videos
  • You guys rock! Thank you mucho for donating back to Pinewood and helping us finally get Middle Campus renovated. We love your music!

    Michele Isaac Teacher, Pinewood School
  • Thank You Dr. Noize! You were awesome on stage in juneau, AK... You're welcome to play any time again!

    Cedar Miles AK Noizemaker (Yes Cedar -- Dr. Noize is booked to return to the Juneau Symphony!)
  • Your interaction on stage with the young girl who wanted to play sax rather then the keyboard spoke volumes, that was a great interaction, a great moment.

    Lisa Shara Northern CA Noizemaker
  • A little later in the show, Mindy got a call from none other than Doctor Noize!... He likes to play lots of instruments and sing at the same time, but he hasn't mastered doing both while playing the saxophone. He thinks maybe he could play it with his nose.

    GBK Gwyneth KiDS Place LiVE Fans Blog (read the full blog entry)
  • 5 Stars -- Just Wow. I hired Dr Noize for a very specialized and personal event for specific young family members who live 2000 miles from us. I hired him purely based on the integrity he showed through his email communications. While he was still performing his surprise act at my sister's home, my phone started blowing up with messages, pictures and videos of the absolutely amazing time everyone was having. Later on I got the thankful voice mails filled with so much happiness and literally tears of joy. Thank you so much Dr. Noize for bringing such joy to a little girl and her family who really need it right now!

    Louise B. Virginia Noizemaker
  • Starting another day right with our morning ritual of our favorite Doctor Noize CD! If you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend it - my daughter, as well as my wife and I, are pretty much obsessed with Cory Cullinan's masterpiece, "The Return of Phineas McBoof."

    Ben Evans KY Noizemaker & YERT Director Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail
  • It's been a while since we've heard from Dr. Noize, the mad genius behind The Ballad of Phineas McBoof - the album and the book. He's back now making a splash with... Grammaropolis, a mashup off Schoolhouse Rock and Roger Hargreaves' Little Miss/Mr. Men books. Having spent some time exploring the impressive Grammaropolis website, I predict Dr. Noize is ready for the big time (and by that, I mean TV and mass merchandising)... You're going to want to get ahead of the curve on this one, that way you can say you loved Grammaropolis way before it landed on Nick Jr. and on your kid's backpack and lunchbox. You've been enjoying (and requesting it) on XM Radio's Kids Place Live, now buy the mp3 single of Grammaropolisâ here.

    Jeff Bogle Out With The Kids Kids Music, Books, Toys & Culture
  • I've been meaning to tell you how in awe of Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony I am. I can't believe you know how to score music like that!!

    Whitney Merchant CA Noizemaker
  • We randomly fell in line with Dr. Noize several years back at one of the shows on the Penninsula, and made it to several shows thereafter. You also did a fundraiser for a dear friend of mine's daughter - Kaia Emery. I've enjoyed following your success as you take over the world - ah, move into the digital domain. We're enjoying the new songs, and your unique crazy brand of awesome music ed. Peace.

    Muffie Waterman Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Fans of School House Rock will love (Grammaropolis).

    Jonathan Wylie 4th Grade Teacher, Walker Elementary School, Walker, IA
  • Grammaropolis is a clever and enjoyable way of learning grammar. Hard to believe, but it actually can make it fun for both students and parents of students studying grammar! I learned some things starting with the very first song, even though it is targeted to grades 2 - 8; my guess is that anyone much younger AND much older than that could absorb and learn from this. Grammar is such a tough thing to learn / teach, and especially remember, that Grammaropolis in general (website, stories, etc.) and the songs in particular (on this CD) seem like great tools for parents, teachers, and students.

    Patrick A. Thielke Review
  • Lone Tree resident Cory Cullinan, also known as Doctor Noize, is as passionate as he is creative. Cullinan has successfully merged his enthusiasm for educating kids and producing music... Throughout the duration of the CD, kids learn to match the sound of the instrument with each character and are able to pick out instruments in songs. The story is similar to the Beatles, and Phineas McBoof has the same initials as the basis of his character, Paul McCartney.

    Stephanie Thompson Lone Tree Voice (read the full article)
  • I love the work you are doing.

    Maydene Fisher CA Noizemaker
  • So, as soon as we left the concert my son said "When I grow up I want to be a music-maker!" We had a great time, you put on a wonderful show. It was so fun hearing the kids laughter! What wonderful energy!

    Deborah Heffley Jones WA Noizemaker
  • Calling all music lovers! You HAVE to check this out! Doctor Noize is a national touring children’s music performer with a zany sense of humor, infectious hilarity, contagious energy, and an amazing ability to connect with kids of all ages while teaching about music, rocking out, and recording on the spot! You won’t want to miss this ONE!

    Rachel Thuermer Artistic Director, Dare To Dream Theatre
  • The Grammaropolis video & song are great!

    Ben Evans KY Noizemaker & YERT Director Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail
  • The book really comes together, works great for our family. (Our son) laughs at the musical bottom every time... the one in your book that is.

    Craig Swanson Southern CA Noizemaker
  • Holy Moses, I have just finished listening to the two CDs, and I am blown away!  What an incredible tour de force (coup de main?) by an auteur who did the libretto, music, arrangements, lead-singing, money-raising, hand-holding, floor-sweeping, etc. I do think you have brought this art form to a new height. Everything was indeed incredible.  The music was alternatively catchy and melodious.  The words were alternatively clever and soulful.  On the other hand, the singing and the playing were uniformly wonderful.  It was a joy to listen to your performances.

    Todd Stewart Former U.S. Ambassador

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