• Thanks for a wonderful show in PA this past weekend.

    Erik Chen

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • VERY COOL! I am so glad that you found your passion and followed it… We LOVED the show! My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about your show — she’s a big fan now!

    Kristan Green

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Like the best of children’s literature and music, the CD operates on many levels simultaneously: beneath the bubbling surface of pure kiddy appeal runs an undercurrent of musical and lyric allusion aimed at delighting the parents of the young. I defy you to find me another children’s album with any piece in seven.

    David Yearsley

    Professor of Music, Cornell University (read the full published review)

  • Your concert was great, and I am happy to recommend you in the future. Keep up the great work you are doing!

    Carolyn Hopkins

    Event Rentals Coordinator
    Los Altos History Museum

  • Doctor Noize is back with a preview of his children’s show… He’ll really get the adults into it as well. Thanks so much Doctor Noize! (See the NBC Reno video here.)

    Karen Reuter

    NBC News4 Reno Anchor

  • My BFF was telling me all about this amazing presentation by Dr. Noize today at Redding School of Arts. And I was saying “Wait, wait, stop, I KNOW Cory!” So, how funny is that?

    Leslie King

    Northern CA Noizemaker & former high school classmate of the Doc!

  • 5 Stars for Grammaropolis. Great music, great lyrics. Schoolhouse rock for the next generation! While my older kids are enjoying the album, the best moment has come from my three year old singing along about nouns and pronouns. And I have to say that the music is so good that I catch myself listening to it even when my kids aren’t in the car. Every part of speech has a song in a different genre of music, matching the personalities (Techno for the interjection, Blues for the pronoun, etc.) And if you know the lyrics to these songs, you’ll know all about the parts of speech.


    iTunes Review

  • We’ve been listening to Dr. Noize a lot. My son loves the Banana song.

    Kyle Wiley Pickett

    Conductor of the Juneau Symphony & North State Symphony

  • Cool.

  • Thank you for your time and commitment to the kids by performing last night at the Wildlife Experience! My son had a great time along with the other kids and parents. We will definitely see you in Denver at one of your upcoming events!

    Michael Doubt

    CO Noizemaker

  • My nephews in Tennessee LOVE the CD and the book.

    Carol Zink

    Northern CA Teacher

  • Wish you could have seen the smile on Ethan‘s face when I surprised him with the Phineas book tonight. It was like Bono walked in the room or something. We read it before bed and he was in a trance. Congrats on such a great book – mad props to both you and Christian. I wanted to say that now before I feel differently after the 199th reading.

    Cory Fossum

    May 2008 Co-Noizemaker Of The Month

  • You should know that you made it into (my daughter’s) bedtime prayers. She goes through a long list of “god blesses” and she recently added to the list (her pediatrician) and “that funny doctor that sings” (you). It took me a while to figure out who she was talking about, but then she mentioned Phineas McBoof and that cleared things up.

    Suzanne Bennett

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Thanks again for the amazing birthday. I had people tell me for days what a great time their kids had.

    Michele Walsh

    CO Noizemaker

  • At these imaginative events, kids get to explore their musical creativity as Cullinan performs music ranging from classical to funk and arranges and records an audience participation song. Kids go onstage to dance and contribute vocals, percussion and keyboard parts, and there are also improvised a capella pieces. Cullinan teaches elements of tempo, orchestration, lyrics and meter the latter through the audience counting seven beats per measure, then counting five, then shouting, “Don’t Be Silly,” the title of a song on his latest CD, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof.

    Laurel Fishman

    Grammy.com (read the full article)

  • Just saw Grammaropolis video. Very cool!!! Love the part about gramma thinking it’s about her. Always a treat to hear what you’re up to Dr. Noize! Peace.

    Katie Brady the Music Lady

    Children’s Recording Artist & Performer

  • My daughter was excited to get your email. She is now a big fan; she loves your CD and book too. Thanks a lot for doing the Kaia concert. It was really cool of you and fun and we’ll all have a lot of good memories from that day. Calling Brian up to do the Beatles song was very touching as well.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Please thank Cory again for me – he is absolutely delightful. I loved how he made the kids laugh and completely engaged them for nearly an hour. There aren’t too many entertainers who can do that. And the staff here loved having live music while they worked!

    Susan Weaver

    Acting Branch Librarian, Lafayette Library

  • Thanks for participating in the Passport to Culture series. Good work!

    Patricia Braden

    Mayor Pro Tem, Lone Tree City Council

  • you were awesome!

    Heather Dooley

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • The energy that Cory generates is right on the edge of manic. Kids wanted to be on stage, and we had to pull them back.

    Vicki Reeder

    Board of Directors President, Bus Barn Theater

  • I’m telling you dude, you’re spectacular!! This is what you should be doing for the kids and the adults, and of course for yourself. I just believe that what you have to offer the world is a tremendous gift.

    Andy Z

    Award Winning Children’s Musician

  • Dear Doctor Noize… Who are your kazoo influences?

    Kazoo Enthusiast

    (Yes, that is how this post was signed…)

  • It was a great concert today… the kids had a blast.

    Beverly Coluzzi

    Applebee Preschool, Menlo Park, CA

  • I would like to introduce you to our favorite kids musician in the galaxy – Dr. Noize. Cory (aka Dr. Noize) has finished his first children’s CD and is now touring and putting on amazing shows. Let me just tell you, this guy was born to entertain kids!! Hes got such incredible energy and passion for what he does. He truly gets so much joy out of hanging with the kids – he is literally one of those lucky people in this world who absolutely loves what he does (and is great at it!)!! He plays tons of different instruments and even gets the kids involved making their own music! The kids (and adults) love it and have a great time!

    Chelsi Word

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • A while ago my son and I were driving around with Kids’ Place Live on our Sirius/XM radio when we heard that they were playing The Return in its entirety.  I can’t tell you what a thrill it was for us to hear “us” on the radio — especially my son’s line about “a hat.”  Wow!  The CD is very fun and cool.

    Jessica Moore

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Bless you, Cory! The books arrived last Thursday and I adore them. I will be so proud to give them to 3 families with each an older bro and younger sis. Thank you for Dr. N.’s autograph!

    Monica Graham

    MA Noizemaker

  • Several years ago I taught in northern California with a guy named Cory Cullinan, a music teacher there. He left teaching a while back to go on to a successful career as a children’s music composer and performer. The guy is very talented, very dependable, very intelligent, very entertaining, and kids love him.

    Steve Bacharach

    Southern CA Teacher & Noizemaker

  • The recent album by the Denver-based Doctor (a.k.a. Cory Cullinan), “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof,” follows the story of Phineas, a rock-star monkey who explores the world of music. He hears everything from jazz to classical to country, prompting one reviewer to call the disc “the musical primer for our times.” And it’s fun, too!

    Kathleen St. John

    Denver Post

  • Cory! I’m so glad my friend forwarded you on to me!! Great to see you have found your calling, you were always WAY talented (I still listen to Oyster). I am going to check out the schedule and see you play!!! I have two kids a 9mo old and 2 1/2 year old, my 2 1/2 year old will LOVE you!!

    Chris Mobeck

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I love the CD!! Now that I have kids, I definitely spend a lot more time listening to children’s music, so I’m naturally VERY happy when I find a recording that I can enjoy as well as the little monsters in the back seat. (: I think a lot of people assume that music for children is simplistic and easy to perform/create, but you certainly turned that assumption on its head. I was so impressed with the whole CD… When is the next one coming out, by the way? I want to know more about Placido Flamingo…

    Amy Hunn

    Northern CA Noizemaker & Choral Conductor

  • Just wanted to let you (and Andy Z) know how much we all enjoyed your combined show in Los Altos. While I loved your music, interaction, comedy, harmonies, etc, the real joy as a father is to see your own kids with big smiles on their faces. Good job! Cory, I know it doesn’t have to do with the music (which is awesome), but you should know your version of “falling down and ending up with your feet in the air” got a good response every time.

    Peter Apel

    Award-Winning Children’s Recording Artist

  • Thank you for your time and talent here in Sitka. All were totally happy with the show. Cheers.

    Jeff Budd

    Arts Council, Sitka, AK

  • Thank you to everyone involved for the wonderful Dr. Noize show last week to benefit the Food Bank of Northern Nevada (see Dr. Noize’s interview segment on NBC Reno). Everyone had such a great time and when it was all said and done, the Food Bank has an additional $715 to feed the hungry in our community. This translated into 2,860 meals, which is a very significant contribution in the fight against hunger. Thank you again! You make a difference!

    Jocelyn Lantrip

    Public Relations Officer
    Food Bank of Northern Nevada

  • You’re an inspiration, and I mean that very honestly. It’s so awesome to see someone doing what they really want to do in life and succeeding at it.

    Kathy Gould

    CO Noizemaker

  • The cd is great! I would love to record again, just let me know…

    Seth Killen

    Acclaimed Tenor & Voice of José The Ferret

  • Congratulations on your album! It really showcases the diversity of your talent, and the production value is really high. I also thought the songs were really wonderful. In some cases I had wished that there were several albums containing entirely reggae/klezmer, funk, or country, etc because I enjoyed listening to the songs so much that I was disappointed when a particular genre was over. I also especially loved the song where you and Janette sing the percussion. Janette is absolutely fantastic on the album by the way. I can only imagine all the work that you must have put into this. I look forward to hearing the performances! Bravo!..

    Kristen Nutile

    Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker

  • He has a wonderful sense of humor and great empathy for children and great creativity / imagination.

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • My kids loved the show at the Children’s museum for New Years.

    Dani Grant

    Festival Manager
    Bohemian Nights @ NewWestFest

  • No. Really. It’s AMAZING!

    Jay Kadis

    Principal Recording Engineer & Lecturer, Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics on the “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” video recording with Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard & Kyle Pickett

  • We listened to Phineas about 10000 x a month or so ago. I guess it is a weird compliment to say…man was I sick of Phineas.

    Craig Swanson

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I have been meaning to email you and let you know that my boys have NOT STOPPED listening to your cd. They just LOVE IT! They walk around the house with their guitar and imitate you. It is really cute.

    Beth Osborne

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I stumbled on your site because I was looking for books with the name Phineas in them as odd as that sounds. We are expecting our second boy and we plan to name him Phineas. Our older son Jack loves to read books with his name in them and I was just looking to see what was out there. To my suprise I came across Phineas McBoof and was quite amazed at what a great story it is and I listened to the music and loved it instantly. Now I can’t help but tell everyone about your books and music.


    PA Noizemaker

  • We love having you entertain. Thanks so much!!

    Virginia Brace

    Arapahoe Library District

  • Thank you for your kindness in sharing your talents and gifts in honor of our son. It was a wonderful event. Thank you!

    The Kilar Family

    Parents of Treyton Michael Kilar
    Founders of Treyton’s Field Of Dreams

  • A musical tale about a rock star monkey from the Island of Thelonious and his voyage through the world of music: rock, classical, country western and jazz by a group of vocal and instrumental talent.

    Sonya Ellingboe

    Lone Tree Voice

  • Interesting, fun, engaging and participatory for all ages. The kids were so into it.

