Punctuate This! Album

In Act 2 of the Grammaropolis series of musical theatre recordings — set for a 2017 release — Doctor Noize returns to Grammaropolis and gets in a bit of trouble with the Mayor over his punctuation violations and singing with Slang…

  • Without Doctor Noize there would be no Grammaropolis. His wonderful combination of verbal creativity, musical range, and flat-out goofiness is what made our album about the Parts of Speech such a success, and I knew there was no other musical option when it came time to record an album on Punctuation. The best part about the good Doctor is that he respects and challenges his audience. He doesn’t speak down to kids; he expects a lot from them.

    Coert Voorhees Mayor & CEO of Grammaropolis
Punctuate This!

Doctor Noize returns to Grammaropolis to hang with Slang and disrupt the lives of Officer Period, Chief Comma, Detective Question Mark… and, of course, the Mayor Of Grammaropolis.  From the a cappella of Exclaim! to the quotability of Quote Me! to a Hymn For Homonyms, this musical — for release in 2017 — is stuffed with delightful songs that will educate you before you even know you’re being edumacated.  And that’s, like, totally a word, Mayor.

Released in conjunction with the album will be animated videos of the musical and a Punctuation App containing the songs.  The Grammaropolis series on words and music, the Phineas McBoof series on music and character, the Doc’s colorful illustrated books, and the accompanying mobile apps, videos, live events and teaching materials complete the Doc's stated mission from a decade ago:  Doctor Noize inspires creativity, curiosity and character through music, art and words.  Punctuate that!


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  • We're making a punctuation album? Hey! Let me tell you something:  We're making a punctuation album...

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

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