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Date City Venue
Thursday 04/09/15 Doctor Noize in Stanford, CA Stanford University
•Private Event!* Donor Dinner & Recording Session with Maestro Steve Sano, the Stanford Chamber Chorale & Doctor Noize at Stanford University. “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” Supporters are invited to this exclusive recording session and Donor Dinner. Live in Northern CA? Become a Supporter here to get your invite to this exclusive event… https://squareup.com/market/doctor-noize
Monday 04/13/15 Doctor Noize in Redding, CA Redding Venue TBD
The Doc returns for shows and fun in Redding.
Tuesday 04/14/15 Doctor Noize in Redding, CA Redding School of the Arts
Doctor Noize returns to Redding School of the Arts — where the initial version of “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” was premiered — for a day of workshops, music and fun.
Saturday 05/16/15 Doctor Noize in Windsor, CO Windsor-Severance Library
Time: 12:15am. The Doc returns to Windsor again for the annual Bookmobile Day!

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  • Tour Break!

    Back from recording the City Of Prague Philharmonic, the Doc is producing the 2-Act Cast Recording of “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony.”  See our successful Kickstarter Campaign.  You can still donate here!

  • Crash The Symphony!

    The Doc records “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” vocals with Isabel Leonard and Nathan Gunn in New York in February and Colorado in March for release later this year.

  • Children’s Theatre Commission!

    Dr. Noize has been commissioned to write a children’s theatre work based on his first two albums and books.  It will premiere at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre in Spring 2016 !

  • Reach Studios Opens!

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Doctor Noize’s new music, fitness and teaching studio — Reach Studios!  Check out the Doc’s Dream Facility to produce music, stay fit and learn.

  • Interactive Phineas Ebook App!

    Announcing the release of our interactive ebook app, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof. Story, illustrations, animations, songs, sounds, narration, and more — for only 99 cents!


The Noizemakers Sound Off!

  • Five stars. Hard to put down, and still humming the tune. This is a really fun game for kids of all ages. Lots of fun to pick up and play but hard to master, so it keeps you coming back. The music is awesome and the game itself is visually appealing to look at. Highly recommend. You’ll love it.

    Russell Nelson

    Bananas iTunes review

  • What’s cooler than classical music? Ask some little kids and you’re likely to hear “broccoli,” “cleaning my room” or “seeing the dentist.” Cory Cullinan, aka Dr. Noize, and his old college classmate, Kyle Pickett, director of the North State Symphony, are out to see if they can change some of those attitudes. Cullinan will be the special guest at the symphony’s annual youth concert. Together, Cullinan and Pickett think they can get the littlest of ears as excited about Beethoven and Stravinsky as they are about any top-40 performer… For Friday’s youth concert, Cullinan will introduce Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” – “that’s some of the craziest stuff ever”- as well as pieces from Mozart’s “Night Music” and even the grandmaster of them all, Beethoven’s Fifth.

    Jon Lewis

    Redding Record Searchlight
    (Read the whole article & interview here)

  • Last week my small elementary school in San Bruno, California had the rich experience of a Dr. Noize assembly. From the onset of the program to its conclusion the students were engaged, delighted, and involved. Cory displays a high level of spirit, energy, and gregariousness that is highly infectious. It is one week later and the students continue to ask when Dr. Noize will return.

    Skip Johnson

    Principal, El Crystal Elementary School
    (read the complete letter)


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