• “It’s the album… that is delighting our seven-year-old most right now. The good Doctor proves quickly to be a master… an alarmingly accomplished musician playing nearly every instrument you hear. Most of all, though, both the Doctor and the Mayor are funny, which is really what makes the album irresistible to kids. And that, in turn, lets all the grammar lessons the songs are really about just seep in without really even feeling like learning. It’s remarkably effective.”

    Myles McDonnell

    You Know, For Kids
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Synopsis… Doctor Noize gives The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses a vacation and travels to the city of Grammaropolis, where the Mayor introduces him to an amazing cast of characters. He witnesses everything from the heroics of Action Verb to the creative charisma of Slang. When he returns, the Band becomes fascinated with the Doc’s stories of Grammaropolis, and quickly starts singing songs about them. Along the way, they play intellectual games and learn all about the parts of speech from the Mayor Of Grammaropolis — who is very, very serious…

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What It Teaches…

  1. The Core Parts Of Speech. You’ll learn all the core parts of speech — and how they work together — in a character-driven musical story so engaging you won’t even realize you’re learning. Your whole family will get hooked on these catchy, audiophile-quality songs — and before you know it, you’ll all be grammar experts.
  2. The Best Of Both Worlds From Two Master Teachers. The characters and world of Doctor Noize — acclaimed family musician and former award-winning school music teacher — meet the characters and world of the Mayor Of Grammaropolis — acclaimed young adult author and veteran school English teacher. Two dads with a passion to teach.
  3. Different Musical Styles Reflect Different Characters. The Grammaropolis musical is an eclectic tour de force of compositional styles, from a jam-band groove about Slang to a nine minute old-fashioned superhero musical about Action Verb. Each character’s individual story is set to an appropriate musical soundtrack, and all are fused together by a recurring musical theme relating the parts of speech to each other.
  4. You Can Be Your Own Act. Doctor Noize personally plays all the tonal instruments on this album — from guitars and keyboards to entire horn sections — just like in his renowned touring one-man-band Doctor Noize Live! show. The entire musical was written and recorded by the Doc and the Mayor in an inspired three month creative funfest. When the Doc tells kids at his shows that with creativity and hard work, they can be their own act, he means it.
  5. The National Top Ten Hit, Welcome To Grammaropolis. The success of this song on Sirius XM Kids radio — introducing all the parts of speech in rapid and hilarious punk rock banter — lead to the commission for Doctor Noize to write a whole musical on the subject. The result is this album.

Free learning curriculums for teachers, parents & kidz…

Wanna have more fun with grammar? Visit the amazing Grammaropolis website for games, books, apps, videos and more, and tell the Mayor Doctor Noize says hi!

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Song & Scene List…

  1. Vacation: The Band returns from vacation and meets Doctor Noize’s new friend, the Mayor Of Grammaropolis. They decide to sing songs about it.
  2. Welcome To Grammaropolis: Power punk with rapid-fire lyrics. Learn all the core parts of speech — in one song.
  3. Nouns: Introduction of recurring musical Grammar Theme. What are nouns?
  4. Noun Town: Unabashed electro-pop with energized horns. Try not to sing and dance along.
  5. Verbs: Grammar Theme in piano. What’s a verb?
  6. Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!: Nine minute mini-musical about Action Verbs, Linking Verbs, and more. Travel from silent movie soundtracks to hippie psychedelia and back…
  7. Adjectives: Grammar Theme in harp and more. What’s an adjective?
  8. Paint The Way: Fill your palette with this colorful waltz. It’s hard not to be happy once this song is over.
  9. Adverbs: Grammar Theme in the horn section. What’s an adverb?
  10. Do You Qualify?: Marching band meets Stevie Wonder. Cheerleaders and football players included.
  11. Slang: Gabby Verbose, renowned interviewer of the Hot Air radio program, gets herself in some hot water. What’s the impact of slang?
  12. Let’s Get Groovy, Baby: Guitar jam band groove music. Will the seductive Slang get Gabby Verbose to rap?
  13. Pronouns: Grammar Theme in blues guitar and bass. What’s a pronoun?
  14. I Got The Blues: The Pronoun’s piano blues leads to a full-throttle guitar and horns scorcher. Poor, misunderstood Pronoun…
  15. Interjections: Synthesized Grammar Theme. What’s an interjection?
  16. It’s How You Feel: Hard core electronica for kids? Absolutely — it expresses how the interjection feels.
  17. Prepositions: Acoustic guitar Grammar Theme. What’s a preposition?
  18. A Merit Badge Is Just Like A Cat: Acoustic campfire rock. Just how is a merit badge like a cat?…
  19. Conjunctions: Our final visit to the Grammar Theme shows that the Band has started to get a handle on their grammar. What is a conjunction?
  20. Let’s Bring It All Together: Gospel-infused Motown anthem. The whole family will be dancing and singing to this closing song that — like the Conjunction — brings us all together.
  21. Word Out: Doctor Noize & the Mayor Of Grammaropolis close things out — until some kids hijack the studio. The Mayor is not amused…