    Lani Bautista

    Museum Facilitator Lead
    The New Children’s Museum

  • On first listening I thought you were great. On second listening I thought you were brilliant. Now that I can’t force myself to take your CD out of my CD player I just think you’re a genius. This is one of the best kid CDs I’ve ever heard. My wife and I are now in the process of adopting a whole orphanage of kids just so we can have an excuse to listen to your CD…

    Roger Day

    Award Winning Children’s Recording Artist

  • Thank you for coming to our class to teach about music.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • It is just such a delight to spend the afternoon around Cory’s infectious energy and his joyful Doctor Noize persona and music! Honestly! We have such a blast rockin’ with Dr. Noize, as do our friends, most of whom have just begun their adventures with Phineas!

    Dida Gazoli

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I just have to say thaaaannnk you! I wish you could have seen the smile my son had on his face when I told him that you had made him the Noizemaker of the Month. And, when I read what you said in your blog — it just made him smile bigger. I think it was a huge ego boost especially coming from Doctor Noize who is his favorite artist to listen to….we’re still listening every day! So, I thought you might like to see how much my son has grown as a singer since that last video. He normally doesn’t allow me to videotape as he prefers I watch and he will usually do 4 of your songs back to back doing all the instruments (kazoo, drums, guitar) himself depending on the song. But, on this occasion he had Dad play most of the instruments except the short stint of guitar playing (using his golf club). He really belts it out there. Take a look. Thanks for being such a wonderful influence on our budding musician.

    Teresa Taylor

    CO Noizemaker

  • The program went exactly as outlined in our application. Over 900 children and 350 adults attended the performances, and a lucky few were even called up on stage to sing, dance and “chomp” along with the music. Attendance at the Family Concert was an impressive 50% youths under 18. The concerts were so successful that we have decided to bring Doctor Noize back for an expanded Music in the Schools program and additional Family Concert. We would like to have Doctor Noize himself visit each of the elementary schools during a week-long residency. We’ve become such a fan of Doctor Noize that we are also helping him to schedule appearances in neighboring Southeast Alaska communities next spring.

    Valerie Snyder

    Business Manager, The Juneau Symphony
    Juneau, AK

  • I’m so glad my friend forwarded you on to me!! Great to see you have found your calling, you were always WAY talented (I still listen to your adult album Oyster). I have forwarded you onto a few others… I am going to check out the schedule and see you play!!! I have two kids…a 9mo old and 2 1/2 year old, my 2 1/2 year old will LOVE you!!

    Chris Mingrone Mobeck

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Cory Cullinan, under the guise of his alter ego, Doctor Noize, plays multiple instruments while arranging and recording songs, on the spot. His engaging and innovative approach to music will delight kids and adults alike.

    City Of Lone Tree

    Lone Tree, CO

  • Your program and visit last spring was fabulous! I am ready to go to work on anything that would support your program and the success of my students’ involvement. I can’t wait to work with you again!

    Tom Burkett

    Music Teacher Extraordinaire
    Redding School Of The Arts

  • My kids love your music and can’t eat a banana without singing a mushy mouthed banana song!

    Jennifer Landers

    CO Noizemaker

  • It’s always a treat when someone as appealingly childlike as Cory Cullinan (a.k.a. Doctor Noize, and the voice/musician behind musical monkey Phineas McBoof) puts together an album for children. There’s a lot packed into this fifteen-track CD, a rock opera that follows the adventures of the eponymous monkey. What follows is a fun romp through various types of music (funk, jive, country, classical, futuristic) as Phineas puts together a band, one member at a time, featuring all four corners of the world: The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses.

    Melissa Eva Miller

    babble.com, “for a new generation of parents”

  • Agenda Recommends –> This enormously silly CD is perfect for little ones… But it’s also educational! Like Peter and the Wolf but more fun, this wildly danceable story-album introduces kids to musical instruments, styles, and composition.

    New York Entertainment Agenda Vulture


  • You are amazing… keep up the wonderful work!

    Tom Burkett

    Music Teacher Extraordinaire
    Redding School Of The Arts

  • We got a good laugh after reading your goofy message to our daughter in her new book…

    David Krivan

    AZ Noizemaker

  • I always love your newsletter! Needed my chuckle for the day! My girls love the Phineas book and CD still even after all these years.

    Cameron Hamblin

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Great show. I really enjoyed it, and loved seeing all the kids get into it.

    Jake Vossen

    CO Noizemaker

  • I just wanted to pass on something my friend Cheryl (bassoonist) told me.  She is a teacher at one of the elementary schools. When she got back to school on Friday, she was mobbed by kids asking if she could get them your autograph.  They loved you!  Thanks again for coming and sharing your love and enthusiasm for music with kids.  It was very fun playing and hanging with you. :-)


    Clarinetist, Juneau Symphony

  • A friend of mine went to your concert with Andy Z. last year and said it was great.

    Jennifer Schmid

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Dr. Noize rocks! The kids and I went to see our good friend Dr. Noize today, and he was mega-fantastic. This bootleg video of the concert doesn’t do him justice (sorry), but it does give you a sense of the kind of energy he puts into his shows. One of my favorite things about Dr. N (yes – we’re actually that close) is that he seamlessly weaves music education into his concerts. You can’t help but walk away feeling more musically inclined, and he even lets the kids rock-out with his equipment at the end of the show. We predict that Dr. Noize is going to be B-I-G, BIG! And we hope everyone spreads the word. Rock on, Dr.

    Chris Walsh

    School 180
    “180 Days to Change How We Think About School”

  • 5 out of 5 stars! This CD tells the story of a musical monkey on a quest to write the world’s most perfectest song. As he travels he collects new members for his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses. Song tracks alternate with narrative tracks. Tracks that stand on their own are numbers 3, 8 (an XM Kids #1 hit), 10, 12, and 14. But really you’ll want to get the whole thing. Every moment of this CD is packed with music, interesting voices, sound effects, humor, and cultural references. You’ll find something new to notice and appreciate even after 100 listens. The tunes are infectious and kids will love the wacky characters and situations.

    Lisa & Monty Harper

    Kids Music Planet
    (Hear the full podcast)

  • Hi Dr. Cory Noize, and I do mean NOIZE… That was a fabulous show you put on at CSMA. My two grandchildren loved all of it, especially the dancing. Annika laughed the loudest every time you were scared and ran off the stage. You are very silly and haven’t grown up yet. That is a good thing. They didn’t want to leave… I didn’t want to leave either! So nice of you to do that benefit. You bring a lot of joy to small girls and boys. Keep up your energy and fun–it is contagious.

    Liz Nyberg

    Los Altos Town Crier

  • Cory is a fab dad based near Denver, and he has risen to the top as a nationally acclaimed recording artist almost overnight.

    Beth Blenz-Clucas

    Sugar Mountain PR
    Great Kids’ Music

  • My son cannot get enough of the book, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof… as well as its companion CD. Through the crazy adventures of Phineas the rock star monkey and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses, he’s able to discover the wonder and joy of making music with friends. The story is fun to read. The illustrations are wonderful. And the music is a treat for both of us.

    Cory Fossum

    Bay Area Parent Magazine, “Parent Recommended” Section

  • The Best Newsletter (Noizeletter) in Kids Music… I’m on a number of artist newsletters, obviously, but this one has a higher chuckle ratio than most.

    Stefan Shepherd

    Zooglobble & NPR
    “Kids music worth sharing”

  • It is indeed a rare occasion that CRI and Denver Public Schools are so generously provided with assemblies. Your talent, professionalism and audience participation were excellent — not to mention your ability to improvise with a power failure. We thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with Cowell Elementary.

    Mary Ann Mayo

    Community Resources, Inc.

  • The concert on Sunday for Kaia Emery was a huge success. We had more than 250 people come, the kids had a great time, Kaia really seemed to enjoy herself, and the community raised a significant amount of money for her future.

    Dan Gilbert

    Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning &
    Co-Organizer of the Benefit Concert For Kaia Emery

  • Five stars. Fun game. Dr. Noize does it again! A great game to go with a great song.

    Jake the 4th

    Bananas iTunes review

  • Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony is awesome. Everyone is having a blast; orchestra, fans…everyone. Congratulations on all your hard work and success, Dr. Noize.

    Peter Apel

    Children’s Musician & Recording Artist

  • My boys had a blast, thanks for the great concert! So now, not only do we sing the Banana song, but also 1-2-3-4-5-6-7- a song!

    Lynese Zukowski

    CO Elementary School Teacher & Noizemaker

  • hey Doctor Noize.its the steelers hat kid.YOU WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Juneau Symphony Show Attendee

  • dear dooctr noize, i called and made a reqest to hear you sing banana on kids place live you were rily funny at jack’s burthday prty. I rily injoyd having you at jack’s burthday prty


    Very Young, Smart & Proactive CO Noizemaker

  • Thanks for donating your time last weekend. You’ve definitely created some new fans with my nephews. They haven’t stopped talking about you since the show.

    Karen Bowen

    Literacy Coalition of Colorado

  • Those of you out there with young children/ grandchildren should really check out www.doctornoize.com — learning made fun!!

    Melina Barnes

    British Columbia Noizemaker

  • High energy, one man masterpiece of storytelling and music.

    Anya Thomson

    The Music Train

  • It’s hard to get more excited about music than Doctor Noize. This is a man on a mission – to help youngsters discover their “song of life” and have the courage to share it.

    Eren Göknar

    Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)

  • Several kids at our house just listened to and watched the Grammaropolis video. They loved it so much, we listened to it three more times! Every child listened in wrapped attention with beaming smiles… As a parent, I love the painless education that comes for visually delightful and musically intriguing videos. What a crowd pleaser!

    Kathy Merchant

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Cullinan brings bags of instruments to each performance and invites the audience to join in making music. Through his Macintosh Powerbook, he records different instruments and loops the sounds over each other. Cullinan moves quickly between the saxophone, keyboard, guitar and vocals during performances. Kids learn to recognize the different instrument sounds and are invited to add their own sound to the track.

    Stephanie Thompson

    Lone Tree Voice (read the full article)

  • Thank you so much for everything! You made the event super spectacular! Your energy rocked and I would love to see you back at the Museum!

    Zoe Poltawec

    Manager of Marketing & Communications,
    Children’s Museum of Denver

  • A crowd favorite.

    Leah Johnson

    Spokeswoman, Bohemian Nights Music Festival (read the full article)

  • Cullinan said when designing his show that it was important the entertainment engaged children and their parents. He does this by bringing parents into the show and allowing them to accompany him on vocals.

    Kirsten Silveira

    The Coloradoan (read the full article)

  • Dear Doctor Noize… You are awesome! Thanks and keep up the great work!


    CO Noizemaker Dad to Owen, Stella, & Camilla a/k/a Awesome Kids

  • We bought the CD and drove 2 hrs to my brother’s house on Whidbey Island sat for my nephew’s birthday listening to the CD over and over.. and over again. I’ve heard the banana song about 20 times now. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the words down to that one.


    WA Noizemaker

  • As Doctor Noize, Cullinan wrote a book, “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof,” and created a CD around it. It’s the story of a monkey musician who becomes so popular that he runs away to escape his groupies. On his journey, he meets other musicians — including drummer Backbone the Octopus and Riley the Robot, who has an electronic sound on “keyboards and toys” — and forms a new band, The International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses. The book has lively rhymes and snazzy illustrations, and the CD features a host of guest voices portraying the animals, such as opera singer Nathan Gunn.

    Rebecca Wallace

    Arts & Entertainment Editor, Palo Alto Weekly
    (read the full article & interview)

  • Congratulations not only on this latest accomplishment, but also on your consistently fine work of the past.

