Real people from all walks of life took the time to express this positive energy to Doctor Noize.  The Doc loves you all!  Browse the categories below.


  • Thank you thank you thank you. This was definitely a labor of love.  Our entire family has enjoyed.

    Cathy Mollander CO Noizemaker
  • You are truly an inspiration to those who might get discouraged when dreams aren't instantly realized... just look where you are...

    Normajean Northern CA Noizemaker
  • I truly appreciate everyone who shares their thoughts and experiences about Doctor Noize, and I personally read every post and contact we receive.  I couldn't do this without you.  PS Everyone quoted here is 100% insane.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • That just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you for this wonderful music and treat time.

    Nathan Gunn World renowned baritone & voice of Placido Flamingo
  • This musical take on the eight parts of speech is wonderful. It gives my students a point of reference and makes learning fun. I love the catchy tunes. This is a great asset for educators.

    Online Noizemaker On Grammaropolis
  • A heck of an experience! What a show!

    Chris Johnson CO Noizemaker
  • A big thank you to Dr. Noize... He gave a wonderful book reading and music performance for the kids. We had lots of fun dancing and laughing.

    Stephanie Leeper Teacher, Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Thank you immensely for the spirited Dr. Noize presentation on Friday at Evergreen Middle School.  We have a thank you card to send to you full of student comments.

    Felicia Ross Evergreen Middle School, Principal
  • Cory! I'm so glad my friend forwarded you on to me!! Great to see you have found your calling, you were always WAY talented (I still listen to Oyster). I am going to check out the schedule and see you play!!! I have two kids a 9mo old and 2 1/2 year old, my 2 1/2 year old will LOVE you!!

    Chris Mobeck Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Thank you for making a song with us it was really funny somtimes because you made me laugh and was very fun.

    Emilee Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Thank you for your creative partnership with our fabulous conductor. I look forward to seeing what you both create next. I loved the children's concert this year!

    Ann Prater Director of Advancement, Chico State University
  • Kick start the year with a few of lil's favorite finds... Got cabin fever? Get the kids in an outside state of mind with Doctor Noize's musical adventure. The Ballad of Phineas McBoof will entertain your tots with an imaginative excursion where they will encounter bass-playing hippopotamuses and yodeling lizards. "Mommy's Little Helper"
  • My kids LOVE Phineas McBoof. It's their favorite CD right now!.

    Andy Blackman Hurwitz Co-Founder of Baby Loves Disco, Baby Loves Jazz & Baby Loves Music
  • Thank you for the CD - not just for the CD itself, but for the incredible artistic creation within. It is truly remarkable and unique and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. (And what fun that you got to include the rest of your talented family in on the project too!)

    Chris La Puma CA Noizemaker
  • Keep up the good music.

    Robbie Schaeffer XM Kids Radio Music Director
  • Doctor Noize is beyond brilliant! Noun Town is definitely something to watch.

    Lori Henriques Acclaimed children's musician
  • The Adjective song is awesome! Lovely! Amazing!

    Sidney Grace Cullinan CO Noizemaker (rumor has it she's related to Dr. Noize...)
  • NOTEWORTHY: THE BEST IN RECENT KIDS' CDS... Pity Phineas McBoof. Exhausted by his fame and fans, the "musical King Kong" has disappeared, and only his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses knows how to find the iconic monkey. It's a familiar tabloid tale, as seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope rather than a paparazzo's camera. Loaded with witty narration and some creatively impressive tunes, the CD has launched a book by the same title and a sequel is due. Recipient of a 2007 Parents' Choice Award, it goes without saying that the album also wins the prize for best title of the year.

    Yvonne Zipp Christian Science Monitor
  • It was truly a treat to have a musician and entertainer of your caliber to Evergreen Middle School. Thank you for sharing your love for music and inspirational spirit with our students and staff. I hope we have another Noize experience in the future.

    Felicia Ross Principal, Evergreen Middle School
  • My gratitude's off the charts to have a hand in this positive, proactive, inclusive, multi-racial & international project. Global sustainability's the issue of our time, but it’s also the issue of our children’s future. Time to get 'em in the loop, in a fun & funky way, to build a brighter tomorrow holistically. Our record’s a hurricane of love for the earth & its people.

    Doctor Noize CEO & Recording/Multimedia/Performing Artist, Doctor Noize Inc.

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Doctor Noize truly values everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share your thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter, and often answers back to kids, parents and teachers who contact.  He couldn't do it without you.  You're his peeps!