• Just saw Grammaropolis video. Very cool!!! Love the part about gramma thinking it’s about her. Always a treat to hear what you’re up to Dr. Noize! Peace.

    Katie Brady the Music Lady

    Children’s Recording Artist & Performer

  • Your videos are terrific.


    Maui, HI Noizemaker

  • Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!! This was the best 20 minutes that I spent this morning…. It is genius.

    Julia Sweeney

    IL Noizemaker

  • I just wandered by your site on a tip from a kind of mutual contact. I had a blast browsing around, listening to the music, and watching the videos. It was inspirational for me as a fellow artist. Congratulations on all your successes, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    Peter Apel

    Children’s Musician & Recording Artist

  • Cool.

  • I can tell you that I was so happy to be a part of your project. I think the world of you, and, at this stage of my career, I only want to work with people I respect and like. So let me thank you for the experience! I can’t wait to hear all about this wonderful project. Again, I’m so happy to have met you. You really touched my life ~

    Jenny Zielon

    Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
    “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” Mini Opera Video

  • Yesterday, or the day before, my son and I were talking about manners. I can’t remember what led into it, but we were discussing how it was not polite to laugh at someone. Arjun then countered with “yes, but you can laugh at someone if they are doing funny things. Like Dr. Noize does funny things. You can laugh at him!” I don’t even know where that came from… but I assured him that yes, it was OK to laugh at you… ;) Keep laughing and inspiring others to do so…

    Kim Zabora

    WA Noizemaker

  • Sweet! Good Job!… Hittin replay…Now!


    Online Noizemaker

  • Just saw (Grammaropolis)… It’s so good! My favorite part is where the grandma gets rejected haha.. does this make me a bad person?

    (Name Withheld To Protect Her Reputation…)

    Botswana, Africa (seriously)

  • You’re a one of a kind person. You’re a leader. I learned from you. Thanks again for presenting me with a challenge. It was a a blast, and we are going to put the computer on “stun” so we can pop out something as wonderful as all your voices and melodies and orchestral scores.

    Ed Gutentag

    Director, Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony Kickstarter Videos

  • Cute video…looks & sounds like a big hit.

    Melanie Rivera

    CO Noizemaker

  • Doctor Noize is a busy guy. Not only has he just released The Return of Phineas McBoof, his second album about the title character, and he coaches his daughters’ soccer team, but on March 4, he’s releasing Grammaropolis, an album about, ummmm… grammar? Yes, it’s Jane Jacobs meets “Weird Al” Yankovic meets the inevitable Schoolhouse Rock reference. Except that, I think it’s safe to say, none of those made Flock of Seagulls reference. OK, maybe Al.

    Stefan Shepherd

    Zooglobble & NPR
    “Kids music worth sharing”

  • Your grammar videos are SUPERBLY entertaining. Thanks.

    Kristina Ciminillo
  • I haven’t had fun like today in a long time – it’s SO good to be around adults who actually like to be goofy. I can’t wait to keep working on this project – seriously… SO AMAZING what you are doing, the quality, fun and beauty of it is really inspiring.
    Thank you for that.

    Isabel Leonard

    Opera Mezzo-Soprano

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