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  • I am having so much fun listening to your album — I didn’t know what to expect with a title like "Punctuate This” — such a smart album with catchy melodies! Especially in these times or insane craziness where intelligence is not valued, I loved that you created an album about punctuation… now I must say, I am totally paranoid to be typing you a note — I’m pretty sure I am butchering punctuation myself! :-). I especially loved “Question Mark!" I’m sure many have told you that this should be in every elementary school!! 🙂

    Starr Parodi Recording Artist
  • wonderful and acclaimed album introducing kids to the worlds of the orchestra and musical theatre.

    Doug Wheeler MD Noizemaker
  • I just want you to know that I love singing the banana song in the car with my kids. It’s fun and silly and makes us laugh as a family.

    Molly Voorhees Texas Noizemaker
  • The greatest award you can ever achieve is the knowledge that you gave everything you can give toward a purpose you believe in.  Everything else is gravy.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony -- Best in Kids’ Music for 2016.

    Jennifer Swing Whistle Zing -- Finding Kids Music For Everyone
  • Don't miss Doctor Noize.

    Kathleen St. John Denver Post
  • I really do love Grammaropolis. I love stuff that doesn't talk down to kids but requires them to "come up" to it, even if that requires repeated listening. Do you think anyone would laugh at me if I put Grammarolpolis on MY ipod even though I don't have kids?

    Roberta Piket Jazz Recording Artist
  • It makes me think of a modern School House Rock.

    Sarah Chance Fischer CO Noizemaker, on "Punctuate This!"
  • One of our favorite books being “tuned” by one of our favorite and inspiring and energetic people on the planet. What fun.

    Sarah Birdie Howard Daniel Boone Regional Library, on "The Pout-Pout Fish" Musical
  • The kids already have listened to the CD multiple times -- I teased (my son) that he was trying to learn the words to the Banana song.

    Rachel Drummond CO Noizemaker
  • i was just looking through your website again... and watched the video of the kaia song that you did at the show. i'm not sure i ever told you properly how amazing that was. i know it was a little overwhelming for kaia but i think she enjoyed it too. but maybe more significantly, it was a really amazing way to get all those people to express their love for her. it was a really cool thing to be a part of aside from the fact that i am her dad. being her dad too, very cool. so anyway, thanks again for that. the show was great, of course, but that little impromptu bit for her specifically was above and beyond.

    Brian Emery Father of Kaia Emery & Noizemaker Of The Month
  • It was such a treat to have you! Thanks for a wonderful performance!

    Katie Carroll Director of Artistic Administration & Education, Strings Music Festival
  • I just wandered by your site on a tip from a kind of mutual contact. I had a blast browsing around, listening to the music, and watching the videos. It was inspirational for me as a fellow artist. Congratulations on all your successes, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    Peter Apel Children's Musician & Recording Artist
  • GREAT!

    Lucas Wilder Event Coordinator, City of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.
  • Doctor Noize (Cory Cullinan) brings his unique brand of musical storytelling to this collection. Fifteen vignettes, presented like a rock opera, tell the story of the rock star monkey, Phineas McBoof, who has grown tired of his super stardom and leaves his home on the Island of Thelonius for an adventure... Listeners learn about a variety of musical instruments and different styles of music. Children will especially enjoy the catchy tune that is an ode to McBoof's favorite food, "Bananas." A fun addition for public libraries.

    Maren Ostergard School Library Journal (read the full review)
  • Our grammar is worse than it has ever been and many of us are concerned that we are dumbing ourselves down with each innovation in technology. Fortunately, if you seek it, you can find it. This vocabulary-rich and easy to follow story is cute and clever. Each part of speech has a song and musical style. My children absolutely gobbled up the book and music; whereas many teaching tools tend to be girl-centric this is something that appeals to both genders. Perfect for home, school, and homeschool environments, Grammaropolis is just what I was looking for when I was teaching and I'm excited to have it for my own children's use. Visually designed to keep young children engaged, with energetic music to boot, kids will connect and have fun learning. It's clever enough that adults could benefit from a refresher course as well. After a couple of sessions with Grammaropolis the whole family will be ready for the next episode of family Mad Libs.

    Heather Phillips Cherry Blossoms
  • Thank you so much for your excellent presentation for the Douglas-Elbert Music Teachers Association. The teachers have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed your information that you you shared!

    Dr. Steve Fiess Piano Teacher, Douglas Elbert County Music Teachers Association
  • My BFF was telling me all about this amazing presentation by Dr. Noize today at Redding School of Arts. And I was saying "Wait, wait, stop, I KNOW Cory!" So, how funny is that?

    Leslie King Northern CA Noizemaker & former high school classmate of the Doc!
  • I loved the presentation you gave yestery.

    Lone Tree Nolan (third grade)
  • This project was one of my favorite things I've done in the business of singing.  Thanks for letting me be a part of the band!  I popped the CD on and the girls were captivated.  We are going to enjoy it for many years to come! Thanks!!!

    Seth Killen Tenor, College Voice Professor & the voice of José The Ferret

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