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  1. Hello!
    I will be playing Doctor Noize’s work on Saturday, April 30! Please listen here: ashevillefm.org/t-bones-radio-active-kids. Tell your friends! If you can’t catch the show live, an archive will be available for 1 week after the broadcast date, starting on Sunday.
    Sagan Thacker
    Host & producer of Radio Active Kids

    Sagan Thacker--Host & producer of Radio Active Kids

  2. Bottomus ROCKS!!!!!!


  3. I love Bottomus

    Matilda Joe

  4. hi

    old man

  5. :D Yay thats awesome


  6. Hey guys — I’m sorry it’s been so long since I checked the fan forum. I’ve been busy!!! Bottomus’ favorite band member is Backbone, because she sets the beat for him to groove to on bass. Yes, we’re making new songs — two new Dr. Noize albums come out this year, and one’s a double album! Madelyn and all you awesome kids I know and teach… You’re the BEST!!!

    Doctor Noize

  7. Dear Doctor Noize,
    Are you gonna make some new songs
    mabye a song about evryone in the band.



  8. Why do you guys never awnser?


  9. Dear Phineas McBoof,
    Must be awesome being a monkey! what kind of monkey are you though? I really like all your songs and your guitar, but can you ask Bottomus, whos his favorite Band member?

    P.S Thanks

    Your Fan,


  10. Dear BackBone,

    What is it like being an octopus, whats your favorite fish?
    Who`s your favorite member in the The Inernational Band Of Misunderstood Genuises? Whats your Favorite Drum, whats your favorite color, no wait let me guess purple.

    P.S sorry for all the questions But Please anser

    Your Fan,


  11. Do you have any other animations than banana?


  12. Whens performance day?



    :D :) XD

    Madelyn Shukert

  14. Dr. Noize you are soooooooooooooo awesome
    and have the silliest songs, every one puts a smile on my face



  15. Your the best music teacher ever BANNANA

    Maddie Shukert

  16. Hello
    Doctor Noize


  17. u just changed ur name

    kenzie mea

  18. what!

    justin bebier

  19. NO WAY HES swag

    kenzie mea

  20. you fan somthin

    justin biber


    kenzie mea



  23. sup dog

    justin bebier


    kenzie mea

  25. yo what is this boom

    kenzie mea

  26. what up dog!

    justin beiber

  27. nothing


  28. dawg


  29. sup

    Simon carroll

  30. yo

    hawkins becker

  31. hi

    kennedy gester

  32. hi

    Backbone The Octopus

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  38. you guys are awesome, keep it up!


  39. You have a really clever voice


  40. Hey I’m glad your coming back to Juneau,AK! And trust me when I say I listen to your music every SINGLE day! (Literally!!)



  41. Hey I’m glad your coming back to Juneau,AK! And trust me when I say I listen to your music every SINGLE day! (Literally!!)


    Cedar Miles

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  44. May I know where to find ‘Bananas!’ on Apps Store?

    Leng Hong

  45. tgcaptions http://www.tgcaptions.net


  46. Thank You Dr. Noize! You were awesome on stage in juneau,AK your welcome to play any time again! :-)

    Cedar Miles

  47. Doctor Noize i love your music it’s awsome you are really creative and i love how you take the music gonra of the betails


  48. So, Dr. Noize what do you have against Arkansas?? Little Rock needs a “rocker” like you so get a move on or I’ll send some folks from the back-woods to come and getcha here! ;-D

    dida gazoli

  49. Carol! I am going to a U2 concert in May with my buddies Craig and Weldon… maybe you know them? We will wear our Doctor Noize guitar pick necklaces in your honor.

    Doctor Noize

  50. I love my Doctor Noize guitar pick chain. I can hardly wait to wear it to Doctor Noize and a U2 concerts!


  51. And Doctor Noize likes Susan! Cheers.

    Doctor Noize

  52. i like dr noize!


