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  • Absolutely lovely stuff from a kindred spirit. It is a total joy to see Cory thriving!

    Joost Bonsen Blogger, Maximizing Progress -- Exponential Innovations Everywhere
  • I have to tell you that the kids and I have been rocking out to Doctor Noize! I am going to get the CD's and books for friends for the holidays this year. Listening to you and your family on the radio was pretty cool too! I am definitely bringing the kids to one of your concerts...

    Kelly Mark CO Noizemaker
  • A little later in the show, Mindy got a call from none other than Doctor Noize!... He likes to play lots of instruments and sing at the same time, but he hasn't mastered doing both while playing the saxophone. He thinks maybe he could play it with his nose.

    GBK Gwyneth KiDS Place LiVE Fans Blog (read the full blog entry)
  • It makes me think of a modern School House Rock.

    Sarah Chance Fischer CO Noizemaker, on "Punctuate This!"
  • In real life, his name is Cory Cullinan, and he said his show reflects a few things about his life. "One, I'm a little crazy,'' he said. "Two, I'm an ex-music teacher so you can see my music-geekiness."

    Kirsten Silveira The Coloradoan (read the full article)
  • Thanks for donating your time last weekend. You've definitely created some new fans with my nephews. They haven't stopped talking about you since the show.

    Karen Bowen Literacy Coalition of Colorado
  • I have had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Cullinan for two full semesters during my freshman and sophomore years at my high school. I still find it next to impossible to imagine just how much stamina and willpower and strength Mr. C commands; I have so much respect for him. In my mind, a hero is not necessarily someone who has saved my life, or rescued me from danger, or radically changed my life. Mr. C is a hero simply because he has given me, however unintentionally, the gift of inspiration. I can only aspire to simulate his remarkable qualities in my own life; but I shall try.

    Doris Huang (read the full article) Pinewood School & Harvard graduate
  • Luv y'all! Thanks for rocking the KMA stage this weekend!!! Doctor Noize brings the crowd!

    Stacy Grant Kids Music Adventure Director Bohemian Nights @ NewWestFest
  • I think your music is hilarious.

    Lisa Matthis CO Noizemaker
  • You had the audience's FULL attention! We had a great time. Our three year old was especially engaged. The six year old said she really liked it She was impressed that you talked to her.

    Penny Lave Northern CA Power Grandma
  • You're a one of a kind person. You're a leader. I learned from you. Thanks again for presenting me with a challenge. It was a a blast, and we are going to put the computer on "stun" so we can pop out something as wonderful as all your voices and melodies and orchestral scores.

    Ed Gutentag Director, Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony Kickstarter Videos
  • I really enjoyed listening to your cd.

    Neil McIntyre Kids Hip Hop Artist the Littleague
  • Congratulations not only on this latest accomplishment, but also on your consistently fine work of the past.

    Vicki Woo Northern CA Noizemaker
  • Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!! This was the best 20 minutes that I spent this morning.... It is genius.

    Julia Sweeney IL Noizemaker
  • Learning is awesome.  Kids are awesome.  And adults who learn like kids are awesome.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Five Stars for Grammaropolis. Absolutely delightful! Fun and informative CD destined to entertain and educate kids (of all ages)!! A must-have collection for your family! Loved it!

    Guv'nor of Spellville iTunes Review
  • You are truly incredible and so very talented. The first time we listened to the cd and it ended, I heard a little sad voice from the back of the mini van saying "awwww it's over" and today I hear my son every now and then breaking in to "banana banana bananaaaa".

    Kerri Brough Northern CA Noizemaker
  • My daughter came running through the house: "Daddy! Daddy! Placido the Flamingo and the opera guys know the Banana song!" Awesomeness.

    Adam Bock Scotland Noizemaker
  • It was great to play with you yesterday. I loved your act and the blend of musicianship and spontaneous interaction with the kids. You made it look easy though I for one know that it's not.

    Gregory Hollow Tree Singer/guitarist of acclaimed family band, The Hollow Trees
  • I still think you are the brilliant one among all of us.  Your musical contributions are stellar.

    Barbara Klaskin Silberg, a/k/a Mrs. Music Founder and director of the famed West Los Angeles Children's Choir Children's Songwriter

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!