Here’s what real people from all walks of life are saying about Doctor Noize.


  • I'm lovin Phineas and the book!

    Chris Maldonado Host of "The Kids Show" on KRFC FM, Fort Collins, CO
  • Last night I read your new book "The Return of Phineas McBoof" to my ten-year-old granddaughter.  We both laughed a lot and then gave it to her twin brother Nicholas, who read it, too.  Olivia always wants a bedtime story, but usually goes to sleep in the middle of it and never asks to read it along with me.  This time she insisted I sit on the bed so that she could watch the pictures and the words along with me. I think you must be the musical sequel or successor to Dr. Seuss, and heaven knows the world needs something funny with a sophisticated message hidden in it to laugh at!

    Linda Jordan Nathan Gunn’s Mother-in-law
  • My kids are IN his performance, in Denver, all weekend this weekend! The music is amazing. He is awesome! The show was amazing! I hope for the best for the whole endeavor.

    Mary Moye Monroe CO Noizemaker
  • It's a good time.

    Nicolette Rounds CO Noizemaker
  • Thank you for your time and commitment to the kids by performing last night at the Wildlife Experience! My son had a great time along with the other kids and parents. We will definitely see you in Denver at one of your upcoming events!

    Michael Doubt CO Noizemaker
  • I did check out a couple of the animated videos, and they're great!

    Emilio Miller Composer & Educator
  • You Mayor!  Here be some badly grammar too drive you crazy.  You dig?

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Thanks for the great concert!

    Jessica Moore Northern CA Noizemaker
  • You had them in the palm of your hand.

    Steve Weeks Chart-Topping Children's Musician
  • This fictitious tale of a wayward musical genius, who also happens to be a monkey, is as original as children's entertainment gets The dialogue and interplay between the characters is charming and funny. The story, in addition to being extremely clever, also teaches listeners about the instruments being played, the sounds each makes and the variety of musical genres employed by the Misunderstood Geniuses. Oh, and there are terrific songs as well! The story is so endearing and funny. You will enjoy the musical adventure of The Ballad of Phineas McBoof as much as the story itself. One can envision Dr. Noize's creation becoming as adored as Morgan Taylor's Gustafer Yellowgold...

    Jeff Parenting Blogger & Music Critic, Out With The Kids "parent differently” (read the full review)
  • “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” is an amazing body of work!

    Katherine Dines Recording Artist & Children’s Music Network Advisory Board Chair
  • My daughter and son love your CD!!!!!!!!!

    Caroline Trebowski Colantuno Northern CA Noizemaker
  • My son cannot get enough of the book, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof... as well as its companion CD. Through the crazy adventures of Phineas the rock star monkey and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses, he's able to discover the wonder and joy of making music with friends. The story is fun to read. The illustrations are wonderful. And the music is a treat for both of us.

    Cory Fossum Bay Area Parent Magazine
  • Wow, like Schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid! This was great!

    Lisa Coppola Recording Artist
  • Grammar is often a subject that is taught purely through memorization of rules and drill and skill exercises. This makes it difficult for students to really understand grammar. Grammaropolis is an excellent solution to this problem.

    The Apple Grammar is often a subject that is taught purely through memorization of rules and drill and skill exercises. This makes it difficult for students to
  • You are the greatest kids performer who turns kids on to music and fun. Thanks for sharing your great talent with children, parents (and grandparents) and teachers. You are the best!! Wonderful performance at the Tech Museum -- wonderful to see both shows. Perfect for kids of all ages and big kids too. Keep up the great work. So glad we came over.

    Dr. Toy PhD & Acclaimed Expert on Educational, Toy & Children's Products
  • My kids loved the show at the Children's museum for New Years.

    Dani Grant Festival Manager Bohemian Nights @ NewWestFest
  • We love having you entertain. Thanks so much!!

    Virginia Brace Arapahoe Library District
  • I just want you to know that I love singing the banana song in the car with my kids. It’s fun and silly and makes us laugh as a family.

    Molly Voorhees Texas Noizemaker
  • (Our nephew who played Phineas McBoof) SO loved being part of this and all your inspired music and story.

    John Mathews CA Noizemaker & Uncle of Theatrical Production Cast Member

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!