  53. loved sidneys birthday song!!! :)

    favorite neice chelsea sampson

  54. Yo yo!

    First things first: Your post is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Secondly, sorry it has taken me a few days to notice your post. I have been on tour in — wait for the punch line — NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.

    Ooh I bet that hurts. Here’s something that DOESN’T hurt, though: At long last, I WILL be in the Los Angeles area THIS OCTOBER, and I AM planning to play a few shows down there. We are just getting to scheduling them now and looking for feedback from LA folks as to where exactly to play. So… If you would like Dr. Noize to come to your neck of the woods in October, please drop us an email at lisa@doctornoize.com and tell us what part of SoCal you’d like to see a show in.

    BTW, who is your SoCal stalker friend? Barney? Elmo? Those guys are so obsessive.


    Dr. Noize

    Dr. Noize

  55. hello,
    i discovered you from a friend who stalks you on facebook (just kidding, he’s just a ‘friend’). anyway, i am still trying to get a handle on all the cool stuff you do and was hoping to see it in person, but apparently you like to tease southern californians by periodically visiting other areas and then coming to northern california but NOT coming down to LA and then going back to other regions then northern california….repeatedly. at least from what i can tell from your website updates and emails. when will you be coming to LA (if ever?). will you, pretty pleeeeaasee??


  56. We are in PA, and would be very excited to see a show if you get out this way.
    Thanks for the reply and I’ll definitely sign up for e-mails.

    Thanks, and keep the great work!


  57. Andy!

    Firstly, congrats on learning ALL the words to Banana. Secondly… What a great question. I had to go pick up my guitar to check. Here is the acoustic version I play of Banana (just voice and guitar) at shows sometimes. You will note if listening to the recording that the fully-orchestrated ska version is slightly different, and transposes its key half way through. But here’s the singer/songwriter version. All lines below equal one measure:

    Verses/Choruses are…

    G — Gm
    D6 — B7
    Em7 — A7
    G — Gm
    D6 — B7
    Em7 — A7

    End of song switches between…



    Dr. Noize

  58. I want to play “Banana” for my kids on a guitar. Now that’s I’ve memorized all the words, what the chords for guitar?


  59. Traci!

    First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind note. That is GREAT! And thanks for telling everyone about Doctor Noize. I look forward to meeting your Phineas in person someday.

    While it is true that I’m a West coast guy and have mostly performed in the West and Midwest thus far, that may be about to change. I cannot go into details at the moment, but please sign up for the mailing list (upper right corner of the website) and you may receive an announcement very soon that will bring much more Doctor Noize and Phineas to people around the country in many more ways, including live shows.

    What part of the country are you in?

    Dr. Noize

  60. Are you primarily on the West coast, or have you done shows on the East coast in the past?

    I stumbled on your site because I was looking for books with the name Phineas in them as odd as that sounds. We are expecting our second boy and we plan to name him Phineas. Our older son Jack loves to read books with his name in them and I was just looking to see what was out there.

    To my suprise I came across Phineas McBoof and was quite amazed at what a great story it is and I listened to the music and loved it instantly. Now I can’t help but tell everyone about your books and music.


  61. Suzie! I’m just seeing your Forum post now (Friday evening, the day after your post). The venue is closed for the evening and I don’t know the answer to your question, but… I will ask tomorrow morning, and if I am able I will put you on the guest list. you have to introduce me to Sam though. That’s the deal.

    Dr. Noize

  62. Katie! I know I answered you in person, but… Thanks for the kind words. Everybuddy go see Katie Brady the Music Lady!!!

    Dr. Noize

  63. Hi doc noize,
    can you do a huge favor for a little guy with cerebral palsy? My son turns 7 on Saturday and he loves your music! He wants to see you at the palo alto theatre. I want to bring him and 6 of his siblings. Can you put my name at will call? It is out of our budget thanks. Suzie moll( my son’s name is sam).

