Here’s what real people from all walks of life are saying about Doctor Noize.


  • My kids loved it, we watched it together. Animation and characters are very nicely created for the kids. Keep up the great work that you have been doing. 

    Rupam Sarmah Recording Artist
  • The (Grammaropolis) videos and songs will help students associate the characters with the parts of speech and fun at the same time!

    Learning Today
  • I just want you to know that I love singing the banana song in the car with my kids. It’s fun and silly and makes us laugh as a family.

    Molly Voorhees Texas Noizemaker
  • THANK YOU for all you did to provide the Pinewood Singers with such an amazing performance “road trip”!!! Christopher had a fabulous time! He told me that the singing — the performances, the preparation, the bus trips, the group time….all that was even more fun than Disneyland (which, of course was a great time, too!) He loves being part of this group. Honestly, I think if you wanted him to dress in leiderhosen and yodel, you could probably get him to do that, too….!!! You have an amazing gift for connecting with these teenagers, and we are SO lucky to have you in their school lives. Thank you, thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS on the awards as well!!

    Jeannette Beeger Mother of Doctor Noize's former high school student
  • This project was one of my favorite things I've done in the business of singing.  Thanks for letting me be a part of the band!  I popped the CD on and the girls were captivated.  We are going to enjoy it for many years to come! Thanks!!!

    Seth Killen Tenor, College Voice Professor & the voice of José The Ferret
  • I loved your work.

    Rupam Sarmah Recording Artist
  • I watched your show from above and from across the way by the Food was great...kind of a crazy day...thanks for making our Countdown to New Years so were wonderful as always!!

    Jeff Patched Alaska Noizemaker
  • Addictive... I tried out a new game yesterday called Bananas. While it’s made for kids, I really liked the game and had a blast playing it. It’s great fun for kids (and adults).

    Jim Dalrymple The Loop
  • Our goal at the Children’s Theatre is to present stories that engage our audiences.  We are honored to collaborate with a composer of Cullinan’s experience, imagination, and musical skill directing his talents toward fostering new work for young audiences.

    Judge Luckey Managing Artistic Director, Palo Alto Children's Theatre
  • Doctor Noize i love your music it’s awsome you are really creative and i love how you take the music genre of the details

    Post From A Super Kid... ...who loves to learn about music.
  • Your Phineas McBoof is really great. You have combined a family focused career with doing something meaningful. Lately I have been inspired by many people who live their life in search of meaning, they say they live longer, smile more often, and add joy to the world. You are definitely doing that!!!!...

    Gil Brady Principal, Pinewood Elementary School
  • Your program and visit last spring was fabulous! I am ready to go to work on anything that would support your program and the success of my students' involvement. I can't wait to work with you again!

    Tom Burkett Music Teacher Extraordinaire Redding School Of The Arts
  • Of course, I just LOVE it when my son is so moved by songs and/or stories, and you've made something that is PERFECT for him. We were in the car - waaaay too late, after eating dinner at my parents' tonight - and started listening to your first disc, and my son could hardly come inside.

    Lori Henriques Grammy-nominated Children’s Recording Artist
  • GREAT!

    Lucas Wilder Event Coordinator, City of Redwood City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.
  • Five stars. Hard to put down, and still humming the tune. This is a really fun game for kids of all ages. Lots of fun to pick up and play but hard to master, so it keeps you coming back. The music is awesome and the game itself is visually appealing to look at. Highly recommend. You'll love it.

    Russell Nelson Bananas iTunes review
  • I am a high school English teacher in a small coastal town called Bunbury, in Western Australia. I have been trying to make grammar interesting for my class of Year 9 students who are classified as 'at risk' because of low literacy skills. They are absolutely fantastic students who make my days funny, interesting and sometimes challenging. Lucky for them (and me) I love what I do. I came across your fabulous Grammaropolis YouTube productions and have ordered the CD. I can't wait to introduce it to my students. I love your work and what you are doing to help kids.

    Gwen Stapleton English Department Newton Moore Senior High School Bunbury, Western Australia
  • Every time I work with Cory Cullinan on a project, I expect to be entertained by a new and different musical vision. His ability to use music to enlighten the listener shows through in every one of his albums. It was particularly exciting to work with Dr. Noize and a studio-full of the most talented and enjoyable musicians, since everyone involved had so much fun while imparting their virtuosity to the project. We all learned something from Dr. Noize: it is possible to teach others about the music we love while entertaining them (and ourselves) at the same time. And no one left a mess on the floor...

    Jay Kadis Principal Recording Engineer & Lecturer, Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics
  • What's up Doc? I am not sure whether to thank you or curse you my daughter loves the Phineas McBoof CD but I can not get Banana and My Parents Think They're Very Important out of my head!!! All day and all night it's all I hear “ driving me crazy) It's like you were spying on us when you wrote My Parents. Seriously though, great CD. Lots of fun for her and us. I love the story line and I can't wait for the book and hopefully a DVD / cartoon...

    Chris Welborn Northern CA Noizemaker
  • In 2007, Cullinan created his Dr. Noize character and began devoting himself to music for children and families. He released both a recording and book called The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof (the recording features the Grammy-nominated string quartet “Quartet San Francisco”). Within two months, the track Banana had become a national #1 hit on XM Kids Radio. Word quickly spread from kids to parents to college music professors, and Dr. Noize won awards ranging from the Parents Choice Award to being named one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products.

    Lisa Shara Editor, North State Parent Magazine (read the full article & interview)
  • A composer of formidable technique.

    Titus Levi Keyboard Magazine

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!