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Here’s what real people from all walks of life are saying about Doctor Noize.


  • Dr. Noize will always be part of my kids' childhood memories (and my motherhood ones). Thank you so much! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaanana, banana, banaNA... best song ever.

    Amy Stuart Hunn OR Noizemaker
  • Thank you for coming to our school and performing for us. I bet it was hard work setting all that up.

    Cami Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School
  • My daughter was so excited the other day to hear Dr. Noize on the radio...

    Cathy CO Noizemaker
  • (A grandmother) was very appreciative of the fact that you remembered her Cory. She mentioned that a picture was taken of you with her grandkids. She went on and on (and on) about what a fantastic day they had with the programs and the music so well done! Cory thanks again so much for being here, we have had excellent feedback from the families.

    Nicole Schoville Children's Museum of Indianapolis
  • Five stars. Bonkers over Bananas. My toddler loves "Nanas"! He may be developing an aversion to crabs.

    Hankasaurus Bananas iTunes review
  • We would Love to have you come back to Wheatland! Your performance is a great encouragement to kids, and the "big" kids too.

    Molly Read Librarian, Platte County Library, WY
  • You brought fun to this town.

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack Principal, Sitka High School Sitka, AK
  • This is AWESOME. So entertaining and hip. I especially remember the love duet - maybe it was about action verbs. Wonderful for all ages.

    Roberta Piket Jazz Recording Artist
  • Thank you so much for coming back!!! Your show and energy is amazing. I would love to have you every summer, if possible. Good luck with your new adventures and I hope to continue having you visit Whitewater.

    Michelle Dujardin Recreation and Community Events Programmer City of Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department
  • It has been such a joy working with you.  You are an amazing person.

    Elizabeth Waldman Frazier Waldmania! Music Publicist & Amazing Person
  • What a wonderful path he has taken and the joy he brings to so many!

    Pam Pitts Northern CA Noizemaker
  • I loved the presentation you gave yestery.

    Lone Tree Nolan (third grade)
  • 5 Stars -- Just Wow. I hired Dr Noize for a very specialized and personal event for specific young family members who live 2000 miles from us. I hired him purely based on the integrity he showed through his email communications. While he was still performing his surprise act at my sister's home, my phone started blowing up with messages, pictures and videos of the absolutely amazing time everyone was having. Later on I got the thankful voice mails filled with so much happiness and literally tears of joy. Thank you so much Dr. Noize for bringing such joy to a little girl and her family who really need it right now!

    Louise B. Virginia Noizemaker
  • My son - who's now almost 2! - recently starting humming and singing tunes. And his first song was BANANA! It's too cute.

    Chris Walsh Director, Innovation & Design KnowledgeWorks Foundation
  • I like smart.  I like smart a lot. And you're smart.

    Doctor Noize CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist of Doctor Noize Inc.
  • Banana,banana,banana... Everytime my kids are in my car, they scream and demand me to turn on your cd. Now I have to listen to your voice at least twice a day and my head is constantly filled with bananas! Thanks,

    Dave Kim Northern CA Noizemaker
  • i was just looking through your website again... and watched the video of the kaia song that you did at the show. i'm not sure i ever told you properly how amazing that was. i know it was a little overwhelming for kaia but i think she enjoyed it too. but maybe more significantly, it was a really amazing way to get all those people to express their love for her. it was a really cool thing to be a part of aside from the fact that i am her dad. being her dad too, very cool. so anyway, thanks again for that. the show was great, of course, but that little impromptu bit for her specifically was above and beyond.

    Brian Emery Father of Kaia Emery & Noizemaker Of The Month
  • It's always a treat when someone as appealingly childlike as Cory Cullinan (a.k.a. Doctor Noize, and the voice/musician behind musical monkey Phineas McBoof) puts together an album for children. There's a lot packed into this fifteen-track CD, a rock opera that follows the adventures of the eponymous monkey. What follows is a fun romp through various types of music (funk, jive, country, classical, futuristic) as Phineas puts together a band, one member at a time, featuring all four corners of the world: The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses.

    Melissa Eva Miller, "for a new generation of parents"
  • In a just world, talent and its exercise should be duly rewarded, though Phineas professes to pursue the aims of art (the perfect song) over fame and fortune. Even the most cursory of listenings to this CD reveals how rich the author's invention is, and one could be forgiven for jumping to the conclusion that the monkey is Cullinan's alter ego. One hopes that the dumbo ears of Disney have not grown dumb to a genius of this caliber. Will the free market reward Cullinan for raising us up rather than dumbing things down? It rarely happens that way. But with compelling characters, glittering musical riches, and an abundant joy in song and dance, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof is the perfect gift, a CD whose covert mission is to educate children in music's ethical and recreational powers and to do so with unbounded imagination and pleasure. Forget the banal Beethoven for Babies. The Ballad of Phineas McBoof is the musical primer of our times.

    David Yearsley Professor of Music, Cornell University (read the full published review)
  • It's now being picked up by theater groups. All to teach kids about music. How about doing something useful, Cory?

    George Mitsuoka CO Noizemaker

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Doctor Noize truly appreciates everyone quoted here who's taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences.  The Doc personally reads every post, email and letter to him, and often answers back to kids who contact.  We couldn't do this without you!