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  • The fundamental belief motivating Cullinan’s efforts as an untiring live performer and recording artist is that kids are the most creative, demanding, and resourceful listeners. Dumbing things down for their supposed benefit is not only boring and insulting, but misses a huge opportunity for involving young listeners in the joys of music-making, invention, and self-discovery. And like the best of “children’s” cinema, literature, and music, his work operates on several levels, pleasing, edifying, entertaining, and occasionally mystifying not just kids of all ages, but people of all ages.

    David Yearsley Cornell University Professor of Music, in Counterpunch
  • Dr. Noize aka the awesome Cory Cullinan performing at Santa Rita School... Once a bobcat, always a bobcat.

    CiCi Nakano Kindergarten teacher, Santa Rita School, CA
  • It’s imperative that we reteach our culture to be curious and intellectual.  As a lifelong student and teacher — and a parent and children’s musician in the modern technology age — I consider it my duty to impart a love of learning and the joy of building a sophisticated intellect to the next generation.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Every time I work with Cory Cullinan on a project, I expect to be entertained by a new and different musical vision. His ability to use music to enlighten the listener shows through in every one of his albums. It was particularly exciting to work with Dr. Noize and a studio-full of the most talented and enjoyable musicians, since everyone involved had so much fun while imparting their virtuosity to the project. We all learned something from Dr. Noize: it is possible to teach others about the music we love while entertaining them (and ourselves) at the same time. And no one left a mess on the floor...

    Jay Kadis Principal Recording Engineer & Lecturer, Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics
  • AMAZING!!! see what I did there....

    Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Grammy-winning family hip hop artist, on the "Exclaim!" video
  • My kids listened to the noun town song all summer long. My 2 year old in particular liked to turn it on really loud from my phone app when we were at the grocery store, or church, or standing in line at the post office.
    A couple days ago I asked my second grader what she learned in school that day, and her whole face lit up when she replied, “we learned about nouns! My teacher asked us what a noun was and I told her a person, place or thing.” And for the record, I had no idea what an abstract noun was until I heard the song.

    Melissa Buecher CO Noizemaker
  • Today I teach kindergarten, first and second grade (all double classes with 50 kids).  350 kids through the door today. They were thrilled to see the new book up on the music stand.  We reviewed posters of instrument families and the instruments they saw with the symphony, remembered the first adventures and who Phineas met on his quest and were now in the band. Used the CD, cut and pasted to fit the 20 minutes and had kids play various parts. Some kids were even teary when Phineas left his goodbye song. Of course at the end we all jump around to "Banana" before they line up. So your work continues and thank you!

    Abbie Ehorn Music Specialist, Evergreen Union School District
  • Astounding and impressive! Congratulations.

    Sybil Cramer CA Noizemaker
  • You are an extremely busy person so I feel so blessed that you are willing to do this concert for us. We are confident it will be a great night! We are all so excited! With the money raised, we plan on splitting the proceeds for both Treyton's and Connor's memorial projects. In Treyton's name, we are fundraising to build a baseball field in Whitewater which will be called Treyton's Field of Dreams. Connor's memorial will be a playground in Jefferson. Thanks again for all that you are doing!

    Amie Alvarado Organizer, Concert For Treyton's Field Of Dreams & Connor's Playground
  • It is indeed a rare occasion that CRI and Denver Public Schools are so generously provided with assemblies. Your talent, professionalism and audience participation were excellent -- not to mention your ability to improvise with a power failure. We thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with Cowell Elementary.

    Mary Ann Mayo Community Resources, Inc.
  • Right now I feel compelled to tell you not about our work but about someone else's - Doctor Noize and his children's project “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony.” One of the most important memories of being a child interested in music, symphonic music, was watching Leonard Bernstein's shows on TV with my folks. It sparked my interest in and love for music that endures today. Doctor Noize is doing the same thing in a very fun way - combining children's music with music and orchestra education. I could go on and on but check it out if you haven't already. Oh, and he's a really funny guy!

    Joel Wachbrit Producer of Jill Freeman's "A Handmade Life"
  • Your kids will love Dr. Noize!

    Alisa Rafferty Fisher UT Noizemaker
  • That was cool Great job!

    Zoetifex Online Noizemaker
  • Learning grammar has never been so much fun! And because poor grammar makes the Mayor cry, Doctor Noize (Cory Cullinan) and the Mayor (Coert Voorhees) have put together these songs to teach students the finer points of grammar usage. Each part of speech has its own introduction. Mr. Mayor and Dr. Noize have a lively debate about slang, followed by the song, "Let's Get Groovy, Baby."

    Beverly Wrigglesworth School Library Journal (read the full review)
  • I am so excited about his wonderful news with XM Radio! I have to say that I am in total agreement with the XM Radio lady. I absolutely loved listening to it, and I have listened to it many times since and shared it with my friend, who also thought it was great! I am looking forward to getting copies for friends of mine. When we were listening to it, I couldn't help but imagine it as a Disney movie or a Broadway Musical. I thought that it was so clever. The music was great, and it has an appeal that people of all ages can appreciate! I would love to help in whatever way that I can to spread the word about his wonderful project! (Although it seems that word it getting out quite well!)...

    Brooke Ayden IL Noizemaker
  • The Adjective song is awesome! Lovely! Amazing!

    Sidney Grace Cullinan CO Noizemaker (rumor has it she's related to Dr. Noize...)
  • (A grandmother) was very appreciative of the fact that you remembered her Cory. She mentioned that a picture was taken of you with her grandkids. She went on and on (and on) about what a fantastic day they had with the programs and the music so well done! Cory thanks again so much for being here, we have had excellent feedback from the families.

    Nicole Schoville Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  • We received our priceless package!  My son has already read the books multiple times and listened to the CDs.  They are great.  You did an amazing job creating classical music geared towards kids.  Congratulations again and Thank you!

    Tuba Firincioglu and Osman Apaydin Noizemakers
  • I recently read "The Last Lecture," which was so poignant I found it quite haunting, but that isn't the point. The point is that in reading the book, and then searching YouTube for video of Randy Pausch and his lecture and then (heartbreakingly) his memorial service, I thought a lot of Cory. His energy and how he affected and influenced people, students, and colleagues reminded me of you. I wish nothing but the best for Dr. Noize and his future career. I also think you would be an amazing teacher at a higher level of education, and thought you should know that I think that.

    Leslie Pelinka OR Pediatrician
  • Thanks for a wonderful show in PA this past weekend.

    Erik Chen Northern CA Noizemaker

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!