    Vicki Woo

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Thanks for coming! I heard nothing but wonderful things about your performance.

    Hannah Lackoff

    George Reynolds/Meadows Branch Libraries
    Boulder, CO

  • Phineas McBoof rocks! We’re having a great time listening to it.


    Virginia Noizemaker

  • So much fun! Thank you.

    Jill Carr-Stidham

    Northern CA Noizemaker on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony

  • Awesome performances this week, Dr. Noize! The kids are still abuzz with excitement about the shows! You have done an amazing job with this symphony project!

    Alice Wiley Pickett

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • In his music for children, he creates layers and loops and invites his young audience members to help make multi-track songs. Seeing and hearing how each contribution, from percussion and bass to melody and harmony, adds to the whole, audience members get a new appreciation for a song’s structure…

    Yoshi Kato

    San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)

  • What a great direction and perfect fit for your many talents.

    Peter Van Horn

    UT Noizemaker

  • Last week my small elementary school in San Bruno, California had the rich experience of a Dr. Noize assembly. From the onset of the program to its conclusion the students were engaged, delighted, and involved. Cory displays a high level of spirit, energy, and gregariousness that is highly infectious. It is one week later and the students continue to ask when Dr. Noize will return.

    Skip Johnson

    Principal, El Crystal Elementary School
    (read the complete letter)

  • Thank you for making a song with us it was really funny somtimes because you made me laugh and was very fun.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • I have visited your site 568 times.


    (But someone who seems to really like the online games…)

  • Everyone had a great time and we raised $740 for Treyton’s Field Of Dreams & Connor’s playground!

    Amie Alvarado

    Organizer, Concert For Treyton’s Field Of Dreams & Connor’s Playground

  • One of your most entertaining newsletters to date!

    Tina Aberg

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Yesterday, or the day before, my son and I were talking about manners. I can’t remember what led into it, but we were discussing how it was not polite to laugh at someone. Arjun then countered with “yes, but you can laugh at someone if they are doing funny things. Like Dr. Noize does funny things. You can laugh at him!” I don’t even know where that came from… but I assured him that yes, it was OK to laugh at you… ;) Keep laughing and inspiring others to do so…

    Kim Zabora

    WA Noizemaker

  • Thank you so much for coming. We really enjoyed your interview and performance.

    Allison Williams

    News Producer, KRNV NBC Reno

  • *Amazing* for kids. Are you kidding!?! YES. He’s phenomenal.

    Lori Henriques
    Award-Winning Children’s Musician

  • I am already a great fan. I again drove to the French Atlantic coast for summer vacation. It is a very long drive and a good opportunity to listen to a new album over and over again. What I like in particular about the CD is that even after having listened to it several times, you always find new little interesting things. Just two examples: At the end of track 10 before the scene in the symphony hall starts, you take up the my parents melody and transform it into a classic concert piece. At the end of track 13, one can already hear the instrumental version of the monster dance of track 14.

    Peter Zapf

    German Noizemaker

  • Grammaropolis is a clever and enjoyable way of learning grammar. Hard to believe, but it actually can make it fun for both students and parents of students studying grammar! I learned some things starting with the very first song, even though it is targeted to grades 2 – 8; my guess is that anyone much younger AND much older than that could absorb and learn from this. Grammar is such a tough thing to learn / teach, and especially remember, that Grammaropolis in general (website, stories, etc.) and the songs in particular (on this CD) seem like great tools for parents, teachers, and students.

    Patrick A. Thielke

    Amazon.com Review

  • A composer of formidable technique.

    Titus Levi

    Keyboard Magazine

  • I think your music is hilarious.

    Lisa Matthis

    CO Noizemaker

  • My son just came home and said, “You missed all the funny!” Gotta love it!

    Kathy Gould

    CO Noizemaker

  • The symphony with Dr. Noize was AWESOME! I do hope you bring him back.The kids had the best time, were very engaged, and all wanted to go to the evening concert.I do hope this wonderful musician can return to Juneau!

    JoAnn Jones

    4th & 5th Grade Teacher, Auke Bay Elementary School
    Auke Bay, AK

  • We’ve been wearing out the new CD. Whole family loves it and my kids is quoting the songs!

    Ben Evans

    KY Noizemaker & YERT Director
    Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail

  • Congratulations on (yet more) deserved success!

    Steven LeBeau

    Northern CA Noizemaker & Powerpop Songwriter

  • Great show the other day, Doctor Noize. Can’t wait for the next one! Keep on keepin’ on.

    Marc Cavigli

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • The kids were so delighted that they were singing “Banana” this morning… How many people can capture the attention of 20 kindies and keep their undivided attention for an hour? I don’t even think most working teachers can do that. You are such a talent!!!

    Emmy Dobyns

    CO Noizemaker

  • Great job and awesome crowd yesterday! Congrats- your passion for what you do is obvious! Cheers!


    CO Noizemaker

  • I have to tell you that the kids and I have been rocking out to Doctor Noize! I am going to get the CD’s and books for friends for the holidays this year. Listening to you and your family on the radio was pretty cool too! I am definitely bringing the kids to one of your concerts…

    Kelly Mark

    CO Noizemaker

  • A high-energy, interactive, educational, and FUN concert for kids and their parents.

    Week’s Picks

    Bay Area Parent Online

  • Cory’s work reminds me of Mr. Rogers. Recently, I reread “The World According to Mr. Rogers” and the book mentions the best thing you can do is help/teach children. Perhaps it has occurred to Cory to have a TV show for children. The world would benefit from it.

    Judy & Warren McCandless

    The Ocean
    (This is no misprint… They actually live on a boat!)

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful show. I think your performance was great. We hope that you enjoyed our non-shy Turkish kids:-) I am glad that we were able to leave a good impression on you so that we have the face to invite you again :-) .

    Tuba Firincioglu

    Turkish American Cultural Society of Colorado

  • Amazing entertainment for kids. I bought this for my son, who will turn 4 this summer. He has basically been playing it non-stop for about a week now. He adores it, and has a special robot dance he does everytime Riley is on. He dances, he sings, he laughs, and he constantly requests to hear it in the car when we go places. It’s very listenable for adults as well; the Beatles/general rock references are intriguing and, like Sesame Street or The Muppet Show, many of the jokes are targeted at adults/parents. I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone with young kids…

    Adam Bock

    WI Noizemaker

  • Love your passion for teaching about music to the little ones.

    Liz Nyberg

    Northern CA Noizemaker & HR Director of the Los Altos Town Crier

  • Thanks so much for your performance! I had a great time!

    Heather Kailey

    Arts/Volunteer Specialist, City of Thornton Funtaztikidz Series

  • What a fun album! Kinda like a Sergeant Peppers for kids. I really enjoyed how eclectic it is in terms of styles and format. It’s unique, well-written and produced, and it just sounds like you’re having fun.

    Steve Weeks

    Award Winning Children’s Musician

  • I’m an excited camper! I really have great admiration for what you do.

    Ray Kepler

    Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins

  • You did such a FANTASTIC job putting Ms. Theresa (Super Cool) together – what a special gift to Theresa (and to us all) to share! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!


    CO Power Mom

  • You have an incredible story telling talent! We are really enjoying your cd and book I marvel at your creative ability… We are looking forward to part two of Phineas’s adventures.

    Kerri Brough

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Our grammar is worse than it has ever been and many of us are concerned that we are dumbing ourselves down with each innovation in technology. Fortunately, if you seek it, you can find it. This vocabulary-rich and easy to follow story is cute and clever. Each part of speech has a song and musical style. My children absolutely gobbled up the book and music; whereas many teaching tools tend to be girl-centric this is something that appeals to both genders. Perfect for home, school, and homeschool environments, Grammaropolis is just what I was looking for when I was teaching and I’m excited to have it for my own children’s use. Visually designed to keep young children engaged, with energetic music to boot, kids will connect and have fun learning. It’s clever enough that adults could benefit from a refresher course as well. After a couple of sessions with Grammaropolis the whole family will be ready for the next episode of family Mad Libs.

    Heather Phillips

    Cherry Blossoms

  • Our grandsons (and we) love your Phineas McBoof CD. We are wearing it out.

    Sharon Elliot

    Power Grandmother

  • Doctor Noize developed his new opera, “Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony,” to appeal to children. His aim is to expose children to the “wonders of orchestral music and the fine arts.” Conductor Kyle Pickett will lead the Colorado Symphony Orchestra through recording, with opera singers Nathan Gunn and Isabel Leonard also committed to the project.

    Sophie Ho

    Los Altos Town Crier

  • My kids keep asking…why can’t Dr. Noize come to visit??

    Liz Grossman

    MN Noizemaker

  • Top hit–Way to go….Yippeeee……….!!

    Sheila Wheeler

    WA Noizemaker

  • Just finished listening to the CD. Brilliant. I love it. I want more. I was blown away by all the layers of sounds and just how incredibly slick and polished everything sounds. I love all the vocal performances you do along with the supporting characters. Janette rocks as Backbone. At the moment I think my favorite songs are “Don’t Monkey with My Heart” (because I’m a sucker for Beatlesque pop which you totally nailed) and “What My Robot Said” (I dig the fiddle, and I love the whole upbeat country vibe…very contagious.) You rock. I couldn’t be more impressed…

    Christian Lowe

    NY Noizemaker who went on to become the book’s Illustrator

  • That was sweet! I think it was in the top ten this week on SiriusXM Kids radio, too.


    Online Noizemaker
    (He’s right, it was…)

  • Kids loved it!!!!

    Debbie Munro

    PTA President, Santa Rita School

  • The kids had a blast. Esp my 2nd boy. he went on stage and acted like a back up dancer of Dr noize.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Your April Fools Wiggles prank was the greatest thing ever. You are awesome.

    Lance McDaniel

    OK Noizemaker

  • 5 Stars for The Return Of Phineas McBoof. My kids LOVE this album and the first one.


    iTunes Review

  • That was the BEST assembly yet! Loved, loved, loved the music, Dr. Noize, and the play!! What a memory for the kids! I was checking out their little faces…mesmerizing.

    Pamela Jennings Dyche

    Evergreen School, CA

  • Yay! When are you coming to Cincinnati? My niece will be thrilled. Don’t tell her, but she’s getting your CD for her birthday…

    Alex Sale

    OH Noizemaker

  • Nick really likes Phineas McBoof and the music of Dr. Noize. When he sees a prop guitar… watch out! Near the end, you’ll hear his favorite 4 year old backup singer join in on the fun.

    Erik Chen

    Northern CA Noizemaker
    Watch Nick rock out here!

  • Cullinan released his first book in January. Its plot mirrors the adventures of Phineas McBoof, which are chronicled on his debut album. The illustrations will be familiar to anyone who visits the Dr. Noize website or has flipped through the liner notes of the The Ballad of Phineas McBoof CD. As a new author, Cullinan has taken a unique approach to promotion. He plays an acoustic mini-show (as he did yesterday) at his “readings” and then engages the audience in a rewriting of its ending.

    Yoshi Kato

    San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)

  • Dr. Noize, I like your drumming! From your biggest fan.


    Student, Evergreen Middle School

  • Thank you for helping our class with making our own song. You are good at making songs. You make the best song ever! I love our class song. Our class song is awesome! And once again, thank you!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Thank you so much for coming back!!! Your show and energy is amazing. I would love to have you every summer, if possible. Good luck with your new adventures and I hope to continue having you visit Whitewater.

