Punctuate This! App

Doctor Noize reteams with the Grammaropolis brand for a mobile app featuring songs and characters from the Grammaropolis sequel album, Punctuate This!, for release in 2017.

Punctuate This!

In 2017, Doctor Noize’s sixth full-length act of musical theatre for all ages will be released — the Grammaropolis sequel Punctuate This!  And, like the last Grammaropolis album… there’s an app with that!!!

Upon the album’s release, the Grammaropolis Punctuation App will include songs and animated videos from the album, and feature all the album’s characters — Officer Period, Detective Question Mark, Sergeant Exclamation Mark and more.  They’ll help you discover everything they do to add clarity to your writing.  Punctuation is the police force of Grammaropolis, keeping sentences running smoothly and clearly. Without punctuation, there would be total chaos!  But with this educational game app, you’ll learn to organize and express your words.


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  • This app is gonna be amazing.  This app is gonna be amazing?  This app is gonna be amazing!

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

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