Real people from all walks of life took the time to express this positive energy to Doctor Noize.  The Doc loves you all!  Browse the categories below.


  • The recent album by the Denver-based Doctor (a.k.a. Cory Cullinan), "The Ballad of Phineas McBoof," follows the story of Phineas, a rock-star monkey who explores the world of music. He hears everything from jazz to classical to country, prompting one reviewer to call the disc "the musical primer for our times." And it's fun, too!

    Kathleen St. John Denver Post
  • I'd just clicked on your Dr Noize web page to tell you how much my 3 kids love your CD (it's the current fave for all car rides and last night they were singing "Banana, Banana" at the top of their lungs)

    Cara McCandless PA Noizemaker
  • Thank you so much for your excellent presentation for the Douglas-Elbert Music Teachers Association. The teachers have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed your information that you you shared!

    Dr. Steve Fiess Piano Teacher, Douglas Elbert County Music Teachers Association
  • You guys rock! Thank you mucho for donating back to Pinewood and helping us finally get Middle Campus renovated. We love your music!

    Michele Isaac Teacher, Pinewood School
  • "Some Day Soon"… Sadness, triumph, desperation - great song.

    Steve Bacharach CA Noizemaker
  • For the kindie rocker who wants more than just the music, Doctor Noize (aka Cory Cullinan) has created a transmedia property around ‘Phineas McBoof.’ The colorful character creations of his music are brought to life on the page, kicking off a new kid’s property to watch out for. "surrounded by kid culture"
  • We would Love to have you come back to Wheatland! Your performance is a great encouragement to kids, and the "big" kids too.

    Molly Read Librarian, Platte County Library, WY
  • Cory Cullinan, the musician/genius/madman behind Doctor Noize is both a very funny and a very loquacious man. The interview below, which was conducted in late December, was even longer what's printed below. I left out jokes and I left out even more of the obvious passion Cullinan brings to his unique family music project.

    Stefan Shepherd Zooglobble & NPR "Kids music worth sharing"
  • A day with Dr. Noize is like three days with normal people!

    Kyle Pickett Conductor, North State Symphony & Juneau Symphony
  • The first thing I completed as Doctor Noize wasn’t a recording or a live concert.  It was the story and text of the rhyming odyssey poem whose two Acts became the first two Doctor Noize books and albums.  It all starts with the story and characters.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • loved sidneys birthday song!!!

    Chelsea UT Noizemaker (writing about a Song Workshop song)
  • In a thousand years someone is going to dig this up and have to rewrite the history books on 21st popular music.

    Jay Kadis Professor and Musician, Stanford University
  • You Mayor!  Here be some badly grammar too drive you crazy.  You dig?

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Those cookies are awesome! How exciting is that to have fans that crazy about you … ; )

    Phil Jensen Noizy Band Guitarist & Singer Extraordinaire
  • You brought fun to this town.

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack Principal, Sitka High School Sitka, AK
  • Thanks for donating your time last weekend. You've definitely created some new fans with my nephews. They haven't stopped talking about you since the show.

    Karen Bowen Literacy Coalition of Colorado
  • Punctuate This!

    Coert Voorhees Mayor of Grammaropolis
  • Orchestral music is the most adventurous and colorful music in the world.  Kids and newcomers are the most adventurous and colorful audience in the world, because their minds are not yet made up.  As young fine arts audiences in the digital age are increasingly elusive, it’s imperative that those of us who want to preserve the art form we love design and perform symphony shows that specifically appeal to new audiences.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • We are still coming down from our Doctor Noize high after your program at the Lafayette Library yesterday. I know you made a lot of new "Phineas McBoof" fans after your having read the book and played the music. Not only was your enthusiasm contagious but it became quite evident you perform with a great deal of joy. It was my pleasure to have met you and I thank you on behalf of all of the children and parents who were lucky enough to be here yesterday.

    Donna Lenhardt Youth Services Librarian, Lafayette Library
  • We're making a punctuation album? Hey! Let me tell you something:  We're making a punctuation album...

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

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Doctor Noize truly values everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share your thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter, and often answers back to kids, parents and teachers who contact.  He couldn't do it without you.  You're his peeps!