    Michelle Dujardin

    Recreation and Community Events Programmer
    City of Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department

  • Join Doctor Noize and a pantheon of musical talent for one of the most imaginative family music releases you’ll ever hear.


    “Hip Stuff For Cool Kids (And Their Parents)”

  • This truly imaginative project offers more than just fun music. Young listeners are treated to an interwoven story between tunes about a guitar-playing monkey named Phineas McBoof and his travels around the globe putting together the wildest band imaginable. With friends like Backbone the Octopus (the eight-legged drummer), the bass-playing Bottomus the Hip Hippopotomus, a yodeling lizard and even a robot, little tikes are sure to sing along with the catchy tunes. A particular nod goes to opera star Nathan Gunn performing the role of Placido Flamingo. Chris Isaak‘s guitarist, Hershel Yatovitz, lends his six-string skills as well. Pack your bananas and enjoy the ride!

    Chad Young

    Nashville Parent & ParentWorld.com

  • Thank you, for making music come alive for our Deaf students. They loved it.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • What a wonderful path he has taken and the joy he brings to so many!

    Pam Pitts

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I host the Kid’s Show on KRFC once/month, your Phineas McBoof CD is fab…

    Lex Krausz

    KRFC FM Radio Host &
    School Librarian of Cache La Poudre Elementary, La Porte, CO

  • Every time he does it, I tell myself I should tell you. Finally, this time I will. For the umpteenth time, when I went into his bedroom to ask how school and homework are going, Polo jumps up from his work and animatedly begins telling stories about your class. He resets his CD player to a specific track from The Messiah and goes into what makes that part so appealing to him, then, after another moment, says enthusiastically, “He’s such a great teacher!” and “Did you know it’s a round? He had us sing Row Row Row Your Boat to show us what a fugue is!” This, plus more about you at the keyboard, in front of the class, etc., goes on for about 10 minutes before I remind him that I didn’t come in to disturb his homework or distract him, just to check in… “Oh yeah…” he’ll say as he heads back into his room (his retelling includes coming out to pick out some melodies on the piano). I couldn’t keep it in because his increasing love of music is creditable solely to you and it makes me very, very happy. And if I were you, I’d sure want to know that what I do and how I do it is making a very big difference. Thank you.

    Jeannine Black Uffelman

    Northern CA Mom of one of Dr. Noize’s former students

  • I really liked how you gave up your time and came to our school and showed us how to make our own song. Disco dance!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • I have to tell you… my kids are playing your CD non-stop! My 12 yr-old is singing “Don’t Monkey w/my Heart” and my 8 yr-old loves the “robot song”. It’s a lot of fun! Reminds me of “Magical Mystery Tour”… very Beatle-ly…


    CO Noizemaker

  • (A grandmother) was very appreciative of the fact that you remembered her Cory. She mentioned that a picture was taken of you with her grandkids. She went on and on (and on) about what a fantastic day they had with the programs and the music so well done! Cory thanks again so much for being here, we have had excellent feedback from the families.

    Nicole Schoville

    Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

  • Five stars. Addictive fun! Excellent graphics and music – easy to learn and play but very challenging and addictive! Highly recommend.”

    Jon Paulson

    Bananas iTunes review

  • how fantastic to see you and have you here in good ol’ sun prairie.

    Adam Bock

    WI Noizemaker

  • 5 out of 5 stars — Such a GREAT book. It keeps little ones interested and with the CD they enjoy it even more. Very well written, to me it resembled Dr. Seuss and I absolutely loved the story and the silliness of it. We also bought the CD on a separate occassion which makes the book come alive. My 4 yr. old loves it! Hope Dr. Noize comes to the East Coast some time so we can go see him. Reminds me of old radio shows with the sound effects and story.

    gavi “veggiebug”

    East Coast Noizemaker

  • I’m not sure if I forgive you for “Banana” by the way… Just an endless round of singing whenever we see or eat bananas. That’s all….did I say endless?

    Dawn McMillan-Austin

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • I’ve got one word. Funny. 9 out of 10. But that’s the best rating I give.

    Kenna Bock

    7-Year-Old Noizemaker in Scotland

  • I loved the presentation you gave yestery.

    Lone Tree

    Nolan (third grade)

  • I have had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Cullinan for two full semesters during my freshman and sophomore years at my high school. I still find it next to impossible to imagine just how much stamina and willpower and strength Mr. C commands; I have so much respect for him. In my mind, a hero is not necessarily someone who has saved my life, or rescued me from danger, or radically changed my life. Mr. C is a hero simply because he has given me, however unintentionally, the gift of inspiration. I can only aspire to simulate his remarkable qualities in my own life; but I shall try.

    Doris Huang

    yourtruehero.com (read the full article)
    Pinewood School & Harvard graduate

  • Thank you so much for coming to my class for a songwriting workshop! I really loved it! It was fun when you made Ms. Tait laugh. I also loved the song! Thanks again! Do you like my cursive?


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • An engaging picture book for the short set. “Now go make some noize.” All of this should draw the attention of the national music teacher’s organizations, which have stepped up efforts to convince parents and school and government officials about the positive results documented in studies about kids who have music in their lives.

    Sonya Ellingboe

    Lone Tree Voice (read the full article)

  • I’ve had really positive feedback from people who attended. Some are still emotional about the “Kaia” song and Brian’s duet with you. Very poignant. And really a great touchstone to remember this community of support that is there for them. Cory, you are an excellent performer. It was a privilege to hear your work 2x over the weekend. Here’s what a mom wrote to me, “Dr. Noize is so good and creative that Cassidy still remembers how he sings. She’s been making those funny songs and sounds to me since yesterday.” Gotta love it.

    Debbie Stauffer

    Leader of Las Madres &
    Co-Organizer of the Benefit Concert For Kaia Emery

  • Dr. Noize… you crazy cat! Thank you for the personalized Ballad of Phineas McBoof – (my daughter) LOVES it!!! I also appreciate all the Jazz references that you made, as that is my favorite music. Keep up the good work.

    Sinjin Smythe

    DJ, “The Jazz Kitchen,” Radio Sausalito

  • Doctor Noize (Cory Cullinan) brings his unique brand of musical storytelling to this collection. Fifteen vignettes, presented like a rock opera, tell the story of the rock star monkey, Phineas McBoof, who has grown tired of his super stardom and leaves his home on the Island of Thelonius for an adventure… Listeners learn about a variety of musical instruments and different styles of music. Children will especially enjoy the catchy tune that is an ode to McBoof’s favorite food, “Bananas.” A fun addition for public libraries.

    Maren Ostergard

    School Library Journal (read the full review)

  • Talk about high energy… We loved it!

    Carol Matre

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I would love to meet you. I’ve listened to your music and it’s awesome. I also plan on coming to the show this Sunday…


    CO Noizemaker & Children’s Media Business Veteran

  • You were terrific. When and where are you – Dr. Noize – playing next? I would love to take my girls.

    Tom Downey

    Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Denver

  • Thanks for the great concert!

    Jessica Moore

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • The Adjective song is awesome! Lovely! Amazing!

    Sidney Grace Cullinan

    CO Noizemaker (rumor has it she’s related to Dr. Noize…)

  • My kids are IN his performance, in Denver, all weekend this weekend! The music is amazing. He is awesome! The show was amazing! I hope for the best for the whole endeavor.

    Mary Moye Monroe

    CO Noizemaker

  • The Ballad of Phineas McBoof CD has been named one of the Top 100 Toys of the year… imaginative family music. A musical odyssey about a rock star monkey from the Island of Thelonious who explores a world of music, from rock to classical, to country-western and jazz… features top flight vocal and instrumental talent. Doctor Noize (aka Cory Cullinan), is a musical Renaissance man who sings and plays keyboards, guitar, percussion, saxophone, and a kazoo and is a former high school music teacher…

    Doctor Toy

    Institute for Childhood Resources
    (Read the full review)

  • A little later in the show, Mindy got a call from none other than Doctor Noize!… He likes to play lots of instruments and sing at the same time, but he hasn’t mastered doing both while playing the saxophone. He thinks maybe he could play it with his nose.

    GBK Gwyneth

    KiDS Place LiVE Fans Blog
    (read the full blog entry)

  • We were at a party with all ages, and a father leaned down to his daughter to whisper, “That’s Doctor Noize’s Mommy.” She shouted out, “Grandma, that’s Doctor Noize’s Mommy!!!” My new claim to fame!

    Leola Wooldridge

    Doctor Noize’s Mommy

  • We love the cd.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • The Fort Collins Kiwanis Club would like to thank you so very much for the support that you gave us for our first ever “Wish Upon A Star” kids fair in Old Town… Spirits were high and those parents and kids who did join us enjoyed every minute. The children of Fort Collins are our Mission and we were there helping you nurture our kids and community. So here’s a big Kiwanis “high five” and hope to work with you again next year.

    Donna K. Palmer

    Board Member
    Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins

  • Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!! This was the best 20 minutes that I spent this morning…. It is genius.

    Julia Sweeney

    IL Noizemaker

  • Thank you for all you did this weekend. The campers were talking about your sessions today! One even brought in his guitar. Thank you for your educational approach when creating songs with our campers. It made our music week fun and meaningful.

    Sean Hildreth

    Public and Family Programs Manager
    The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

  • Editor’s Choice — Recommended.

    Editorial Staff

    Kids/Family: Children’s Storytelling,

  • Ok, there is a big debate about the last line of the lyrics of the song “Banana” in our household. Since I cannot find the lyrics published online anywhere, what is it that your lyrics want us to eat? (Our picks are feet, meat, beet, and others that make even less sense)


    NE Noizemaker

  • The energetic former Pinewood School music teacher received quite a bit of buzz for his recording and book, “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof.” The story tells of a monkey singer who becomes so popular his admirers scream over his performances – a parallel to the Beatles’ heyday. Disillusioned, he travels to another land, where he meets up with new musicians and friends. As Phineas meets each new musician, another instrument is added to the mix, showing children how musical sounds come together.

    Los Altos Town Crier

    (read the full article.)

  • Dr. Noize rocks!


    (We have a sneaking suspicion this post was by Dr. Noize’s mother…)

  • I have been listening to them this evening – and am so looking forward to using them with my students. I totally love the sense of insanity (or is that sanity?) that permeates the Doctor Noize CD’s, especially the two Phineas McBoof CD’s you sent me. They really appeal to my rather warped sense of humour. As one misunderstood genius to another, I salute you. Love your work, and your big heart.

    Gwen Stapleton

    English Department
    Newton Moore Senior High School
    Bunbury, Western Australia

  • Thank you so much for coming. It was very entertaining. I’m amazed at your energy level…


    CO Noizemaker

  • We received some great feedback about you and really enjoyed having you! Thanks for all of the laughs and hope to see you up here again soon!

    Theresa Fletcher

    Crested Butte Music Festival

  • A big thank you to Dr. Noize… He gave a wonderful book reading and music performance for the kids. We had lots of fun dancing and laughing.

    Stephanie Leeper

    Teacher, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • The title character is a simian rock superstar who flees his life of fame to seek his musical roots. His journey of self-discovery is told in a clever combination of acted dialogue and genre-spanning music — everything from rollicking ska beats to jazz kazoo.

    Chris Healy

    Cookie Magazine
    “The very best books, toys and games for kids of every age”

  • Thanks so much for being a part of The Music Train! It was so much fun. You are a great performer! I’ll definitely have you back! I had many comments on how much the families enjoyed you.

