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Who Dropped The Block?

Wanna have some fun, right here, right now?  Game on!  Here’s a little sampling of free Doctor Noize multimedia productions online.

Race the clock and test your visual and mental quickness with our exclusive online block game, Who Dropped The Block? — featuring colorful graphics and a Doctor Noize song specially created for the game.  See what happens when you conduct individual Band members in Solo Time!  Or go old-school and print out pages from our Coloring Book to bring personality to masterpieces of your own.  Finally, test your mind — and your Doctor Noize knowledge — with our Online Quiz Games about all thingz Doctor Noize.  Doctor Noize himself just may respond to your Online Quiz Game results…

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Who Dropped The Block?
Solo Time!

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  • Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony was intentionally created as a complete work of musical theatre — no shortcuts — with highly sophisticated and challenging music.  Kids have the most fun and gain the most pride, satisfaction, and confidence when they’re reaching for things that cause them to stretch and learn.  So we’ve made an album that’s funny and fun and dramatic and sad and happy and crazy and colorful, in ways that only authentic orchestral music and musical theatre can be.

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