• My daughter came running through the house: “Daddy! Daddy! Placido the Flamingo and the opera guys know the Banana song!” Awesomeness.

    Adam Bock

    Scotland Noizemaker

Synopsis… What happens when the world’s most magnificent musical monkey returns home to perform The World’s Greatest Song?  Well… It’s not what you think. Take a tour with Phineas McBoof and The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses as they explore a wide range of sophisticated music and colorful characters. Meet their new friends Sidney The Beak, Luciano Frogerati, José The Ferret, and Placido Flamingo.  Learn how Doctor Noize himself joined the Band. And discover who will carry on when a leader must find his own way…

The Return of Phineas McBoof - Doctor Noize    Get The Book Too!

What It Teaches…

  1. Sophistication & Fun Both Resonate With The Inspired. One of the most sophisticated family albums ever recorded — in compositional structure, engineering and sheer scale — is also one of the most fun for all ages. Don’t believe anyone who tells you kids aren’t smart enough for something that challenges them to stretch.
  2. The World Of Music Is More Diverse Than Your Parents’ Pop Music Collection. One of the most eclectic musical albums ever recorded is also one of the most cohesive. Hear a work of musical theater about a Band that refuses to confine itself into a box. Adventurousness is awesome. Pass it on.
  3. Attention To Quality & Detail Matter. Phineas teaches his legendary attention to quality — and positive energy — to Dr. Noize. The multi-genre all-star lineup of musicians on this album, from a Grammy-nominated violinist to Chris Isaak’s guitar virtuoso to Huey Lewis’ horn players, help bring you an audiophile family recording.
  4. Leadership & Excellence Are Challenging, Complex… & Worthwhile. The album trusts and respects kids with a story of layered lessons on leadership and pursuing your dreams that doesn’t follow standard kids-fare clichés or end as you’d expect it to. It teaches kids that leadership is both powerful and transferable, and everyone can lead themselves to their own pursuit of excellence.
  5. Opera Befits A Child’s Wild Imagination. Introduces kids to opera — the original multimedia entertainment — with the hilarious orchestral version of Banana, featuring opera superstar Nathan Gunn & the North State Symphony. The recording that lead to Dr. Noize’s commission for Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony.

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Song & Scene List…

  1. Feed The Band:  Be a fly on the wall as the Band banters backstage at Intermission. Hear a song being composed.
  2. Are You Awesome?: Acoustic rock heaven with gorgeous harmonies. Dr. Noize’s life philosophy in under two minutes.
  3. Backstage Pass: Remember that fly? He meets Lenny as the violin virtuoso wanders from backstage to onstage.
  4. On With The Show!: Cabaret craziness. Get to know this virtuosic Band, one by one, as they come back onstage.
  5. For The Children: Hear the worst song ever recorded for kids. Written by Dr. Noize before he met Phineas.
  6. The Funky Monkey: Hot blooded 50′s-era rocker. Painstakingly recorded with gear from the dawn of rock & roll.
  7. A New Start:  Dr. Noize is invited to join the Band. He accepts, and the family music world is never the same.
  8. Sidney The Beak: Meet the world’s most confident rapper. She scares off a flock of old-fashioned whistling songbirds.
  9. Better Eat It Quick: What if James Brown sang about the food groups? This meticulous musicianship will tell you.
  10. I Tre Tenori: Meet Luciano Frogerati, José The Ferret & Placido Flamingo — opera star Nathan Gunn, Jerold Siena, & Seth Killen.
  11. Banana, che cosa mi avete incitato a fare per amore?: Operatic version of the smash hit. Features the North State Symphony & Dr. Noize’s star tenors.
  12. Return To Thelonius: The Band completes composition of their greatest song. And votes to return to Phineas’ home island.
  13. The World’s Greatest Song: You’ve heard the worst song; now hear the best. But things don’t always go as planned…
  14. Go Where You Wanna Be: Jam band groove on “Don’t Monkey With My Heart.” The Band gives Phineas a boost… and an idea.
  15. Carry On: Acoustic folk singer/songwriter song with emotional lyrics. Phineas’ heartfelt farewell to the Band he formed.
  16. Gone: The Band comes to terms with the loss of its leader. And they decide that any great group is bigger than one individual.
  17. I Couldn’t Love You Anymore (But I Will Tomorrow): Late Beatles meets Queen. Anthem to love, joy & togetherness weaving all the Noize songs together for a glorious finale.
  18. Encore!: The crowd calls for an encore after the Band’s final anthem. Dr. Noize returns onstage for one final song.
  19. So Many Things: Beautiful acoustic lullaby. Dedicated to Dr. Noize’s Band — and his children.