Grammaropolis Album

Doctor Noize teams with the acclaimed Grammaropolis brand to launch a new series of musical theatre albums expressing the joy, fun and beauty of words interwoven with the Doc’s trademark musicianship.

  • "It’s the album… that is delighting our seven-year-old most right now. The good Doctor proves quickly to be a master... an alarmingly accomplished musician playing nearly every instrument you hear. Most of all, though, both the Doctor and the Mayor are funny, which is really what makes the album irresistible to kids. And that, in turn, lets all the grammar lessons the songs are really about just seep in without really even feeling like learning. It’s remarkably effective."

    Myles McDonnell You Know, For Kids (Read the full review)

Doctor Noize tours to the city of Grammaropolis, where he witnesses everything from the heroics of Action Verb to the creative charisma of Slang. When he returns, he and the Band sing stories of the characters he met there. They play intellectual games and learn all about the parts of speech from the Mayor Of Grammaropolis — who is very, very serious…

A musical about the core parts of speech from two master teachers who served on a faculty together in their previous careers as teachers, Grammaropolis has been called a “21st Century School House Rock.”  Featuring the national Top Ten Hit Welcome To Grammaropolis and different musical styles reflecting the personalities of different characters, the album’s accompanied by ten animated song videos and an educational mobile app of the same name.

  • In the electronic media age, mastery of the written word is an increasingly rare skill.  I’m thrilled to team with acclaimed young adult author Coert Voorhees — Mayor Of Grammaropolis — to produce a musical for all ages celebrating the power of words on equal footing with the power of music.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.

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