    Suzie moll

  64. Just saw Grammaropolis video. Very cool!!! Love the part about gramma thinking it’s about her. Always a treat to hear what you’re up to Dr. Noize!
    Peace, Katie Brady the Music Lady

    katie Brady the Music Lady

  65. Sean!

    Thanks so much for writing. You are my FAVORITE breakdancer! Your dancing on stage at the show in Reno was AMAZING. Please come to my next show in Reno too, and we’ll get you up onstage to dance again.

    I am SO GLAD you are gonna take piano lessons. Before you know it, you’ll be playing keyboard solos onstage with me as well.

    See you next time in Reno!

    Dr. Noize

  66. Dr. Noize, this is Sean from Reno, the one that did the break dancing, I want you to know I keep talking to everyone about your show, I really enjoyed it, and my mom said I can take piano lessons. sean

    Sean Sedlak

  67. Dear Four Lads From Liverpool,

    Thanks so much for the birthday song! You four blokes are really very talented — you should think of making a career out of this music thing. Also, there’s a guy I know named Phineas who you should really meet — you have a lot of similarities in musicality and temperament. And hair.

    Dr. Noize

  68. Happy Birthday Doctor Noize!

    The Lads

  69. Micah!

    It was great seeing you too! You still got it, baby. My next show in Northern CA is at the grand opening of the amazing new state-of-the-art Lafayette Library in Lafayette, CA on November 14th. If you wanna go, contact me so we make sure to get ya on the list. I can’t wait to see Julie again!

    I will search the world for James on my tours. Sorry for the late reply — I was on the road.

    Dr. Noize

  70. Dr. Noize:
    It was great to see you the other day. We are planning to go to your next show here in Northern California. Just wanted to update you that “James” (the doorman) has suddenly disappeared, some say it is due to a broken heart since Riley moved.

    Micah Wade

  71. Addi!

    I remember talking to you after the show! It’s great to hear from you. Sorry it took a few days to respond — I was on vacation in the mountains after playing the Dr. Noize show at Keystone. Yes, I’m sorry I forgot to bring the shirts up to the show on Sunday. You have two options. It’s come to my attention that one Doctor Noize shirt design (featuring Backbone The Octopus from the book and CD) is on sale for $9 this week at the online retailer Cafe Press. Here’s the link:


    If that’s not the shirt you want, then email me at doctornoize@pictoriacreations.com and I will personally make sure you get the shirt design you want at the show price, since I’m the bonehead who forgot to get the T-Shirts out at the show!

    Thanks Addi!

    Dr. Noize

  72. Dear Dr. Noize,
    I saw your concert today up in keystone (9/6/2009) and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the banana song. It made me laugh. I wanted to buy a t-shirt from you but you said to order it online cause you forgot them… and i came to order them online but its more expensive online then it was in person. So you should like make a discount for me or something. k your cool Bye!

    Addi Perrett

  73. Dear Kazoo Enthusiast,

    Wow, what a great question! Well, I would have to say right off the bat that my greatest influence as a kazooist is the renowned yet reclusive kazoomaster Kazooki Joe Hog. As everybuddy knows, KJH is a warthog who resides with the monkeys on the Island Of Thelonious. He practices new virtuosic kazoo repertoire all year in complete solitude, only to emerge and grace the concert hall stage to premiere the new works on the island a mere once per year. Needless to say, tickets are almost impossible to come by. I try to make it when I can.

    It goes without saying that Kazooki Joe is the great master of the “trio kazoo” technique, in which he blows one kazoo through each of his gigantamongous nostrils and a third through his mouth. He thus alternates sections of blissful three part harmonies with his “extreme soloing” technique, which features blistering leads through his mouthtacular kazoo as he harmonizes underneath with the dual kazoos stuck in his nostrils. Breathtaking indeed.

    Thanks for asking!

    Dr. Noize

  74. Dear Doctor Noize,

    Who are your kazoo influences?

    Kazoo enthusiast

  75. Weldon!

    I hope you and your family can make my Keynote show at Keystone too! They are having a rocking family fun day up there, with bounce houses and games and my show in addition to all the fun stuff you can already do in the mountains. Come one come all we will all have a ball.

