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  • My daughter has really remembered the event and keeps saying "Phineas McBouf - that's funny!" and Bananas so we'll definitely be buying your album. I wish you could hear her inflection and see her glee when she says it. You're so talented and funny, you really still seem like a kid yourself.

    Gina Silverman Northern CA Voice & Music Teacher
  • The Ballad of Phineas McBoof CD has been named one of the Top 100 Toys of the year... imaginative family music. A musical odyssey about a rock star monkey from the Island of Thelonious who explores a world of music, from rock to classical, to country-western and jazz... features top flight vocal and instrumental talent. Doctor Noize (aka Cory Cullinan), is a musical Renaissance man who sings and plays keyboards, guitar, percussion, saxophone, and a kazoo and is a former high school music teacher...

    Doctor Toy Institute for Childhood Resources (Read the full review)
  • I gave my dear friends copies of your books today! They have two daughters who are 5 and 3. At dinner they all go around and say what their favorite part of the day was. Their daughter announced that her favorite part of the day was hanging out together reading your books and giggling about your zany cast of characters. Apparently they insisted on multiple re-reads of the books that night.   So, there you go, you touched two more little kidlets.  Just beautiful.

    Katrina Dornig CA Noizemaker
  • Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony is the masterfully innovative children's music album from award-winning composer Doctor Noize. You have never heard a children's album like this before! On the new album Doctor Noize brings drama and humor with Grammy-winning stage singer Isabel Leonard, whose voice delights throughout with charm and precision. The "Island Overture" is my favorite track, which features the sweeping and intricate string section and glorious brass section from the City of Prague Philharmonic in a classical overture. "Together" is a close second, with a shimmering libretto and stunning vocals. Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony introduces children to orchestral and opera music that is deftly entertaining and HIGHLY recommended!

    Gurujas Khalsa Vocalist of Grammy-winning New Age group White Sun
  • I heard so many wonderful things from my end... I hope you enjoyed San Diego and you have a great time in LA as well. Thanks again from making NCM a stop on your trip!

    Kristin Mehrwerth Membership Coordinator The New Children's Museum
  • Starting another day right with our morning ritual of our favorite Doctor Noize CD! If you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend it - my daughter, as well as my wife and I, are pretty much obsessed with Cory Cullinan's masterpiece, "The Return of Phineas McBoof."

    Ben Evans KY Noizemaker & YERT Director Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail
  • He came last year and did our kids show with conductor Kyle Pickett and the kids loved it here. What he is doing to promote music education and classical music is awesome and well worth supporting. If they come near you I suggest you go. You will love it.

    Jessica Adoff Kelly Educator
  • I just got finished listening to your album. I was ASTOUNDED at the quality and creativity of your endeavor and I hope you are doing really well because you deserve to. Your album is incredible.

    Barbara Silberg Director of the famed West Los Angeles Children's Choir
  • Enjoying this SO much!

    Pam Pitts CA Noizemaker
  • Your children's album is hands down the best children's album I have EVER heard! I have been teaching special needs kindergarten/1st grade for 4 years so I have heard quite a bit of children's music. Your album is amazing!

    Dennis A Baptiste Jr. Teacher
  • The children's performer produces whimsical pop music on the spot, inviting the audience members to come up and join in on the creative process. He plays multiple instruments and uses computers to arrange and record the songs at the show.

    Marian Liu Seattle Times
  • It's always a treat when someone as appealingly childlike as Cory Cullinan (a.k.a. Doctor Noize, and the voice/musician behind musical monkey Phineas McBoof) puts together an album for children. There's a lot packed into this fifteen-track CD, a rock opera that follows the adventures of the eponymous monkey. What follows is a fun romp through various types of music (funk, jive, country, classical, futuristic) as Phineas puts together a band, one member at a time, featuring all four corners of the world: The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses.

    Melissa Eva Miller, "for a new generation of parents"
  • Thank you, for making music come alive for our Deaf students. They loved it.

    Denise Northern CA Noizemaker
  • I've got one word. Funny. 9 out of 10. But that's the best rating I give.

    Kenna Bock 7-Year-Old Noizemaker in Scotland
  • Dr. Noize of Phineas McBoof fame is a mad genius. I could discuss the relative merits of leveling with your child with this magician from Colorado for hours… and may just do that someday…

    Jeff Bogle Out With The Kids
  • An amazing project - I remember Cory Cullinan well from back when he was a high school student here in the SF Bay Area, one of those kids you loved to hate because he got an unfair huge slice of the talent pie, but you couldn't hate him because he's such a great guy.  I knew he'd do amazing things when I first met him as a kid, but this... wow.  If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so!

    Bill Hare Grammy-winning record producer
  • Phineas McBoof rocks! We're having a great time listening to it.

    Dave Virginia Noizemaker
  • I always love your newsletter! Needed my chuckle for the day! My girls love the Phineas book and CD still even after all these years.

    Cameron Hamblin Northern CA Noizemaker
  • VERY COOL! I am so glad that you found your passion and followed it... We LOVED the show! My daughter hasn't stopped talking about your show -- she's a big fan now!

    Kristan Green Northern CA Noizemaker
  • how fantastic to see you and have you here in good ol' sun prairie.

    Adam Bock WI Noizemaker

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