    Anya Thomson

    The Music Train

  • We raised over $3,800 at the Benefit Concert for Kaia Emery, a wonderful girl who’s mom recently passed away. Kaia is June’s Noizemaker Of The Month! Watch the video of Kaia’s Song, improvised with a packed audience of Geniuses at my alma mater Stanford.

    Doctor Noize

    After our first big Giving Back Show

  • I’ve always found it interesting that he’s a classically trained Stanford musician who has woven his expertise into groovy shows and CDs for kids. This fall he’s heading back to the concert hall to solo with the North State Symphony at youth performances in Chico and Redding. Nice.

    Rebecca Wallace

    Arts & Entertainment Editor, Palo Alto Weekly
    (read the full article)

  • Doctor Noize performed two concerts with the Juneau Symphony on Jan. 20: a free school assembly concert for all 4th and 5th grade students in the Juneau School District and a pay-as-you-can family concert in the evening called Doctor Noize Goes Bananas. Over 900 children and 350 adults attended the performances, and a lucky few were even called up on stage to sing, dance and “chomp” along with the music. The Symphony was very pleased to have Doctor Noize join the orchestra and hopes to bring him back next year.

    The Juneau Empire

    Juneau, AK

  • During readings taken from his book (The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof), Cullinan performs songs and rewrites the ending with the audience by adding a new character playing a new musical instrument. Through all of his artistic endeavors, Cullinan delivers a pro-music message that is creative, educational and fun.

    Laurel Fishman

    Grammy.com (read the full article)

  • You’re a one of a kind person. You’re a leader. I learned from you. Thanks again for presenting me with a challenge. It was a a blast, and we are going to put the computer on “stun” so we can pop out something as wonderful as all your voices and melodies and orchestral scores.

    Ed Gutentag

    Director, Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony Kickstarter Videos

  • We want to thank you for working with the students at RSA and inspiring them to create such fun, exciting music. Thank you so much for all of your efforts with the North State Symphony to inspire a love of classical music and composing to our North State students.

    Kelly Salter

    Senior Program Officer, The McConnell Foundation
    Sponsor of the Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony commission

  • So, Dr. Noize what do you have against Arkansas?? Little Rock needs a “rocker” like you so get a move on or I’ll send some folks from the back-woods to come and getcha here! ;-D

    Dida Gazoli

    AR Noizemaker

  • And even though (my son) didn’t dance, he was laughing the whole time. ;-) He couldn’t wait to show his brother his new book, too. He was reading it on the way home and on into the evening.

    Suzanne Wells

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • I’ve been meaning to tell you: the CD rocks! What a fun thing. Can’t wait to hear the next installment and, perchance, be a part of it…

    Anton Schwartz

    Billboard Charting Jazz Great
    (yes, Anton will be featured again on the next CD…)

  • Awesome, stuff, Doc Noize!

    Katherine Dines

    Award Winning Children’s Musician

  • Award-winning Dr. Noize will take audience members on a musical adventure as he performs on multiple instruments, arranging and recording songs on the spot, inviting attendees onstage to contribute to the music. Doc has inspired enthusiastic audiences of all ages across the country with his totally innovative, interactive performance approach! His concerts are known for their crowd participation and wowza cool technology.

    Evy Schiffman

    Marketing & Communications Director
    Community School of Music & Arts (CSMA) at Finn Center

  • You are so good at music. I like your name (Dr. Noise). Thanks for helping our class, I love our song we made. I have never made a song before. This time it was so fun.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Cory Cullinan, AKA Doctor Noize, is the freshest new face & sound in kindie rock today but don’t let the rookie status fool you. His first release, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, is no flavor of the week. It’s a musical & narrative rock opera that is surprisingly one of the best children’s CD’s of 2007! (Mind you, I don’t make that sort of claim lightly…)


    Award Winning Children’s Musician & Indie Kids Rock Blogger
    (read his full Doctor Noize interview)

  • As always you do the most fun and outrageously wonderful projects. This is exactly what you should be doing my friend! Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony is going to be a beautiful addition to the world.

    Katie Brady the Music Lady

    Children’s Musician & Recording Artist

  • Five Stars for Grammaropolis. Absolutely delightful! Fun and informative CD destined to entertain and educate kids (of all ages)!! A must-have collection for your family! Loved it!

    Guv’nor of Spellville

    iTunes Review

  • I like the “Jumping” Doctor! You were sooo crazy! Do you always have THAT much energy? (Yes!!)

    Verlaine Van Horn

    UT Noizemaker

  • Your gift for inspiring kids is unparalleled, my friend!

    Kyle Pickett

    Conductor, North State Symphony & Juneau Symphony

  • I’m lovin Phineas and the book!

    Chris Maldonado

    Host of “The Kids Show” on KRFC FM, Fort Collins, CO

  • We are still coming down from our Doctor Noize high after your program at the Lafayette Library yesterday. I know you made a lot of new “Phineas McBoof” fans after your having read the book and played the music. Not only was your enthusiasm contagious but it became quite evident you perform with a great deal of joy. It was my pleasure to have met you and I thank you on behalf of all of the children and parents who were lucky enough to be here yesterday.

    Donna Lenhardt

    Youth Services Librarian, Lafayette Library

  • I saw your concert today up in keystone and it was awesome. I really enjoyed the banana song. It made me laugh. k your cool Bye!

    Addi Perrett

    CO Noizemaker

  • I just signed up for xm radio last week and when we left the house you were on the radio! So cool! Geyelin thinks it is the coolest thing to listen to “her” coach all the time!

    Melissa Carpenter

    Mother of one of the action/adventure supergirls
    on the Doc’s championship Tornadoes soccer team

  • Sweet! Good Job!… Hittin replay…Now!


    Online Noizemaker

  • I just toured your website and WOW! How very cool! I have lots of good friends with kids that have to hear your stuff (if they haven’t already), they will LOVE it. And also, you sound GREAT! You still have those amazing pipes!! Isn’t it every kid’s dream to have Doctor Noize as their father?

    Matthew Francis

    Acclaimed stage writer/actor

  • You’re Awesome!! Thanks for letting us in on a piece of your world :)

    Lindsey Johnson

    CO Noizemaker

  • Great job today in San Ramon. : ) I took my younger brother to see you, but found you quite interesting myself.

    Rebecca Melin

    Northern CA Noizemaker


    Neil McIntyre

    Kids Hip Hop Artist in the Littleague

  • Awesome! The artwork is gorgeous.

    Jay Kadis

    Principal Recording Engineer & Lecturer,
    Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics

  • Thanks again – you have 37 new fans after today!

    Emily Eikelberner

    CO Noizemaker & Totally Rad Birthday Party Organizer

  • Come on, hear the (Dr.) Noize! Children’s performer Dr. Noize performed songs and dances with children as part of the kick-off for the Sun Prairie Public Library’s Summer Reading Program on Saturday, June 13. Although mainly focused on getting kids involved in the performance of the music, the doctor even got a few Dads involved in the performance.

    Sun Prairie Star

    Sun Prairie, WI

  • The first thing I thought when I checked out the Grammaropolis website is that it’s like Grammar Rock and the Mr. Men books had an adorable love child. You’ve got the catchy music, the little cartoon parts of speech (the verb is a superhero ready for action, and the interjection kind of looks like a cheerleader), and then a variety of ways for kids to get their language on. Watch the video–my favorite part is when Gramma pops up to say thanks for the song and they’re all, No, Gramma, it’s not Gramma Ropolis, it’s Grammaropolis! You’ll only have to listen to the song once before you’re singing it for days…


    Cool Mom Picks

  • The new book is of course crazy fun. It’s also great to have the revamped Ballad of. Fun to compare – we are split in our house as to which version rules. ;)

    Muffie Waterman

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • That just put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you for this wonderful music and treat time.

    Nathan Gunn

    World renowned baritone & voice of Placido Flamingo

  • You are truly an inspiration to those who might get discouraged when dreams aren’t instantly realized… just look where you are…


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • 5 stars (out of 5)… Great storytelling and fun music! The Ballad of Phineas McBoof is really more of a children’s story than a collection of family music. It deserves to be listened to as a complete album so you can follow along with the travels of Phineas and the introductions to the various characters that he meets along the way during his adventures. The story is mostly fun, but there is a positive message for kids (and adults?) about change and chasing your dreams… The musicianship is surprisingly good for this type of album. If you’re a fan of real musicians playing real instruments, you’ll get that on this album…

    Weldon Dodd

    CO Noizemaker who became Doctor Noize’s Webmaster

  • Doctor Noize ROCKS!

    Suzanne Wells

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • Banana banana banana / Banana banana banana / Banana banana banana / Banana banana banana hey! I got a ticket in SF last month because I didn’t see a “no left turn” sign while enthusiastically singing about my greatest love. You owe me $200. (jk)

    Audrey Kanemoto

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Doctor Noize is a busy guy. Not only has he just released The Return of Phineas McBoof, his second album about the title character, and he coaches his daughters’ soccer team, but on March 4, he’s releasing Grammaropolis, an album about, ummmm… grammar? Yes, it’s Jane Jacobs meets “Weird Al” Yankovic meets the inevitable Schoolhouse Rock reference. Except that, I think it’s safe to say, none of those made Flock of Seagulls reference. OK, maybe Al.

    Stefan Shepherd

    Zooglobble & NPR
    “Kids music worth sharing”

  • You can’t fake the mojo. This cartoon-colored Odyssey shows how Phineas learns about other creatures love of music. This all serves to bring him back to his senses and start playing again, as he realizes we each have a song to contribute to the great symphony of life. Doctor Noize, a.k.a. Cory Cullinan, is adept at composing complex, layered songs that use music to reinforce the emotional theme. All in all, this is a fun audio story that your kids will enjoy over and again.

    Joseph W. Cates

    Richmond Parents Monthly (read the full review)

  • Grammar is often a subject that is taught purely through memorization of rules and drill and skill exercises. This makes it difficult for students to really understand grammar. Grammaropolis is an excellent solution to this problem.

    The Apple

    Grammar is often a subject that is taught purely through memorization of rules and drill and skill exercises. This makes it difficult for students to really understand grammar. Grammaropolis is an excellent solution to this problem.

  • You were a HIT! REeally enjoyed your show – you are incredible……………

    Debbie Lease

    Owner & Talent Agent
    Talent West

  • Absolutely lovely stuff from a kindred spirit. It is a total joy to see Cory thriving!

    Joost Bonsen

    Blogger, Maximizing Progress — Exponential Innovations Everywhere

  • Thank you for your creative partnership with our fabulous conductor. I look forward to seeing what you both create next. I loved the children’s concert this year!

    Ann Prater

    Director of Advancement, Chico State University

  • Kick start the year with a few of lil’s favorite finds… Got cabin fever? Get the kids in an outside state of mind with Doctor Noize’s musical adventure. The Ballad of Phineas McBoof will entertain your tots with an imaginative excursion where they will encounter bass-playing hippopotamuses and yodeling lizards.


    “Mommy’s Little Helper”

  • Every night (my son) listens not to lullabies or classical music before he goes to bed….but Phineas Mcboof every night!!!! You are very popular at our house.

