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  • Just finished listening to the CD. Brilliant. I love it. I want more. I was blown away by all the layers of sounds and just how incredibly slick and polished everything sounds. I love all the vocal performances you do along with the supporting characters. Janette rocks as Backbone. At the moment I think my favorite songs are “Don’t Monkey with My Heart” (because I'm a sucker for Beatlesque pop which you totally nailed) and "What My Robot Said" (I dig the fiddle, and I love the whole upbeat country vibe...very contagious.) You rock. I couldn't be more impressed...

    Christian Lowe NY Noizemaker who went on to become the book's Illustrator
  • My BFF was telling me all about this amazing presentation by Dr. Noize today at Redding School of Arts. And I was saying "Wait, wait, stop, I KNOW Cory!" So, how funny is that?

    Leslie King Northern CA Noizemaker & former high school classmate of the Doc!
  • Thank you Doctor Noize for an amazing assembly!

    Maria Banta Assistant Principal Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • Gosh, Doc, not only are YOU brilliant and talented, looks like the next noizeration is too!

    Barbara Greenwood Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Thank you for coming to the school for teaching us how to record a song. I hope you become your dream. Sincerely, Dennis.

    Dennis Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • This truly imaginative project offers more than just fun music. Young listeners are treated to an interwoven story between tunes about a guitar-playing monkey named Phineas McBoof and his travels around the globe putting together the wildest band imaginable. With friends like Backbone the Octopus (the eight-legged drummer), the bass-playing Bottomus the Hip Hippopotomus, a yodeling lizard and even a robot, little tikes are sure to sing along with the catchy tunes. A particular nod goes to opera star Nathan Gunn performing the role of Placido Flamingo. Chris Isaak's guitarist, Hershel Yatovitz, lends his six-string skills as well. Pack your bananas and enjoy the ride!

    Chad Young Nashville Parent &
  • Let’s make a positive impact together.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Doctor Noize i love your music it’s awsome you are really creative and i love how you take the music genre of the details

    Post From A Super Kid... ...who loves to learn about music.
  • Dear Doctor Noize... Who are your kazoo influences?

    Kazoo Enthusiast (Yes, that is how this post was signed...)
  • We're making a punctuation album? Hey! Let me tell you something:  We're making a punctuation album...

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • There's a lot more to a children's CD than just the music itself... "The Ballad of Phineas McBoof," which chronicles the formation of a band, is full of characters whose stories "encourage kids to follow their muse." Doctor Noize... believes children find more meaning in something when it's attached to a figure they care about. "Every single character on the CD is somebody who decided to do his own thing despite the fact that people don't understand," he said.

    Julie L. Jones TD Monthly
  • That just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you for this wonderful music and treat time.

    Nathan Gunn World renowned baritone & voice of Placido Flamingo
  • Thank you again for working with us on our event. If the voice of the child is is the measure of success then it was a resounding ... yea, whoopee, fantastic! The adults enjoyed as well.

    Jennifer Landers University Of Denver Fisher Early Learning Center
  • A composer of formidable technique.

    Titus Levi Keyboard Magazine
  • Yay! When are you coming to Cincinnati? My niece will be thrilled. Don’t tell her, but she’s getting your CD for her birthday...

    Alex Sale OH Noizemaker
  • You are truly an inspiration to those who might get discouraged when dreams aren't instantly realized... just look where you are...

    Normajean Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Award-winning Dr. Noize will take audience members on a musical adventure as he performs on multiple instruments, arranging and recording songs on the spot, inviting attendees onstage to contribute to the music. Doc has inspired enthusiastic audiences of all ages across the country with his totally innovative, interactive performance approach! His concerts are known for their crowd participation and wowza cool technology.

    Evy Schiffman Marketing & Communications Director Community School of Music & Arts (CSMA) at Finn Center
  • I love the funky frog song.

    Peter Apel Award-Winning Children's Recording Artist
  • So much fun! Thank you.

    Jill Carr-Stidham Northern CA Noizemaker on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony
  • Calling all music lovers! You HAVE to check this out! Doctor Noize is a national touring children’s music performer with a zany sense of humor, infectious hilarity, contagious energy, and an amazing ability to connect with kids of all ages while teaching about music, rocking out, and recording on the spot! You won’t want to miss this ONE!

    Rachel Thuermer Artistic Director, Dare To Dream Theatre

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