• The music is very polished, well written and well played, so adults can listen to it too! Not like those Chipmunks tapes we drove our parents nuts with in the old days… But my appreciation for Dr. Noize continues to grow. My daughter pretty much has the CD memorized, so you can guess how many times I have listened to it. I hate to say it but I am not tired of it. The music is good and the lyrics are very clever and often funny. It’s a good story too and every time I listen too it I pick up something new that I hadn’t heard before. It’s something my 2 year old and I can agree on.

    David Krivan

    AZ Noizemaker

Doctor Noize — a Stanford music grad and award-winning music teacher — knows that kids are the most creative listeners in the world. These albums are not simply collections of pop songs with kid-friendly lyrics — they’re musical theater adventures inspiring families and classrooms to stretch their imaginations and musical boundaries. Each album’s composed to inspire as a stand-alone musical or part of a larger purpose and story arc. Explore your Genius. Join the Band!


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