• Every time he does it, I tell myself I should tell you. Finally, this time I will. For the umpteenth time, when I went into his bedroom to ask how school and homework are going, Polo jumps up from his work and animatedly begins telling stories about your class. He resets his CD player to a specific track from The Messiah and goes into what makes that part so appealing to him, then, after another moment, says enthusiastically, “He’s such a great teacher!” and “Did you know it’s a round? He had us sing Row Row Row Your Boat to show us what a fugue is!” This, plus more about you at the keyboard, in front of the class, etc., goes on for about 10 minutes before I remind him that I didn’t come in to disturb his homework or distract him, just to check in… “Oh yeah…” he’ll say as he heads back into his room (his retelling includes coming out to pick out some melodies on the piano). I couldn’t keep it in because his increasing love of music is creditable solely to you and it makes me very, very happy. And if I were you, I’d sure want to know that what I do and how I do it is making a very big difference. Thank you.

    Jeannine Black Uffelman

    Northern CA Mom of one of Dr. Noize’s former students

Doctor Noize — a former school teacher, lifelong musician, small business owner, and father — knows what it’s like to have limited funds at your disposal but still dream of big inspiring things for the kids in your life. That’s why the Doc will work with anyone who’s able to commit a little time and energy to bring a one-of-a-kind family event to your school, organization, or community. Find yourself short of the funds for a Doctor Noize show? Use our Fundraiser Program to bridge the gap. It’s simple, it’s effective, and here’s how it works:

  1. Decide which Doctor Noize Events you want to book.
  2. Contact booking@doctornoize.com for our current rates.
  3. Set a Fundraising Goal. Maybe you can pay half and need to raise the rest. Maybe you need to raise the whole thing.
  4. Print our simple Fundraising Drive Order Form and distribute them to everyone who’s helping raise the funds — kids, adults, musical monkeys, whoever. Everything they need to know is right on the form.
  5. Raise the money! Doctor Noize Inc. will let you keep $10 of every $15 product sold! That’s right. You keep all the profits from our products. Customers get imaginative, educational products and help sponsor an event to remember in their community. Dr. Noize gets to come share music and learning with you. Win/win/win!


That’s it! Together, we’ll create an unforgettable event for your school, organization, or community. We love people who put their energy to things their hearts want. That’s what Dr. Noize, Phineas, and the Band do every day. If you don’t raise enough money for the show, we’ll send the products you sold anyway — your organization can keep the money you raised for some other educational purpose. Just tell us what you’re gonna use it for! So no matter what happens, you’ve done something good.

See you soon! Yer buddy for life,
Doctor Noize

Cory Dancing

The acclaimed products you’ll be fundraising with are...