Here’s a partial list of published articles and awards by people who’ve thoughtfully taken the time to shed light on Doctor Noize.

  • It was wonderful to see you at your Cubberley Show last Sunday. You are really quite the marvelous showman! And it was very sweet of you to recognize me in front of everyone. I'm very proud of your success and achievements and the years we spent together with Yamaha and piano lessons. (My grandson) enjoyed the show very much. When asked afterwards if he liked the show, he said "Yes, a lot!"

    Linda Jordan Dr. Noize's childhood piano teacher! & Menlo School Music Director

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  • The greatest award you can ever achieve is the knowledge that you gave everything you can give toward a purpose you believe in.  Everything else is gravy.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.


Because they’re prohibitive to many artists and it distracts from the purpose of art, Doctor Noize no longer submits productions to awards competitions that charge to enter.  Here are some won anyway.