Here’s what real people from all walks of life are saying about Doctor Noize.


  • Five stars. Fun game. Dr. Noize does it again! A great game to go with a great song.

    Jake the 4th Bananas iTunes review
  • Thank you! It was great.

    Jennifer Cassell Board President Children's Corner Preschool
  • My parents listened to it and LOVED it! I love doing Sidney The Beak’s voice — it is SO much fun and I always learn something too.

    Katy Digovich Rapper & Voice of Sidney The Beak
  • I love my Doctor Noize guitar pick chain. I can hardly wait to wear it to Doctor Noize and a U2 concerts!

    Carol Northern CA Noizemaker
  • What a wonderful thing you've done! My grandson told me he sang and played the drums at the concert! His mom said he wasn't a bit self conscious. Maybe you've inspired him to be a performer! I wish you all the best and will share your web site with many other grandmothers!

    Sheri Heffley Elpern CA Noizemaker
  • Congratulations on a great tour! Again, we really enjoyed having you here in Redwood City... Thank you for helping to make (downtown Redwood City) a destination spot because of your concert.

    Christopher Beth Superintendent, City of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.
  • So, I listened to the album again to and from school dropoff, because I was curious as to how it compared to what we've been listening to. I have to tell you that (although I am biased) from a musical perspective - engineering, musicianship, etc - ours is as good as anything I've heard throughout this whole process. People may or may not like the songs, but they can't argue with the fact that the album is of the highest quality. Thanks so much for being such a stickler about things! We had a stickler for the lyrics and a stickler for the music, and it turned out awesome. I'm really glad we're doing this.

    Coert Voorhees Mayor of Grammaropolis
  • It's always a treat when someone as appealingly childlike as Cory Cullinan (a.k.a. Doctor Noize, and the voice/musician behind musical monkey Phineas McBoof) puts together an album for children. There's a lot packed into this fifteen-track CD, a rock opera that follows the adventures of the eponymous monkey. What follows is a fun romp through various types of music (funk, jive, country, classical, futuristic) as Phineas puts together a band, one member at a time, featuring all four corners of the world: The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses.

    Melissa Eva Miller, "for a new generation of parents"
  • Dr. Noize, I loved your CD! I listen to it almost every day. I got your CD for my 8th birthday... I can't wait until the new cd comes out!!! We live in Ithaca, New York. Do you think you will come to Ithaca sometime for a concert? If you come, I will be there!

    Sarah NY Noizemaker
  • I caught the tail end of his solo acoustic set yesterday at the Learning Game “educational superstore” in Cupertino and got to speak with him for considerably longer. The concert was markedly different from what I’d heard before; the lively conversation was not. Having only experienced the electronic one-man band version of Dr. Noize’s concert, I was glad to have caught him as an old school troubadour. Like Erasure (one of my favorite bands ever), Cullinan makes sure that the songs are fundamentally sound and don’t require electronic flourishes to mask any shortcomings in structure, development and lyrics.

    Yoshi Kato San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)
  • I have to tell you that your CD’s have been the only ones playing in our house these days (by my daughter’s and husband’s request no less) - a huge hit with the Davis fam! Who sings all Backbone’s solos in “PM Crashes the Symphony”? Tell her she has the voice of an angel!!!

    Julie Hettinger CO Noizemaker
  • It’s hard to get more excited about music than Doctor Noize. This is a man on a mission – to help youngsters discover their “song of life” and have the courage to share it.

    Eren Göknar Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)
  • (Doctor Noize) is not afraid of taking risks.  Meticulously constructed and presented, the CD nonetheless exudes a sense of being created in the moment with unbounded humor. The album is a towering artistic achievement, that never feels weighty and reveals new secrets with each listening.

    Dr. David Yearsley Cornell Music Professor, in Counterpunch
  • Come on, hear the (Dr.) Noize! Children's performer Dr. Noize performed songs and dances with children as part of the kick-off for the Sun Prairie Public Library's Summer Reading Program on Saturday, June 13. Although mainly focused on getting kids involved in the performance of the music, the doctor even got a few Dads involved in the performance.

    Sun Prairie Star Sun Prairie, WI
  • My daughter and son love your CD!!!!!!!!!

    Caroline Trebowski Colantuno Northern CA Noizemaker
  • The most delightful musical journey! A dream realized - outstanding!!!

    Suzanne Burkholder CO Noizemaker
  • I wanted to tell you what an excellent job you did on the concert with the Lone Tree Symphony. I was amazed at how quickly the kids picked up on your classical music lesson and loved it as well. Coordination with the symphony was delightful, especially how they all played along with the work. Never forget Conductor Jacinda Bouton with a pink tail. I have talked about the performance in several groups and in fact briefed Council the next week. They were amazed when I mentioned how the symphony players stood up and down to your musical arrangements. You are doing tremendous work and I wish you continued success for the lessons you are teaching.

    Susan Squyer Lone Tree City Council
  • Thanks for the great show at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was my son's 4th birthday. He loved the show & listened to the CD the whole way home & then again at home.

    Edie Hirsch Northern CA Noizemaker
  • I shalt not play. Except… in my head… over and over and over again…!! ...and again. I still have it stuck in there. Major earworm!!

    Sagan Thacker Host & Producer of Radio Active Kids, 103.3 Asheville FM
  • We just found time to really sit down and listen to "The Ballad of Phineas McBoof" and it is pure genius!! I love this! Your live solo shows are great, but the attention to detail and the broad instrumentation on this is fantastic! Wow!

    Brad Loucks Audio Engineer & CO Noizemaker

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!