• i was just looking through your website again… and watched the video of the kaia song that you did at the show. i’m not sure i ever told you properly how amazing that was. i know it was a little overwhelming for kaia but i think she enjoyed it too. but maybe more significantly, it was a really amazing way to get all those people to express their love for her. it was a really cool thing to be a part of aside from the fact that i am her dad. being her dad too, wow…so very cool. so anyway, thanks again for that. the show was great, of course, but that little impromptu bit for her specifically was above and beyond.

    Brian Emery

    Father of Kaia Emery & Noizemaker Of The Month

Welcome to Doctor Noize’s Giving Back Program.  If you appreciate your life as much as we do, and want to share that joy with others…  You’ve come to the right place, Baby. We need your help. Here’s how it works:


Doctor Noize is fortunate to live a purposeful life with a bit of a megaphone to do something socially beneficial in the communities he visits. He’s committed to performing at least 12 Giving Back Eventz a year, partnering with ambitious charity organizations and local groups in twelve or more of the metros he tours each year.


It brings happiness to communities; it brings happiness to those who could use a hand; and it makes Doctor Noize smile and feel useful. Everybuddy wins.


Wanna make a difference with us by giving back to your community? We need someone on the ground before we get there to help us make it happen, and we guarantee it will be ridiculously fun and fulfilling. Contact Doctor Noize directly with your Giving Back Show ideas.


Thank you for helping us make a positive impact in your community.

Give Back

Doctor Noize approaches his Giving Back Showz like he approaches his creative, educational, and bizness goals — with a clear purpose and a results-oriented approach. Each Giving Back Show must have a strong partner group on the ground and a measurable goal or impact, such as:


  • We want to raise # dollars for our partner charity.
  • We want to feed # meals to people in need.
  • We want to make # people aware of X impactful issue.
  • We want # low-income kids to experience a free Show their community school could never afford.
  • We’ll give # kids at a children’s hospital an hour of imaginative and carefree fun most other kids don’t get.

Read our Giving Back Buzz for what some of our Giving Back Show co-sponsors and guests have to say about what these events accomplish and how they make us all feel. Then contact Doctor Noize to get the ball rolling in your community.