    Shelby Sheehan

    NV Noizemaker & KRNV NBC News 4 Anchor

  • He is a wonderfully gifted musician but has the unique ability to turn anything into a good time for the kids. He’s a great entertainer! We’ve seen his shows a few times and the kids just adore him. He’s also able to make music interesting to a broad range of ages. During his show, he demonstrates how to create songs on his computer and lets the audience guide the song and hear their own creation, all the while he’s telling a fun story and singing great songs that the kids enjoy being a part of. I just can’t say enough good things about this
    guy!! I’ve seen kids come up to him after a performance and ask how they can get into music and learn different instruments like him. His spirit is infectious and the kids pick up on it immediately!

    Chelsi Word

    TX Noizemaker

  • I love my Doctor Noize guitar pick chain. I can hardly wait to wear it to Doctor Noize and a U2 concerts!


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • If you are looking for a great music experience for your young children… Cory Cullinan (Doctor Noize) is a super funny, spectacular musician. It’s hard to describe him – you have to experience it.

    Brenda Opine

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • If you haven’t had a chance to hear Doctor Noize’s crazy ol’ rock opera “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” yet, you’ve still got two more chances to catch it on Kids Place Live! Thanks for a cool rock opera for the kids! It’s going to sound awesome on the air!

    Mindy Thomas

    XM Kids Radio Program Director & Host
    (hear her interview with Doctor Noize here)

  • Thank you for taking some of your time to do a song wit us. I’m With The band!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • FYI – Our son is shooting for the world record for most consecutive listens of “Banana.”

    Martin Herz

    CO Noizemaker

  • Dr. Noize generated fantastic enthusiasm for music and I can say that every student walked away not only amused, but genuinely interested in learning more about music. You, and your orchestra showed that music (even “stuffy old classical” music) can be fun. You educated the audience of wiggly children about music in a fun and interactive way. I hope that this is the beginning of an educational relationship between your orchestra and the schools that will build on some of the programs that are already in place. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to share high quality music with our children!!!

    Nancy Peel

    Teacher, Glacier Valley Elementary School
    As quoted in the Juneau Empire
    Juneau, AK

  • Five stars. Addictive!! Very very fun!!


    Bananas iTunes review

  • The shows were fun… the kids liked them, including the kids in the orchestra! Thanks for the fun!

    Geoffrey Long

    Oboist, Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra

  • I stumbled on your site because I was looking for books with the name Phineas in them as odd as that sounds. We are expecting our second boy and we plan to name him Phineas. Our older son Jack loves to read books with his name in them and I was just looking to see what was out there. To my suprise I came across Phineas McBoof and was quite amazed at what a great story it is and I listened to the music and loved it instantly. Now I can’t help but tell everyone about your books and music.


    Online Noizemaker

  • Just wanted to tell you how much (my daughter, my grandkids) and I loved the show yesterday. Cory is so very talented and such a joy to be around.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I fully endorse the musical talents — and vocal participation at the level of your comfort — of Doctor Noize. Silly. Loud. Educational. And at a venue that also supports a kid’s (and adult kid’s) need to be LOUD. This week, Doctor Noize is the Princess’ Pick. I have first hand experience as an “adult” with his concerts and let me tell you, you are going to have a blast. A big. Silly. Awesome. Blast. 4 out of 5 doctors recommend it. Okay, 4 out of 5 doctors ARE Dr. Noize, but trust me. Have a nice loud family outing this weekend!

    Susannah Greenwood

    Princess’ Pick

  • It’s exciting because this will be the most ambitious, fun and original youth concert we’ve done to date-it’s the first time we’ve reached out to involve a guest artist like Dr. Noize. We’ll be playing some very familiar selections like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and we’ll also be playing short original works written specifically for the concert by Dr. Noize. It’s a great way to introduce kids to symphonic music.

    Keith Herritt

    Executive Director
    North State Symphony

  • What a wonderful thing you’ve done! My grandson told me he sang and played the drums at the concert! His mom said he wasn’t a bit self conscious. Maybe you’ve inspired him to be a performer! I wish you all the best and will share your web site with many other grandmothers!

    Sheri Heffley Elpern

    CA Noizemaker

  • Hi Doctor Noize. I like Phineas McBoof. My favorite song is Banana Banana. I like Riley the Robot. Bye-bye…

    Taran Bock

    4 Year Old WI Noizemaker
    (hear the audio Taran sent)

  • Great two concerts. It was nice to see it all come together, complete with good crowds both days! Although, I’m pretty sure there are some broken windows at Lone Tree Arts Center from the high pitched kids screaming on Friday. Lol.

    Joy Pearson

    Violinist, Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra

  • You now have an army of new fans. You were so inspiring, dynamic, funny, and got folks so jazzed about music.

    Sonja Palmer

    Executive Director, Music For Minors

  • Thanks! It was a pleasure to finally meet you! Sidney had GREAT on air presence… You guys are giving those girls such a great musical background!

    Chris Maldonado

    Host of “The Kids Show”
    (with special guests Dr. Noize & his daughters)
    KRFC FM, Fort Collins

  • Great stocking stuffers… Doctor Noize presents a rock opera for kids, featuring a hip little monkey and his band of Misunderstood Geniuses. This is smart techno-pop to make kids think.

  • I wanted to let you know that Jeffrey has been offered a music scholarship at California Lutheran University. When we visited we set up a last minute audition with the music director. Jeffrey brought his file of music and sang for him. He, Dr. Wyant, told him on the spot that they’d be offering him a scholarship, and followed up with a very nice letter. What was important to him was Jeffrey’s expression and precision, and that he had sung pieces in several languages. Needless to say, we are very pleased, and owe you our thanks for getting him involved in Pinewood Singers and challenging them with such wonderful pieces.

    Brenda Opine

    Mother of Doctor Noize’s former high school student

  • The kids and I saw your website and they went wild! Totally cool show. Diggin’ the improv.


    UT Noizemaker

  • It was a MARVELOUS performance! I can’t say what I enjoyed most – the children who were performing and who were so obviously pleased with themselves, the children in the audience who loved every minute of it, or the smiles of the symphony musicians! It was truly wonderful! What a wonderful learning experience for the children in our part of California!

    Kelly Salter

    Senior Program Officer, The McConnell Foundation
    Sponsor of the Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony commission

  • I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for giving such a great show. In total we managed to raise HK$13,790 (US $1,768) for “Bring Me A Book” which is fantastic plus the feedback from parents (and children alike) has been wonderful and very positive indeed. In fact, everyone wants to know when you’ll be back to do another show!

    Jane Archibald

    Director, Kids Gallery Hong Kong

  • It was great to play with you yesterday. I loved your act and the blend of musicianship and spontaneous interaction with the kids. You made it look easy though I for one know that it’s not.

    Gregory Hollow Tree

    Singer/guitarist of acclaimed family band,
    The Hollow Trees

  • It was such a great show. I’ve been telling everyone about how unique it was. Cory is really talented… I hope that we can have Doctor Noize perform again at the Museum.

    Rose Kelly

    Performance & Programs Manager
    Bay Area Discovery Museum

  • The (Palo Alto Children’s Theatre) show was a BIG HIT!!!! I love it that you had an overflow, SRO, crowd!! It was such a great “overflow” hit, and you handled all the kidz scrambling on the stage “impromptu”-like so beautifully that it actually enhanced the show, and made it even more fun. Well done, Doc! So it’s no wonder they want you back. Congratulations on the big success, and may your awesome talent and effort be continually rewarded thus! Glad all your showz are packin’ ‘em in.

    Barbara Greenwood

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Wow! What a great show. My kids were thrilled.

    Molli McIlvaine

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • Just downloaded and played it with my son. Great app, congrats! Now I know how to read it.

    Jason Woo

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • My daughter was so excited the other day to hear Dr. Noize on the radio…


    CO Noizemaker

  • Thank you! I really enjoyed making the song, coming up with lerics/words, and finding the subject. It was awesome! I appreceated it very much. Thank you so much please come again. PS Disco Monkey! Zombie style.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • For the kindie rocker who wants more than just the music, Doctor Noize (aka Cory Cullinan) has created a transmedia property around ‘Phineas McBoof.’ The colorful character creations of his music are brought to life on the page, kicking off a new kid’s property to watch out for.


    “surrounded by kid culture”

  • Four stars. Fun! Playing this game may wear out my screen!


    Bananas iTunes review

  • Banana,banana,banana… Everytime my kids are in my car, they scream and demand me to turn on your cd. Now I have to listen to your voice at least twice a day and my head is constantly filled with bananas! Thanks,

    Dave Kim

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Thank you so much for doing a song with us. You are silly. Your freind Jordan.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Congratulations on a great tour! Again, we really enjoyed having you here in Redwood City… Thank you for helping to make (downtown Redwood City) a destination spot because of your concert.

    Christopher Beth

    Superintendent, City of Redwood City
    Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.

  • We had our granddaughter overnight and took her to a kids’ concert in the park with some friends with their grandkids (Google Dr. Noize on the Internet and get a flavor of how amazing the performance was…) VERY interactive… my granddaughter and all the kids there loved it! And… she slept until 8:00AM this morning… a first!


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • What a tremendous opportunity for our students to experience your creativity and musical talents! Plasencia Elementary School and Magnet currently serves about 900 students, many of whom are low income and minority children from the surrounding neighborhoods of Echo Park, Temple/Beaudry, Silverlake, and Koreatown.  As with many LAUSD schools, Plasencia Elementary School and Math-Science Magnet have very limited funds for enrichment programs. Thank you, again!

    Vickie Mendoza

    Board Member, Plasencia Elementary School and Math-Science Magnet

  • I went to see Cory at (my granddaughter’s) school yesterday. The kids were ballistic. They were screaming as if he is a rock star…..or maybe Hannah Montana… He brought (my granddaughter) up on the stage – she was thrilled. The whole school was involved and he was a great success.

    Penny Lave

    Northern CA Power Grandma

  • Rave reviews from that show!  Thanks for doing such a good job for our little music lovers.  You’ve always been one of our favorites!  You’re so easy to work with and so much fun to watch!   I had a good time at the show…

    Donna Geesaman

    Program Specialist
    Arapahoe Library District, CO

  • Dr. Noize, I loved your CD! I listen to it almost every day. I got your CD for my 8th birthday… I can’t wait until the new cd comes out!!! We live in Ithaca, New York. Do you think you will come to Ithaca sometime for a concert? If you come, I will be there!


    NY Noizemaker

  • Just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your show. My daughter loved being on stage and her favorite dance was the robot. Dr. Noize really knows how to put on an awesome show.

    Melanie Rivera

    CO Noizemaker

  • A heck of an experience! What a show!

    Chris Johnson

    CO Noizemaker

  • I do have to tell you how much of a positive impact you and your music have had on (my son). He knows every song word for word and we’ve listened to it every day in the car since we bought the CD. He sings your songs ALL the time.

    Teresa Taylor

    CO Noizemaker

  • The music is very polished, well written and well played, so adults can listen to it too! Not like those Chipmunks tapes we drove our parents nuts with in the old days… But my appreciation for Dr. Noize continues to grow. My daughter pretty much has the CD memorized, so you can guess how many times I have listened to it. I hate to say it but I am not tired of it. The music is good and the lyrics are very clever and often funny. It’s a good story too and every time I listen too it I pick up something new that I hadn’t heard before. It’s something my 2 year old and I can agree on.

