• Doctor Noize Is the Best! I just want to take a minute to recognize the extraordinary talents of my good friend and the songwriter for Welcome to Grammaropolis, Cory Cullinan–better known in the music world as Doctor Noize. The words come fast and furious, and the tune is nefariously catchy. The goal has always been for kids to want to memorize the song and thereby (perhaps without even knowing it) memorize the roles of every part of speech. The good Doctor and I spent just over three years together on the faculty of Pinewood School; he was the Music teacher and Choir Director, among other titles and responsibilities. I always admired the creativity of his lesson plans and his dedication to his students, and I’m thrilled that he agreed to lend his talent to the world of Grammaropolis.

    Coert Voorhees

    Mayor of Grammaropolis

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