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The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping recording artist, commissioned composer for stage and screen, live performer, author, hit app creator, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner and humorist. Featuring strong male, female, and diverse characters with contrasting and collaborating perspectives, his work is for everyone.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art, and words.

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Doc's Best Song

Noizeletter #4, Lessons From My Live Marriage Proposal Recording, is about the greatest recording and decision Doc ever made.

The Monster Dance

One of Doc's most popular live songs The Monster Dance is one of his most popular Halloween tracks. It's an iTunes Essential Recording.

Latest Noizeletter

Read the Doc's October Noizeletter for a few laughs about the Grammy process and why a song by Vivian Fang Liu means so much to him.

Accents Of Love

Doctor Noize is one of the producers of Vivian Fang Liu's masterpiece of diversity and inclusion, the children's album Accents Of Love.

Vivian's Video

Here's the first video from Vivian Fang Liu's upcoming kids' album. Doctor Noize is one of the Producers!

  • Rachel Drummond

    We had a great time! My daughter has been absolutely ecstatic. She insisted I tune her guitar again. (The accomplishment lasts about 3 minutes which is 2.5 minutes longer since we upgraded to steel strings from nylon.)

  • Molly Voorhees

    I just want you to know that I love singing the banana song in the car with my kids. It’s fun and silly and makes us laugh as a family.

  • Hilary Grant-Valdez

    Boy oh boy did we have a ball at both concerts. Yes… we were also at the Bus Barn and my son decided that it was really *his* concert. He had such a wonderful experience. BTW, your 7-beat/5-beat measure from “Don’t Be Silly” has been on my mind. The only other musician I have heard really have fun with that is Joe Jackson – from his Night and Day album. I think the song is Target – and it always gets me counting and amazed at the tempo…. Again, you are on to something super special. We really enjoy your work, and we’ll enjoy future concerts… There will be many fans inviting you and welcoming you back.

The Doctor Noize videos have been viewed well over 10 million times. I love this because we've hardly promoted them and they're primarily educational. Even the silliest one (this Banana video) lead to an orchestral recording of Banana... that lead to Symphony Shows.. that lead to an album about the orchestra... followed by an entire back side of the Homemade album of totally different versions of Banana teaching kids music fundamentals. What a joy it's been. ... See MoreSee Less
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Having kids at the best age a person can be (youthful energy + adult abilities) is invigorating. Sidney wanted to add a minor in Psychology to her double Major of Environmental Science and Communications. Her UCSB Advisor said it was a bad idea and would overextend her as an undergrad. She had to petition the UC system to even allow it, and asked my opinion. I said: "Sidney, I think that's a stupid idea... and I 100% endorse it. Love the ambition. Go get 'em kid."So Sidney appealed in writing to add a minor to her double Major... and persuaded UCSB to allow her to do so. And when she sent me this opinion paper she wrote for a course at University of Edinburgh as an exchange student this semester, I realized that Sidney's right, it's not three subjects at all. It's Sidney.In this paper, she seamlessly weaves Environmental Science, Communications and Psychology into one persuasive, multidisciplinary and controversial intellectual argument: It's necessary and beneficial to manipulate reality, personalize the subject, and add a call to action in nature films to psychologically galvanize the public to achieve essential conservation and environmental results. She cites behavioral science, psychology, environmental science, filmmaking techniques, and communications studies to make her case. It's why her videos and papers are effective and move people.I don't think I agreed with her perspective before I read her paper. But I *think* I agree with her after reading it, based on her research, citations, and personal insights into all three of her areas of study. The key word there is *think*. It sure got me thinking about a lot of important intellectual, artistic, and ethical stuff. And wanting to talk it through with people who listen like Sidney.I see Sidney's positive energy youthful exuberance + work ethic + commitment to personal revitalization (she's exploring Brussels, Belgium this weekend with friends before returning to Scotland for Finals) and I realize that, as always, we should be handing the world to the younger generation as soon as humanly possible. They can listen and think and act in ways that are more interdisciplinary, open-minded and empathetic than the tunnel vision avenues those of us in the older generations have been unintentionally hardwiring ourselves into for decades.It's nothing personal about us; it's the natural way of things. The smartest of the young will seek out and study the wisdom of the old; but the wisest of the elders know they should share their wisdom but then *follow* the young. Not the other way around.I love every paper and every video Sidney sends me. Even the ones I don't love. ... See MoreSee Less
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FUN NEWS! A specially-curated version of Riley Max's ROY G BIV album will be featured entertainment on all Qatar Airlines international flights starting in January, with more to come! In related news, here's a "Making Of ROY G BIV" video directed by her sister Sidney, a documentary filmmaker who also directed Riley's last music video. I am excited for these girls and proud to be the project's Producer here at Reach Studios. ... See MoreSee Less
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