    Dr. Noize

  76. I hope we can make the show in Keynote!


  77. Greg!

    The truth is, I am apparently not in High School Musical 4 after all. It was all just a big April Fool’s stunt. I was auditioning for the part of the teenage disabled Asian Varsity Football playing girl from a two-mommy home (they were trying to cover all their remaining target demographics that were missing from HSM 1-3 with the addition of one final character), and through some undisclosed form of thinly veiled discrimination, I didn’t get the part. So that was that.

    But congratulations on your casting success!

    Dr. Noize

  78. Great news on your role in the upcoming High School Musical 4! I recently found out that they loved the character idea I floated at my audition … so I’m going to be playing the all-state two-sport star who has been held back from graduating for 20 years due to his low grades, athletic prowess, and irresistable good looks. Maybe the producers will let you be part of my big tap-dance number!


  79. Hi Christine!

    My music is officially targeted towards kids age 2-11. In reality, however, there have been a lot of kids younger than 2 bopping around having a good time at many Doctor Noize concerts in the past. I would recommend judging by your child instead of by the “official Dr. Noize age range.” If your kid is younger than 2 but shows a love of music, and always gets into it when music is in the air… I say go for it.

    Another example: There are many fathers whose maturity level is less than that of a two year old, and they also seem to enjoy the show. Thanks for writing!

    Dr. Noize

  80. What is the minimum recommended age for your concerts?


  81. Alex! It’s great to hear from you! The specifics are not ironed out yet, but I will most likely play a show sometime around June 21-21. Okay, I won’t tell your niece she’s getting my CD for her birthday. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t even know your niece’s name or her contact information. I look forward to ascertaining you nephew’s engagement level from the stage… Go Cardinal.

    Dr. Noize

  82. Yay! When are you coming to Cincinnati? My niece will be thrilled. Don’t tell her, but she’s getting your CD for her birthday…. (possibly my nephew will be thrilled as well, although since he seems committed to the no-talking thing, it’s hard to tell.)

    Alex Sale

  83. Jana!

    Thank you so much for letting me know! I am so glad. Tell Allison that Doctor Noize thinks she rocks. Also, look at all the pretty pictures on this website — I can introduce you to the artist if you like…

    Doctor Noize will be playing shows in the Bay Area in March and April and I hope to see you at one of them. Say hi to that painter for me.


  84. Hi Cory, just wanted to let you know that our daughter Allison loves your CD, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof! She loves to dance around to it :)

    Jana Lowe (Michael’s wife)

    Jana Lowe

  85. Dear Nickolas,

    Thank you for the coded good luck wishes. I will set Riley The Robot upon deciphering your secret code immediately. Good luck and 827^$Gdjagad834 to you!

    Dr. Noize

  86. hi
    good luck

    Nickolas Collins

  87. Anya!

    It’s great to hear from you. I would love to play your Family Concert series and will email you directly.

    Happy New Year to you (and everybuddy else) too!

    Doctor Noize

    Dr. Noize

  88. Hi,
    Would you be interested in performing at a concert series I produce for families with young children. I’m looking for someone to play on January 17th. I see you have something at 2 that day, this show could start as late as 4:30 (until 5:30 or 6). I got your information from Shane, who works at the Children’s Museum, he said he mentioned The Family Concert Series to you. Hope we can make this work. You would be perfect!! To get more info about the series please visit my website and click family concerts.
    Happy New Year,
    Anya Thomson

    Anya Thomson

  89. Fefhfcjt!

    Yer welcome. And… Nice name.

    Dr. Noize

  90. Thanks!,


  91. Peter!

    Thank you so much for contacting! Your site looks great, and I will look at it in more detail when I return from my shows here in the Bay Area — your stomping ground! I would be delighted to meet you while I’m out here. Please either come to a show or drop me an email via the address on the Contact page on this site.

