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Wednesday 09/23/15 - Monday 11/30/15 Doctor Noize in Lone Tree, CO Production Break
Doctor Noize is taking a tour break to focus on completing “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” and developing educational curriculums to go with his albums and books. See you back onstage soon!

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  • Symphony Album!

    Production continues on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony with sessions with the Stanford Chamber Chorale and jazz great Anton Schwartz. You can still donate here!

  • Grammaropolis Sequel!

    The Doc’s been commissioned by the Mayor Of Grammaropolis to write and record a sequel to our hit Grammaropolis album.  We’ll produce the sequel this summer for release soon after!

  • Children’s Theatre Commission!

    Dr. Noize has been commissioned to write a children’s theatre work based on his first two albums and books.  It will premiere at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre in Spring 2016 !

  • Reach Studios Opens!

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Doctor Noize’s new music, fitness and teaching studio — Reach Studios!  Check out the Doc’s Dream Facility to produce music, stay fit and learn.

  • Interactive Phineas Ebook App!

    Announcing the release of our interactive ebook app, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof. Story, illustrations, animations, songs, sounds, narration, and more — for only 99 cents!


The Noizemakers Sound Off!

  • I love the funky frog song.

    Peter Apel

    Award-Winning Children’s Recording Artist

  • I like the “Jumping” Doctor! You were sooo crazy! Do you always have THAT much energy? (Yes!!)

    Verlaine Van Horn

    UT Noizemaker

  • I love the CD!! Now that I have kids, I definitely spend a lot more time listening to children’s music, so I’m naturally VERY happy when I find a recording that I can enjoy as well as the little monsters in the back seat. (: I think a lot of people assume that music for children is simplistic and easy to perform/create, but you certainly turned that assumption on its head. I was so impressed with the whole CD… When is the next one coming out, by the way? I want to know more about Placido Flamingo…

    Amy Hunn

    Northern CA Noizemaker & Choral Conductor


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