Quiz Games!

Coming soon... Doctor Noize will devote his teaching experience to a whole new set of offerings on this site -- Quiz Games and Learning Curriculums for all Doctor Noize productions inspiring active listening and creative thinking.

  • You Rock!!! Thank you for creating such a fantastic place for kids (and us kids at heart) to learn about music & have a BLAST at the same time. You, my dear, are pure genius and it makes me quiver to be in your presence :-). Thank you for your books and the Grammaropolis CD. I love them! Much Love!

    Candace LiVolsi Harpist, North State Symphony

The Doctor Noize Learning Curriculums will be free, for both home and school use, and they'll come in two fun formats...

Online Quiz Games!

Kids will be able to challenge themselves online at home or school for instant fun and feedback!  Click the button below for a Doctor Noize Quiz Game...

Printable Learning Curriculums!

  • I like smart.  I like smart a lot. And you're smart.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

Now go have fun on this site and check back later as we add fun Quiz Games and Learning Curriculums!