    Also, thank you for clarifying that your sister is not, and never will be, a dad. It is good to be clear about such things. And I wanted to publicly take the opportunity to clarify that I am not, and never will be, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — even though we have similar builds and both have a wicked sky hook.


    Doctor Noize

    Dr. Noize

  92. Hi again,
    I thought I should clarify that my sister doesn’t happen to be a dad with three girels on your soccer team. It is, in fact, her friend who is the dad. Whew. Glad I cleared that up.



  93. Hey Dr. Noize,

    I just wandered by your site on a tip from a kind of mutual contact — a friend of my sister (in Denver) who also happens be a dad with three girls on your soccer team and fan of your music. I’m a singer-songwriter, older-than-I-look kids’ music artist/entertainer in the Bay Area, His kids have my music CD and coloring/activity book, and he was wondering if we knew of each other.

    I had a blast browsing around, listening to the music, and watching the videos. It was inspirational for me as a fellow artist. Congratulations on all your successes, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope we cross paths at some point in person. If you get a chance, check out my site and some clips.

    Peter Apel
    “It feels great to be a kid again.”


  94. Dan! There is also a big debate in our household. Ours is on the following subject of deep importance: Who ate the last muffin? However, I suppose that is not really a direct answer to your question. I am now realizing that you are right, the lyrics are not posted on the website anywhere. We will try to change that. The lyrics are, however, included in the CD booklet — but maybe you downloaded your copy from iTunes. In any event, the last three words of Banana are: “Eat red meat!” In truth, this is a bit of poetic license: Phineas McBoof wrote the song as an ode to his true love the banana, and he is actually a vegetarian. So he actually never eats red meat. Nonetheless, the lyrics make Bottomus more than a little uncomfortable. Thanks for asking.

    Dr. Noize

  95. Ok, there is a big debate about the last line of the lyrics of the song “Banana” in our household. Since I cannot find the lyrics published online anywhere, what is it that your lyrics want us to eat? (Our picks are feet, meat, beet, and others that make even less sense)


  96. Hello Sarah! I remember you wrote last year too. It is good to hear from you again. I can hardly wait until the next CD comes out too… It is currently scheduled for release in the Fall of 2009. I am so sorry that is a long time from now! Doctor Noize is wearing a lot of hats at the moment. I am hoping to stop wearing so many hats soon, and perhaps then the CD can be released a little earlier. That would be super boffo awesome splendiforous! I would love to come to Ithaca to play. Riley The Robot tells me they have some good organ players there. If I come play there, will you join me onstage to sing a song?

    Yer buddy,

    Doc Noize

    Dr. Noize

  97. dear dr noize, i cant wait until the new cd comes out!!! do you know when it will come out??? if so,when? i really hope you can come too ithaca and play a concert. if yoo do,i’ll bee shoor too come!!!!!!!!


  98. Dear Claire & Claire’s Mom!

    I had a lot of fun with you during the show and talking after too. Claire sure is smart. She can join The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses anytime. Make sure to sign the email list in the top right above if you haven’t already, so you will get notices when I’m in the Bay Area again.


    Doctor Noize

    Dr. Noize

  99. Dear Dr. Noize,

    We had so much fun at your little show at The Learning Game. Claire has done nothing but talk about you and listen to that great CD. And now Phineas McBoof has become out “secret password”!
    Oh…..guess it’s not so secret anymore.

    Anyway, we can’t wait to see you again!

    P.S. – Your Mom rocks too!!

    Claire's Mom

  100. Dear Leola,

    You sound suspiciously like my mother.

    Dr. Noize

  101. Don’t scare me again like that!!!!!! THANK GOODNESS Doctor Noize will continue with the International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses. I don’t know what I’d do without more of Doctor Noize’s music and stories. I never thought he could wiggle enough for the Wiggles, and he’s way cooler than they are, besides!