    David Krivan

    AZ Noizemaker

  • I wanted to tell you what an excellent job you did on the concert with the Lone Tree Symphony. I was amazed at how quickly the kids picked up on your classical music lesson and loved it as well. Coordination with the symphony was delightful, especially how they all played along with the work. Never forget Conductor Jacinda Bouton with a pink tail. I have talked about the performance in several groups and in fact briefed Council the next week. They were amazed when I mentioned how the symphony players stood up and down to your musical arrangements. You are doing tremendous work and I wish you continued success for the lessons you are teaching.

    Susan Squyer

    Lone Tree City Council

  • Learning grammar has never been so much fun! And because poor grammar makes the Mayor cry, Doctor Noize (Cory Cullinan) and the Mayor (Coert Voorhees) have put together these songs to teach students the finer points of grammar usage. Each part of speech has its own introduction. Mr. Mayor and Dr. Noize have a lively debate about slang, followed by the song, “Let’s Get Groovy, Baby.”

    Beverly Wrigglesworth

    School Library Journal (read the full review)

  • Awesome, amazing show!!! You rock!

    Elizabeth Billups

    Acres Green Elementary Discovery Program PTO Director

  • Thanks for a cool rock opera for the kids! It’s going to sound awesome on the air!

    Mindy Thomas

    XM Kids Radio Program Director & Host
    (hear her interview with Doctor Noize here)

  • Dr. Noize, this is Sean from Reno, the one that did the break dancing, I want you to know I keep talking to everyone about your show, I really enjoyed it, and my mom said I can take piano lessons.

    Sean Sedlak

    NV Noizemaker

  • Noize Rocks!

    Darlene Franz

    WA Noizemaker

  • You are a gem in this community and I can guarantee we will work together many times!

    Kirstin Fletcher

    Education & Programming Coordinator, Lone Tree Arts Center

  • Thank you so much!!! Our kids LOVED it!!!!! It did more for encouraging them to try classical music than anything I could think of. You did a wonderful job and we all look forward to your return to Chico.

    Dawn Kusumoto

    Board of Directors
    North State Symphony

  • What a show, you have created rabid fans here, we are listening and reading your work on a daily basis and that is no exaggeration. I think a multimedia kid’s rock opera is in cards, I’M SERIOUS!

    Marc Masnik

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • We had a blast! Thanks for treating our guests to an amazing afternoon and making all the kids (and some of the parents) feel like rock stars. We’d love to do another event next summer. The frogs will be gone, but we’ll be into dinosaurs then. Let’s see . . . Dinos, can you dig it?! I’ll leave the lyrics to you and the kids.

    Lisa Thompson

    Manager of Public Programs, Utah Museum Of Natural History

  • I am so excited about his wonderful news with XM Radio! I have to say that I am in total agreement with the XM Radio lady. I absolutely loved listening to it, and I have listened to it many times since and shared it with my friend, who also thought it was great! I am looking forward to getting copies for friends of mine. When we were listening to it, I couldn’t help but imagine it as a Disney movie or a Broadway Musical. I thought that it was so clever. The music was great, and it has an appeal that people of all ages can appreciate! I would love to help in whatever way that I can to spread the word about his wonderful project! (Although it seems that word it getting out quite well!)…

    Brooke Ayden

    IL Noizemaker

  • 5 Stars for Grammaropolis. Not only does my second-grader come home from school and put this album on repeat, singing along with the lyrics while she does her homework, but her 3-year-old sister is picking them up too! And because of this album my oldest put “conjunction” and “interjection” on her bonus spelling list this week. This is educational kids’ music that parents can enjoy too! Comedic sketches, a variety of musical genres, and a parody of public radio and Fresh air’s Terry Gross–can a parent looking for tolerable kids music ask for anything more?


    iTunes Review

  • I just told my son Rohan that your birthday was on Thursday and he replied, “I wanna go see Dr. Noize. I like him.” Followed immediately by “I like Nemo” (he was playing with a Nemo toy at the time). Seriously, whenever your name comes up, he talks about what fun you were… :) Also, one other anecdote you may find amusing… Rohan often requests we “play Dr. Noize” in the car and always insists on starting with “Banana.” So, needless to say the tune is running through my head frequently. So, one day (can’t remember what triggered it), I started singing “Obama, Obama, Obama” to the Banana tune and Rohan got quite upset, insisting that I “sing it the right way!!”

    Kim Zabora

    WA Noizemaker & Mom of the November Noizemaker Of The Month

  • Dear Doctor Noize… Thank you for performing. I really enjoyed you singing the banana song the best. I listen to your songs every day and know most of the words. I look forward to hearing you play again.


    CO Noizemaker

  • You are a really good musician and singer, and you were funny and cool. Hope you will come back!


    Student, Evergreen Middle School

  • Doctor Noize i love your music it’s awsome you are really creative and i love how you take the music genre of the details

    Post From A Super Kid…

    …who loves to learn about music.

  • I like your music and your books. Thanks!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • The book‘s great. Great illustrations… great rhymes. I especially like the ending. Kudos. P.S. Our youngest is officially a Noizemaker. He loves the book! P.P.S. I think you DO have the best children’s music newsletter and maybe one of the best newsletters period. Can I get you to write my memoirs?

    Chris Walsh

    School 180
    “180 Days to Change How We Think About School”

  • loved sidneys birthday song!!!


    UT Noizemaker (writing about a Song Workshop song)

  • OMG! This is the best thing I have ever come across. Thanks a lot, Grammaropolis.

    Curtis Drums
  • Fans of School House Rock will love (Grammaropolis).

    Jonathan Wylie

    4th Grade Teacher, Walker Elementary School, Walker, IA

  • Thank you for coming!!! Hope you have a great time writing your songs!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • You are the greatest kids performer who turns kids on to music and fun. Thanks for sharing your great talent with children, parents (and grandparents) and teachers. You are the best!! Wonderful performance at the Tech Museum — wonderful to see both shows. Perfect for kids of all ages and big kids too. Keep up the great work. So glad we came over.

    Dr. Toy

    PhD & Acclaimed Expert on Educational, Toy & Children’s Products

  • Awesome! My son loves Phineas. His favorite song is banana, but ours is the Parents song. You should be super proud…

    Coert Voorhees

    Acclaimed Author & TX Noizemaker

  • Your grammar videos are SUPERBLY entertaining. Thanks.

    Kristina Ciminillo
  • Cory Cullinan has every reason to smile. His song “Banana” off his debut children’s album The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, clinched the No. 1 spot on XM Radio’s Kids Chart last fall. Zany as it sounds, his music isn’t just for kids… His concept, “rock-opera for kids,” combined with high-level musicianship (the album features artists who have worked with Santana and Huey Lewis, as well as opera singer Nathan Gunn) appeals to a more mature set… The hidden payoff? “I get to work with people of my maturity level, which is the 2-to-11 set.”

    Caitlin Berka

    Stanford Magazine (read the full article)

  • I had a pretty good idea of what your show was like from watching the videos, but it’s nothing like seeing it in person. Your instincts on stage are spot on. You have an incredibly rare talent.

    Christian Lowe

    Doctor Noize’s Illustrator Extraordinaire

  • Hi!! Just got the Phineas McBoof CD today – WOW! What fun. My 5 year old son actually sat still to listen. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy it! Sounds like you had a lot of fun making it too. Looking forward to the next one!

    Susan Myers


  • I wanted to share a very sweet story with you about the impact your music/books had on my friend’s daughters. Our dear friends have 2 beautiful daughters. They are 5 and 3. Well, when I brought your stuff over to them, the five-year-old had so much fun opening the gifts and looking through the books (the other was napping) — she got to giggling so much, particularly because she loves animals and the pictures are so cool. Anyway, my friend texted me later that night to recount this sweet story. I guess at dinner they all go around and say what their favorite part of the day was. The girl announced that her favorite part of the day was hanging out together reading your books and giggling about your zany cast of characters. Apparently they insisted on multiple re-reads of the books that night. So, there you go, you touched two more little kidlets. Just beautiful.


    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • Musicians go green… When Weekly photographer Danielle Vernon and I saw this low-hanging branch on a tree behind the Bus Barn Theatre in Los Altos, we knew it would be a perfect place to photograph our interview subjects, kids’ musicians Doctor Noize and Andy Z. The guys were all for it, and even gave us an impromptu concert. Is it Arbor Day already?

    Rebecca Wallace

    Arts & Entertainment Editor, Palo Alto Weekly

  • Your show is amazing!! And the kids love it!! Everyone seemed so into the show, even the adults!! I am re-energized…

    Lynn Woods

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • CONGRATULATIONS, WOW!!! what an amazing performance. The boys are so pumped up and have been singing and eating Bananas ever since we got home. So, if you ever decide to write a song about prunes, we may have problems. Today, I finally burned the CD from my itunes library onto a disc-Now we can jam to it in the car. Thanks so much for a really fun day…

    Emmy Dobyns

    CO Noizemaker

  • We read the book multiple times a day and usually the CD once a day. You are a big hit w/ the kids. (They) love the book!

    Dorothy Bowie

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Starting another day right with our morning ritual of our favorite Doctor Noize CD! If you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend it – my daughter, as well as my wife and I, are pretty much obsessed with Cory Cullinan’s masterpiece, “The Return of Phineas McBoof.”

    Ben Evans

    KY Noizemaker & YERT Director
    Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail

  • Students will enjoy the fun Grammaropolis song featuring all of the characters of Grammaropolis. Watch the videos and listen to the song as a class to delve deeper into the character traits that each part of speech has.

    iLearn Technology

    Edublog about integrating technology into the classroom

  • Thank you Doctor Noize for an amazing assembly!

    Maria Banta

    Assistant Principal
    Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • GRAMMAR IS FUN AT GRAMMAROPOLIS! Watch this music video first and listen to the song “Welcome to Grammaropolis”. It’s very catchy!

    Luz Parez

    Having Fun With English

  • Dear Dr. Noize… Thank you so much for coming to my school for my birthday to share your new book and music with my kindergarten class. It really meant a lot to me that you could be part of my special day! My friends & I all went totally “Bananas” over “Phineas” & the “Bunch”! I hope you can come back to school again sometime soon.

    Nick Dobyns

    5 Year Old CO Noizemaker
    (with help from his Mom…)

  • Thank you to everyone involved for the wonderful Dr. Noize show last week to benefit the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Everyone had such a great time and when it was all said and done, the Food Bank has an additional $715 to feed the hungry in our community. This translated into 2,860 meals, which is a very significant contribution in the fight against hunger.

    Jocelyn Lantrip

    Public Relations Officer, Food Bank of Northern Nevada

  • Love the CD’s and Book!!! Congrats on the new additions to the repertoire.

    Sonja Palmer

    Executive Director, Music For Minors

  • I’ve held out hope that someone could really blow me away. Will consider this mission accomplished. What clever and great lyrics, and so ridiculously full of energy. It’s also very musical. It’s not just slavishly pursuing some ‘goal,’ like communicating grammar … it’s real music. Seriously I am floored, it’s awesome. This is what children’s music should be. Absolutely top notch.

    Austin Wintory

    Grammy-nominated orchestral composer

  • It was great fun to work with you and to be a part of something so worthwhile. It’s possible that our performance was the first orchestra experience for many of those children and, let’s hope, it’s the start of a lifelong love of music.

    Jacinda Bouton

    Conductor, Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra

  • In a category of all his own is Doctor Noize, a.k.a. Cory Cullinan, a Los Altos native who has drawn on a love of electronic music and studio technology to create a fresh, modern pop style for little ones.

