• I am already a great fan. I again drove to the French Atlantic coast for summer vacation. It is a very long drive and a good opportunity to listen to a new album over and over again. What I like in particular about the CD is that even after having listened to it several times, you always find new little interesting things. Just two examples: At the end of track 10 before the scene in the symphony hall starts, you take up the my parents melody and transform it into a classic concert piece. At the end of track 13, one can already hear the instrumental version of the monster dance of track 14.

    Peter Zapf

    German Noizemaker

Doctor Noize — a Stanford music grad and award-winning music teacher — knows that kids are the most creative listeners in the world. These albums are not simply collections of pop songs with kid-friendly lyrics — they’re musical theater adventures inspiring families and classrooms to stretch their imaginations and musical boundaries. Each album’s composed to inspire as a stand-alone musical or part of a larger purpose and story arc. Explore your Genius. Join the Band!


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