  102. Hi Chris!

    Of course I remember you, and I remember you well! Our mutual buddy Jason Woo just became a father. If you want to see him, I believe he is coming to one of the Bus Barn shows in Los Altos in May. (Contact me directly via the Contact page for his contact info and Janette’s.) I also remember Steve and would love to see him again too. Thanks for your kind words and I have passed your message on to Janette. I’ll see you in May!


  103. Cory! I”m so glad my friend forwarded you on to me!! Great to see you have found your calling, you were always WAY talented (I still listen to Oyster). I worked with Janette in HR at Informix…. I have forwarded you onto Anne (Leneghan) Herreria and Steve Herreria (now married with 2 kids) and a few others….I am going to check out the schedule and see you play!!! I have two kids…a 9mo old and 2 1/2 year old, my 2 1/2 year old will LOVE you!! Chris (Mingrone) Mobeck (now married). I’m so excited for you! Say ‘hi’ to Janette!!!! I”d love to get in touch with her!

    Chris Mingrone Mobeck

  104. Howdy Benton!

    Firstly, to yer question: Actually, there ain’t no difference between a fiddle and a violin! No sir. It’s simply two different names for the same instrument. But folks usually use the nickname “fiddle” when a fella’s playin’ the violin in a country music style, like in “What My Robot Said.” Smart folks usually call it a violin when it plays fancy schmancy concert hall music like on the “Lenny Long Tail” track that inroduces me on the CD. So I reckon that’s yer answer, cowboy.

    That old violin I was fiddlin’ when I met Phineas was owned by an old guy by the name o’ Goose Giddler. He was none too pleased when I borrowed his fiddle. I reckon I should apologize fer that.

    Benton, I got a question fer you: How come my friend Doctor Noize calls you “Mr. Studly?” You oughtta be mighty proud o’ that.

    Happy tails,



  105. Dear Benton (aka Mr. Studly),

    Thank you for asking. Yes, I am a real Doctor — a Doctor Of Nonsense. And there is no sense denying this. The good thing about being this sort of doctor is that it requires no official doctorate whatsoever. It’s more of an imaginary thing.

    PS Benton, you are way cool and I can’t wait to see you at my first shows in Dallas.

    Your buddy for life,
    Doctor Noize

    Dr. Noize

  106. Dr. Noize – Are you a real Dr? And if so, what kind of doctor are you?

    Lenny Long Tail – Phineas says you were fiddling a really old kind of violin when he first met you. What’s the difference between a fiddle and violin?

    Benton Word

  107. Dr Noize rocks!


  108. Sorry for the delayed reply — I was on Christmas break. The CD is not yet available in retail stores in Atlanta. However, it is available online at the greatest internet music store in the universe: CD Baby. Here is where to go to get a copy of it:


    If you’re not comfortable ordering it from CD baby, just email Pictoria Records directly from the Contact page on this site and we will send you one.

    Thanks for the kind words and I hope to see you and your kids at a show in Atlanta someday soon.

    Dr. Noize

  109. Is the cd available in a store? Atlanta? My kids would love the cd–they love listening to the songs on XM Kids.


  110. Dear Visitor378, Visitor555, Visitor564, and Visitor133… Your contributions to this Forum are fascinating! In particular, Visitor564′s comment concerning position363 is truly thought provoking. Were we manufactured in the same factory? Maybe we should all meet up sometime and go Search Engine Diving!


  111. I could not find this site in the Search Engines index


  112. Your site found in Google: http://google.com/search?q=doq


  113. Your site found in Google: position363


  114. I have visited your site 067-times


  115. Joni! It’s great to get a Forum post from my hometown. Lone Tree is an awesome place to be. And it is far too humbly named — I mean, let’s be honest, there is more than one tree here, and I don’t think any of them are lonely. I look forward to seeing you at the show on Sunday! Come say hi after the show. Also please say hi to my colleagues Barney, Bob and the rest. Those VeggieTales are the funniest vegetables I’ve met since I used to hang out with a hilarious stand-up cauliflower back in my San Francisco days.

