• Your record is special. Way above the norm. It’s so creative and fresh and thoughtful! It’s like a Sgt. Pepper for kids…

    Zak Morgan

    Grammy Nominated Family Musician

Synopsis… Phineas McBoof — the great rock star monkey from the Isle of Thelonious — has become so popular, he can no longer hear himself perform over the screaming fans at his concerts. So one night, he leaves fame and fortune behind to refocus on his true passion — music. He hops on a rowboat with his guitar and launches a journey that introduces him to a much larger world of music than even he imagined. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of creative creatures. Together, they form a new band: The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses

The Ballad of Phineas McBoof (Second Edition) - Doctor Noize    Get The Book Too!

What It Teaches…

  1. Passion, Purpose & Persistence. Phineas & Dr. Noize don’t care who thinks you’re cool. We’re inspired if you have the courage to stretch and do what you love well.
  2. Instrumentation. Band members — each representing an instrument — are introduced one by one to teach the sounds of the instruments. Hear the orchestration grow with the story.
  3. A World Of Characters Who Will Inspire Kids. Every member of the Band has one thing in common: They follow their own muse. These characters will hook your kids on a world that inspires creativity, curiosity and character for many adventures to come. Stretch your mind. Set your own compass.
  4. We Adults Get That You Kids Are Smart. Dr. Noize understands that kids’ imaginations are like color swirls on a giant palette that don’t fit into a genre box. We’ll take you on a sophisticated musical theater adventure, not a ten-song tour of your parents’ favorite style of pop songs with kid-friendly lyrics.
  5. The National #1 Smash Hit, Banana. Amidst all the sophistication, Dr. Noize will always give you some shameless ear candy too. Try not to sing the #1 song on Sirius XM Kids radio after you’ve heard it.

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Song & Scene List…

  1. I’m With The Band: Pop anthem. Doctor Noize’s all-inclusive & welcoming Theme Song.
  2. Hello Everybuddy: Concert hall scene. Sets the stage for the adventures to come.
  3. The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof: Reggae meets Fiddler On The Roof. Launches the legend of Phineas.
  4. Don’t Monkey With My Heart: Early Beatles homage.  Phineas’ first hit song on the Isle Of Thelonious.
  5. Farewell To Thelonious: The plot thickens. Phineas first flees fame to focus back on the music.
  6. Backbone The Octopus: Ocean rowboat scene. Phineas’ first bandmate in The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses — the world’s only 8-armed drummer — appears.
  7. Don’t Be Silly: Improvised duet. Teaches about rhythm & percussion instruments.
  8. Bottomus The Hip Popotamus: Secluded island scene. The Band adds a bassist.
  9. Banana: Ska. The smash #1 national hit on Sirius XM Kids Radio.
  10. Riley The Robot: Factory scene. The Band meets their keyboardist/philosopher/poet robot.
  11. My Parents Think They’re Very Important: Synth pop.  For a computer-loving robot.
  12. Lenny Long Tail: String orchestra featuring the Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco playing Mozart. Introduces the Band’s great yodeling, fiddling lizard.
  13. What My Robot Said: Country. Like most country songs, this one’s about a robot.
  14. The Ooh Gah Boo Gus:  New Orleans brass band. A monster horn section joins the Band.
  15. The Monster Dance: New Orleans jazz pop. Named an iTunes Essential Recording.
  16. Until Next Time: Riley’s auto-accompaniment synth fantasia. Closes the show and sets the stage for the next story…