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  • Our grammar is worse than it has ever been and many of us are concerned that we are dumbing ourselves down with each innovation in technology. Fortunately, if you seek it, you can find it. This vocabulary-rich and easy to follow story is cute and clever. Each part of speech has a song and musical style. My children absolutely gobbled up the book and music; whereas many teaching tools tend to be girl-centric this is something that appeals to both genders. Perfect for home, school, and homeschool environments, Grammaropolis is just what I was looking for when I was teaching and I'm excited to have it for my own children's use. Visually designed to keep young children engaged, with energetic music to boot, kids will connect and have fun learning. It's clever enough that adults could benefit from a refresher course as well. After a couple of sessions with Grammaropolis the whole family will be ready for the next episode of family Mad Libs.

    Heather Phillips Cherry Blossoms

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  • The greatest award you can ever achieve is the knowledge that you gave everything you can give toward a purpose you believe in.  Everything else is gravy.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.


Because they’re prohibitive to many artists and it distracts from the purpose of art, Doctor Noize no longer submits productions to awards competitions that charge to enter.  Here are some won anyway.