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CEO/Creative Director/Performing Artist Doctor Noize‘s name in the real world is Cory Cullinan. He grew up in Silicon Valley and had an idyllic childhood family life until a dramatic series of events made him grow up quickly and brought unusual focus and purpose into his life at a young age.

Cullinan graduated with Distinction and Honors in Music and Political Science from Stanford, where he focused on classical music history, electronic music and voice. His album My Oyster drew rave reviews for having the free spirit of an indie release but the production values of a major release — a blueprint he would follow upon becoming Doctor Noize. His adult music includes a live recording of his marriage proposal to his wife Janette and music that has appeared in mainstream movies, television shows and documentaries, from Brad Pitt’s Spy Game to films shown everywhere from the Sundance Film Festival and PBS to Air Force training sessions.

He then turned his energy to teaching high school music, and made an immediate and lasting impact on his students. His popular Music History course was made a requirement for all freshmen; his music composition and production class released eight full length CD’s of original songs created in the recording studio he built for the school; he conducted his students in a fully staged production of Sondheim‘s Into The Woods; and led his select choir to win the Best Overall Choir award at Disneyland‘s huge Music In The Parks competition. The group earned the only perfect score from the judges while competing against schools ten times their size.

Cullinan released The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof, his first recording under the guise of his alter ego, Doctor Noize. Within two months, it had spawned a national #1 hit song — Banana — on XM Sirius Kids Radio and scored awards ranging from a Parents Choice Award to being named one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products. Then came the completion of Doctor Noize’s first book, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof. Like the recording, the book tells the tale of the great monkey Phineas McBoof and his quest for the impossibly perfect song with his band, The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses.

As a live performer, the Doc has inspired enthusiastic audiences across the country by engaging kids and adults alike with his totally innovative performance approach inspiring audiences to participate in the creative process. He performs multiple instruments onstage, and arranges and records songs live on the spot, inviting audience members to come onstage and contribute their own talents. All Doctor Noize live programz are administered to creative audiences with immeasurable doses of energy, goodwill and humor. The Doc performs everything from little acoustic showz to full Noizy showz to Dr. Noize family performances with full symphony orchestra.

To stay connected to fans wherever they are, Doctor Noize writes a monthly Noizeletter blog that’s developed quite a fan base itself. Zooglobble writer and NPR family music commentator Stefan Shepherd called it the “Best Newsletter In Kids Music” by “the funniest guy in kids music, and that’s saying something.” The problem is, Dr. Noize is trying to be very serious, so Shepherd’s commentary was very hurtful. Or not.

Doctor Noize scored his second national Top Ten hit on Sirius XM Kids Place Live! radio with his theme song Welcome To Grammaropolis for the multimedia brand Grammaropolis. He is still trying to memorize his own lyrics to that song for live performance. There are a lot of them and they move very fast. Like really, really fast. The song also features the first Doctor Noize animated video. The second animated video, Banana, features state-of-the-art 3D animation by Dream Cortex.

In 2010 Doctor Noize signed a multimedia deal with Outblaze, the creators of the Hello Kitty 3D animated videos and games, online games for Ben 10 and Tom & Jerry, and the popular kids’ mobile apps by Dream Cortex. He is now the CEO and Creative Director of Doctor Noize Inc., a partnership between Dr. Noize and Outblaze. Doctor Noize’s multimedia line now includes mobile apps, online games, and more, and he’s touring from coast to coast across the US and Hong Kong every year playing shows to Noizemakers all over the place. Their first app collaboration, Bananas!, has already been downloaded over 170,000 times as of this writing, just months after its release. Groovy baby.

So that’s that. Thanks for stopping by and reading this bio. We hope you thought it was even better than Tolstoy’s War & Peace, but a lot shorter. Well, a little shorter. See you at the showz.