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The Doc's a Stanford-educated father, chart-topping recording artist, commissioned composer for stage and screen, live performer, author, hit app creator, award-winning teacher, speaker, studio owner and humorist. Featuring strong male, female, and diverse characters with contrasting and collaborating perspectives, his work is for everyone.

Mission Statement: Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art, and words.

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The Noizeletter!

Doc's Noizeletter, once called "the best newsletter in children's music," has returned with a story about his daughters working together.

Yellow Single/Video

The Doc's daughters produced a stunning new single & video Yellow, from ROY G BIV, with Sidney as Director & Riley as singer/songwriter.

Welcome Sidney!

New Booking, Sales, PR & Marketing Director Doc's daughter Sidney Cullinan brings communications & production expertise to the team.

Welcome Elizabeth!

New Business, Website, Production & Studio Manager Elizabeth Anaya joins the team as the Doc's former college Recording Arts student.


Doctor Noize produced the first album of an artist near and dear to his heart: his Harvard-bound daughter Riley Max’s song cycle ROY G BIV.

  • Ricky Kej

    “THE BALLAD OF PHINEAS McBOOF” is very impressive! It was my pleasure to listen. Doctor Noize’s utterly joyous song “Banana” is awesome! I loved the superb performance of the drums. The vocals are fantastic and go so well with the animation. I loved watching this song too… it’s sure to be a hit with the kids.

  • Debbie Lease

    You were a HIT! REeally enjoyed your show – you are incredible……………

  • Gregory Hollow Tree

    It was great to play with you yesterday. I loved your act and the blend of musicianship and spontaneous interaction with the kids. You made it look easy though I for one know that it’s not.

Cheesy but true: One of my favorite moments of a great fun show is that quiet moment after everyone has left and I’m just packing up. The work is done, an experience for adults and kids to sing and dance together was made and I had the fun of being at the center of it, the sound guys and their big PA just pulled off with their truck, and I’m the last one here because I stay as long as kids and parents wanna talk music or buy CDs and books before I start the 30-45 minute process of packing my live show rig into the car. The calm after the joy storm is a satisfying place to be. Have a great weekend everyone. ... See MoreSee Less
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HAPPY 21st SIDNEY! Today, on my daughter Sidney's birthday, the relaunched Noizeletter tells the story behind her beautiful gift to her little sister Riley -- the music video she shot and directed of Riley Max's "Yellow" before heading across the ocean until 2024. Thank you for being such a wonderful sister to Riley and daughter to your mother and me, Sidney. We love you. Read or subscribe here: ... See MoreSee Less
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