    Dr. Noize

  116. Dear Visitor496… Thank you for visiting my site 569 times. (Notice I added one visit upon the presumption that if you are reading this, you have in fact visited the site again. My math skillz are fantabulous.) That is probably more times than I have visited the site! My ESP skillz predict that you are, in fact, from Illinois.

    Dr. Noize

  117. Sarah, thank you so much for dropping me a line in the Forum! I’m sorry I have been away from the Forum for 48 hours. Bad Doctor! Bad Doctor! In any event, I’m glad you like the CD! Annette and David play a mean organ. (They also play nice organs.) I would love to come to Ithaca to perform sometime. I have nothing booked there yet, but if you’d like, send me your email and I will let you know the first time I’m out there. Thanks and take care.

    Dr. Noize

  118. Hi Cory,
    I live in Lone Tree and would love to meet you. I’ve listened to your music and it’s awesome. I also plan on coming to the show this Sunday at the rec center. I am with Propeller Consulting. We have worked with many high profile kids brands to gain distribution such as VeggieTales, Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder and The Wiggles. Would you be interested in chatting about your plans? Our website is listed above and my phone number is 303-910-2243.
    Best regards,

    Joni David

  119. I have visited your site 568-times


  120. Dr. Noize, I loved your CD!. I listen to it almost every day. I got your CD for my 8th birthday by children of a friend of your’s (Annette and David). We live in Ithaca, New York. Do you think you will come to Ithaca sometime for a concert? If you come, I will be there!


  121. Kristen! Thanks for your message, and you look marvelous today. I love what you’ve done with your hair. In any event… I will be performing in the San Francisco Bay Area from October 11-24 this year. In 2008, I will be performing in the Bay Area from May 12-18. There is a good chance I’ll also return in October of 2008, because I love you guys out there so much. Keep checking the Showz page as those dates approach — more showz at specific venues and times will be added.

    Dr. Noize

  122. Dr. Noize when will you be performing in the Bay Area?


  123. You got that right, cowboy. Crazy like a fox.


  124. Greetings, fellow Noizemakers. So, I met this Doctor Noize guy at a party. He’s crazy.


  125. Books be mahvelous, books be grand — here comes a book about my cool band!

    Dr. Noize

  126. More fame? Not again…


  127. I’m in a book!?!… Awesome! How do I look? Too purple? I hope you like purple. I really hope you like purple. Do you like purple?


  128. Cooooooooooool… Where’s the buffet?


  129. I have memorized every word of the book, and encourage you to do the same. It will increase your rhyme vocabulary. I have also compared it’s rhythmic composition and rhyme structure to the work of e e cummings, and found them to be rather dissimilar.

    Riley the Robot

  130. Yee-haw! Finally, the Tale Of Lenny Long Tail and his mighty fine travelin’ band. I’m gonna molt myself a fine new set o’ scales.

    Lenny Long Tail

  131. Finally a book’s here to publish my words
    I will do what it takes so my message is heard
    I’m a flapper and rapper unlike other birds
    Ain’t just singin’ & wingin’ & droppin’ them t…
    – Sorry, my bad, this is a family forum, ain’t it?

    Sidney the Beak

  132. Honestly, being the subject of a book, well… It’s a wee bit scary. Change, you know — change is scary. Will we still get to play music?

    The Ooh Gah Boo Gus

  133. It is only fitting that a flamingo of my talents and looks should be featured in a full color book… Placido, give me the keyboard, yes, hello my fawning fans, actually it is I who will be primarily featured in the book… Jose, Jose, hand me the keyboard and defer to my webbed web skillz, it is I, Luciano Frogerati, and you may be featured, my fine ferret friend, but all eyes on the book will be drawn to me. Give me that keyboard! No, you give it to me! No, iti si tteoays;kdsakajgjkstagh fjgfdgaytraew 7itt47sd5l;;gu .!$@!>>…

    I Tre Tenori

  134. How do you feel about being one of the main characters in the upcoming book, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof?


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