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Wednesday 09/23/15 - Monday 11/30/15 Doctor Noize in Lone Tree, CO Production Break
Doctor Noize is taking a tour break to focus on completing “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” and developing educational curriculums to go with his albums and books. See you back onstage soon!

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  • Order The New Album!

    Order the new album, “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony,” for delivery by 12/25!  Starring the City Of Prague Philharmonic, Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard & the Doctor Noize voice cast.

  • Symphony Album!

    Production continues on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony with sessions with the Stanford Chamber Chorale and jazz great Anton Schwartz. You can still donate here!

  • Grammaropolis Sequel!

    The Doc’s been commissioned by the Mayor Of Grammaropolis to write and record a sequel to our hit Grammaropolis album.  We’ll produce the sequel this summer for release soon after!

  • Children’s Theatre Commission!

    Dr. Noize has been commissioned to write a children’s theatre work based on his first two albums and books.  It will premiere at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre in Spring 2016 !

  • Reach Studios Opens!

    Announcing the Grand Opening of Doctor Noize’s new music, fitness and teaching studio — Reach Studios!  Check out the Doc’s Dream Facility to produce music, stay fit and learn.


The Noizemakers Sound Off!

  • Those cookies are awesome! How exciting is that to have fans that crazy about you … ; )

    Phil Jensen

    Noizy Band Guitarist & Singer Extraordinaire

  • It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dr. Noize, the mad genius behind The Ballad of Phineas McBoof – the album and the book. He’s back now making a splash with… Grammaropolis, a mashup off Schoolhouse Rock and Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss/Mr. Men books. Having spent some time exploring the impressive Grammaropolis website, I predict Dr. Noize is ready for the big time (and by that, I mean TV and mass merchandising)… You’re going to want to get ahead of the curve on this one, that way you can say you loved Grammaropolis way before it landed on Nick Jr. and on your kid’s backpack and lunchbox. You’ve been enjoying (and requesting it) on XM Radio’s Kids Place Live, now buy the mp3 single of Grammaropolisâ here.

    Jeff Bogle

    Out With The Kids
    Kids Music, Books, Toys & Culture

  • i was just looking through your website again… and watched the video of the kaia song that you did at the show. i’m not sure i ever told you properly how amazing that was. i know it was a little overwhelming for kaia but i think she enjoyed it too. but maybe more significantly, it was a really amazing way to get all those people to express their love for her. it was a really cool thing to be a part of aside from the fact that i am her dad. being her dad too, wow…so very cool. so anyway, thanks again for that. the show was great, of course, but that little impromptu bit for her specifically was above and beyond.

    Brian Emery

    Father of Kaia Emery & Noizemaker Of The Month


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