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Tuesday 12/01/15 - Monday 02/29/16 Doctor Noize in Lone Tree, CO Reach Studios
Doctor Noize is wrapping up his longest touring break ever as he finishes production of the Symphony album, construction of Reach Studios, and commissions for Grammaropolis and Palo Alto Children’s Theatre. He’ll return to his regular performance schedule this Spring!

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  • Order The New Album!

    Order the new album, “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony,” for delivery by 12/25!  Starring the City Of Prague Philharmonic, Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard & the Doctor Noize voice cast.

  • Symphony Album!

    Production continues on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony with sessions with the Stanford Chamber Chorale and jazz great Anton Schwartz. You can still donate here!

  • Grammaropolis Sequel!

    The Doc’s been commissioned by the Mayor Of Grammaropolis to write and record a sequel to our hit Grammaropolis album.  We’ll produce the sequel this summer for release soon after!

  • Children’s Theatre Commission!

    Dr. Noize has been commissioned to write a children’s theatre work based on his first two albums and books.  It will premiere at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre in Spring 2016 !

  • Reach Studios Opens!

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Doctor Noize’s new music, fitness and teaching studio — Reach Studios!  Check out the Doc’s Dream Facility to produce music, stay fit and learn.


The Noizemakers Sound Off!

  • The new book & CD are awesome! By the way, my son saw the cover of the new Phineas book and said, “Hey, those are the people from the bananas game!

    Coert Voorhees

    Acclaimed Author & Mayor of Grammaropolis

  • “It’s the album… that is delighting our seven-year-old most right now. The good Doctor proves quickly to be a master… an alarmingly accomplished musician playing nearly every instrument you hear. Most of all, though, both the Doctor and the Mayor are funny, which is really what makes the album irresistible to kids. And that, in turn, lets all the grammar lessons the songs are really about just seep in without really even feeling like learning. It’s remarkably effective.”

    Myles McDonnell

    You Know, For Kids
    (Read the full review)

  • I have to tell you that the kids and I have been rocking out to Doctor Noize! I am going to get the CD’s and books for friends for the holidays this year. Listening to you and your family on the radio was pretty cool too! I am definitely bringing the kids to one of your concerts…

    Kelly Mark

    CO Noizemaker


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