Real people from all walks of life took the time to express this positive energy to Doctor Noize.  The Doc loves you all!  Browse the categories below.


  • Wow, what a great show!  I love the interactivity, the demonstration of tech choices/uses, the upbeat pace, the musicality... I'm sure you've heard all of that before...

    Kiffen Madden-Lunsford Teacher, Plasencia Elementary School and Math-Science Magnet
  • It makes me think of a modern School House Rock.

    Sarah Chance Fischer CO Noizemaker, on "Punctuate This!"
  • The energy you bring to the stage is pretty incredible. I don't know how you do it.

    Steve Bacharach CA Noizemaker
  • I'm an excited camper! I really have great admiration for what you do.

    Ray Kepler President Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins
  • Addictive... I tried out a new game yesterday called Bananas. While it’s made for kids, I really liked the game and had a blast playing it. It’s great fun for kids (and adults).

    Jim Dalrymple The Loop
  • With notable participation by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Kyle Pickett, and professional opera singers Isabel Leonard, Nathan Gunn (both Grammy winners) and John McVeigh, this very ambitious 2-CD album combines action-packed storytelling with music education -- instrumentation, phrasing, harmony, rhythm, musical jokes -- and messages about friendship, self-confidence, and empowerment.

    Lynne Heffley Parents' Choice
  • As original as children's entertainment gets...  The dialogue and interplay between the characters is charming and funny.  The story... also teaches listeners about the instruments.

    Jeff Bogle Out With The Kids
  • I just have to say thaaaannnk you! I wish you could have seen the smile my son had on his face when I told him that you had made him the Noizemaker of the Month. And, when I read what you said in your blog --- it just made him smile bigger. I think it was a huge ego boost especially coming from Doctor Noize who is his favorite artist to listen to....we're still listening every day! So, I thought you might like to see how much my son has grown as a singer since that last video. He normally doesn't allow me to videotape as he prefers I watch and he will usually do 4 of your songs back to back doing all the instruments (kazoo, drums, guitar) himself depending on the song. But, on this occasion he had Dad play most of the instruments except the short stint of guitar playing (using his golf club). He really belts it out there. Take a look. Thanks for being such a wonderful influence on our budding musician.

    Teresa Taylor CO Noizemaker
  • I’ve been given the rare opportunity to build a series for the most adventurous audience in the world — kids and the adults who belong to them.  I can’t imagine giving the next generation anything but my best, so I treat them as the budding creative geniuses they can be and the world needs.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Hi Doctor Noize. I like Phineas McBoof. My favorite song is Banana Banana. I like Riley the Robot. Bye-bye...

    Taran Bock 4 Year Old WI Noizemaker (hear the audio Taran sent)
  • Is the cd available in a store? Atlanta? My kids would love the cd–they love listening to the songs on XM Kids.

    GA Noizemaker Is the cd available in a store? Atlanta? My kids would love the cd–they love listening to the songs on XM Kids.
  • Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony is the masterfully innovative children's music album from award-winning composer Doctor Noize. You have never heard a children's album like this before! On the new album Doctor Noize brings drama and humor with Grammy-winning stage singer Isabel Leonard, whose voice delights throughout with charm and precision. The "Island Overture" is my favorite track, which features the sweeping and intricate string section and glorious brass section from the City of Prague Philharmonic in a classical overture. "Together" is a close second, with a shimmering libretto and stunning vocals. Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony introduces children to orchestral and opera music that is deftly entertaining and HIGHLY recommended!

    Gurujas Khalsa Vocalist of Grammy-winning New Age group White Sun
  • Got the cd - kids love it!

    Ed Kuerner WA Noizemaker
  • Cullinan said when designing his show that it was important the entertainment engaged children and their parents. He does this by bringing parents into the show and allowing them to accompany him on vocals.

    Kirsten Silveira The Coloradoan (read the full article)
  • Thank you so much for coming back!!! Your show and energy is amazing. I would love to have you every summer, if possible. Good luck with your new adventures and I hope to continue having you visit Whitewater.

    Michelle Dujardin Recreation and Community Events Programmer City of Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department
  • I always love your newsletter! Needed my chuckle for the day! My girls love the Phineas book and CD still even after all these years.

    Cameron Hamblin Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Just wanted to let you know that our daughter Allison loves your CD, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof! She loves to dance around to it :).

    Jana Lowe Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Several kids at our house just listened to and watched the Grammaropolis video. They loved it so much, we listened to it three more times! Every child listened in wrapped attention with beaming smiles... As a parent, I love the painless education that comes for visually delightful and musically intriguing videos. What a crowd pleaser!

    Kathy Merchant Northern CA Noizemaker
  • "It’s the album… that is delighting our seven-year-old most right now. The good Doctor proves quickly to be a master... an alarmingly accomplished musician playing nearly every instrument you hear. Most of all, though, both the Doctor and the Mayor are funny, which is really what makes the album irresistible to kids. And that, in turn, lets all the grammar lessons the songs are really about just seep in without really even feeling like learning. It’s remarkably effective."

    Myles McDonnell You Know, For Kids (Read the full review)
  • Thank you so much for your excellent presentation for the Douglas-Elbert Music Teachers Association. The teachers have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed your information that you you shared!

    Dr. Steve Fiess Piano Teacher, Douglas Elbert County Music Teachers Association

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