    Yoshi Kato

    San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)

  • I heard your song “Banana” on XM radio today and my kids went crazy when I told them that I went to college with Dr. Noize and actually knew him! Congrats on your success!

    Cindy Clumeck Muchnick

    Educational Consultant & Author

  • I caught the tail end of his solo acoustic set yesterday at the Learning Game “educational superstore” in Cupertino and got to speak with him for considerably longer. The concert was markedly different from what I’d heard before; the lively conversation was not. Having only experienced the electronic one-man band version of Dr. Noize’s concert, I was glad to have caught him as an old school troubadour. Like Erasure (one of my favorite bands ever), Cullinan makes sure that the songs are fundamentally sound and don’t require electronic flourishes to mask any shortcomings in structure, development and lyrics.

    Yoshi Kato

    San Jose Mercury News (read the full article)

  • We randomly fell in line with Dr. Noize several years back at one of the shows on the Penninsula, and made it to several shows thereafter. You also did a fundraiser for a dear friend of mine’s daughter – Kaia Emery. I’ve enjoyed following your success as you take over the world – ah, move into the digital domain. We’re enjoying the new songs, and your unique crazy brand of awesome music ed. Peace.

    Muffie Waterman

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Watched your performance vid on your site – you’re terrific, pal! Keep up the fantastic work.

    Mr. Ray

    Award-Winning Family Musician

  • Your Phineas McBoof is really great. You have combined a family focused career with doing something meaningful. Lately I have been inspired by many people who live their life in search of meaning, they say they live longer, smile more often, and add joy to the world. You are definitely doing that!!!!…

    Gil Brady

    Principal, Pinewood Elementary School

  • Children’s artist Cory Cullinan (aka Doctor Noize) has pledged to identify one monthly performance from his interactive, educational musical experience for children as a charitable Doctor Noize Giving Back show. The idea evolved from a recent Mothers Day benefit concert Cullinan organized in Palo Alto, Calif., to raise funds for a 3-year-old who lost her mother.

    Laurel Fishman

    Grammy.com (read the full article)

  • Dear Dr. Noise. I love your book’s. You are cool, you know what is your new book going to be like? That is all I can think of. Peace!

    Scooter Boy (Aidan)

    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • My son – who’s now almost 2! – recently starting humming and singing tunes. And his first song was BANANA! It’s too cute.

    Chris Walsh

    Director, Innovation & Design
    KnowledgeWorks Foundation

  • The kids already have listened to the CD multiple times — I teased (my son) that he was trying to learn the words to the Banana song.

    Rachel Drummond

    CO Noizemaker

  • I haven’t had fun like today in a long time – it’s SO good to be around adults who actually like to be goofy. I can’t wait to keep working on this project – seriously… SO AMAZING what you are doing, the quality, fun and beauty of it is really inspiring.
    Thank you for that.

    Isabel Leonard

    Opera Mezzo-Soprano

  • That was the greatest manipulation I have ever seen. Kids walked in not caring about classical music, and walked out thinking that anyone who thinks kids can’t handle classical music is uncool.

    Northern CA Noizemaker

    On the symphony premiere of “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony”

  • Is the cd available in a store? Atlanta? My kids would love the cd–they love listening to the songs on XM Kids.

    GA Noizemaker
  • Boy oh boy did we have a ball at both concerts. Yes… we were also at the Bus Barn and my son decided that it was really *his* concert. He had such a wonderful experience. BTW, your 7-beat/5-beat measure from “Don’t Be Silly” has been on my mind. The only other musician I have heard really have fun with that is Joe Jackson – from his Night and Day album. I think the song is Target – and it always gets me counting and amazed at the tempo…. Again, you are on to something super special. We really enjoy your work, and we’ll enjoy future concerts… There will be many fans inviting you and welcoming you back.

    Hilary Grant-Valdez

    Board Of Directors President, Children’s Corner Preschool

  • Don’t miss Doctor Noize.

    Kathleen St. John

    Denver Post

  • I really enjoyed your show, I love what you are doing, I believe it is meaningful and important work, and fun besides!

    Sarita Skidmore

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • What’s cooler than classical music? Ask some little kids and you’re likely to hear “broccoli,” “cleaning my room” or “seeing the dentist.” Cory Cullinan, aka Dr. Noize, and his old college classmate, Kyle Pickett, director of the North State Symphony, are out to see if they can change some of those attitudes. Cullinan will be the special guest at the symphony’s annual youth concert. Together, Cullinan and Pickett think they can get the littlest of ears as excited about Beethoven and Stravinsky as they are about any top-40 performer… For Friday’s youth concert, Cullinan will introduce Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” – “that’s some of the craziest stuff ever”- as well as pieces from Mozart’s “Night Music” and even the grandmaster of them all, Beethoven’s Fifth.

    Jon Lewis

    Redding Record Searchlight
    (Read the whole article & interview here)

  • How was it that this man had a literally boundless store of energy and good humor?

    Doris Huang

    yourtruehero.com (read the full article)
    Pinewood School & Harvard graduate

  • Thank You Dr. Noize! You were awesome on stage in juneau, AK… You’re welcome to play any time again!

    Cedar Miles

    AK Noizemaker
    (Yes Cedar — Dr. Noize is booked to return to the Juneau Symphony!)

  • Dear Doctor Noize, I love your moosic. Love XXX,


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Cory Cullinan, the musician/genius/madman behind Doctor Noize is both a very funny and a very loquacious man. The interview below, which was conducted in late December, was even longer what’s printed below. I left out jokes and I left out even more of the obvious passion Cullinan brings to his unique family music project.

    Stefan Shepherd

    Zooglobble & NPR
    “Kids music worth sharing”

  • Thank you so much for being our Featured Speaker at Mardi Gras Night. We raised over $100,000 in one night for Bay Area school music programs! And, my dear, you played a huge role in that success. You now have an army of new fans. You were so inspiring, dynamic, funny, and got folks so jazzed about music. You are the MFM poster child and embody the fact our mission works!

    Sonja Palmer

    Executive Director, Music For Minors

  • My favorite children’s musician! Can’t stop singing it myself! My extremely active 4 year old has spent the last couple weeks sitting (ok, many times dancing) in his room listening to this album. Now I can’t stop singing the songs. They are so catchy & enjoyable. I find myself taking it in the car for my son, but also so I can hear the story myself. I can’t believe how attentive my very inattentive son can be when listening to this CD. Thrilled we found this & have been recommending it to all our friends…

    Lynn Hyland


  • It’s just so cool. This universe of Dr.Noize and his band of Misunderstood geniuses that you’ve created. You are one of a kind!! And so is your band of misunderstood genuises:) Have you thought of ever making a cartoon series out of them?

    Yasemin Kimyacioglu

    Turkish Noizemaker!!!

  • The children’s performer produces whimsical pop music on the spot, inviting the audience members to come up and join in on the creative process. He plays multiple instruments and uses computers to arrange and record the songs at the show.

    Marian Liu

    Seattle Times

  • Coert Voorhees, who was an English teacher at Pinewood, convinced him to collaborate on a grammar CD, the newly released 21-track “Grammaropolis,” which includes tunes about how the band spent its summer vacation. Voorhees plays the stuffy mayor of Grammaropolis, and Doctor Noize defends Slang, an unorthodox – but more creative element – who’s a “word artist,” according to Cullinan. While “Grammaropolis” features a lot of fun wordplay, it’s also educational, clarifying nouns, proper nouns, verbs and adjectives for young learners.

    Eren Göknar

    Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)

  • Five stars. Bonkers over Bananas. My toddler loves “Nanas”! He may be developing an aversion to crabs.


    Bananas iTunes review

  • I recently read “The Last Lecture,” which was so poignant I found it quite haunting, but that isn’t the point. The point is that in reading the book, and then searching YouTube for video of Randy Pausch and his lecture and then (heartbreakingly) his memorial service, I thought a lot of Cory. His energy and how he affected and influenced people, students, and colleagues reminded me of you. I wish nothing but the best for Dr. Noize and his future career. I also think you would be an amazing teacher at a higher level of education, and thought you should know that I think that.

    Leslie Pelinka

    OR Noizemaker

  • We absolutely love having you and we love the show that you put on.

    Bri Zimlich

    Bohemian Nights @ New West Fest

  • We had a great time! My daughter has been absolutely ecstatic. She insisted I tune her guitar again. (The accomplishment lasts about 3 minutes which is 2.5 minutes longer since we upgraded to steel strings from nylon.)

    Rachel Drummond

    CO Noizemaker

  • Addictive… I tried out a new game yesterday called Bananas. While it’s made for kids, I really liked the game and had a blast playing it. It’s great fun for kids (and adults).

    Jim Dalrymple

    The Loop
    (Read the full review)

  • Gosh, Doc, not only are YOU brilliant and talented, looks like the next noizeration is too!

    Barbara Greenwood

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • It was a lot of fun.

    Mary Barnes

    Cellist, Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra
    on Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony

  • Your kids will love Dr. Noize!

    Alisa Rafferty Fisher

    UT Noizemaker

  • We have had the opportunity to work closely with a wonderful young musician-educator by the name of Cory Cullinan (aka Dr. Noize), who is performing here in the museum as well as exploring a possible traveling music exhibit with us. He’s a great musician, wonderful educator and great person and we recommend him highly!

    Jeff Patchen

    CEO, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

  • The Grammaropolis video & song are great!

    Ben Evans

    KY Noizemaker & YERT Director
    Voice of Bottomus The Hip Popotamus & Lenny Long Tail

  • You are truly incredible and so very talented. The first time we listened to the cd and it ended, I heard a little sad voice from the back of the mini van saying “awwww it’s over” and today I hear my son every now and then breaking in to “banana banana bananaaaa”.

    Kerri Brough

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • My son loves your song “Banana”

    Dave Slater

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • I’d just clicked on your Dr Noize web page to tell you how much my 3 kids love your CD (it’s the current fave for all car rides and last night they were singing “Banana, Banana” at the top of their lungs)

    Cara McCandless

    PA Noizemaker

  • Your interaction on stage with the young girl who wanted to play sax rather then the keyboard spoke volumes, that was a great interaction, a great moment.

    Lisa Shara

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • What a treat we had this visit to Steamboat! We all went to hear Dr. Noize – what fun! The kids were enchanted and all of the adults were wittily entertained. He is a multi-talented dynamo.

    CO Noizemaker

    Karen Gale Grebene

  • Every time I work with Cory Cullinan on a project, I expect to be entertained by a new and different musical vision. His ability to use music to enlighten the listener shows through in every one of his albums. It was particularly exciting to work with Dr. Noize and a studio-full of the most talented and enjoyable musicians, since everyone involved had so much fun while imparting their virtuosity to the project. We all learned something from Dr. Noize: it is possible to teach others about the music we love while entertaining them (and ourselves) at the same time. And no one left a mess on the floor…

    Jay Kadis

    Principal Recording Engineer & Lecturer,
    Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics

  • Thank you — I loved the presentation you gave yesterday.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Thank you for coming in and making music with us. It was awsome. I can’t wait to see the CD.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Parents — this is a must see. My kids love Dr. Noize. His show is high energy, creative and had unreal energy. Make sure you put it on the schedule. You will thank me, I promise. This guy is completely amazing. My kids adore him. He is insanely creative. It will be a blast. Trust me, the kids will love it.

    David Locke

    Radio Host of Locked On Sports @ KFAN 1320 AM Salt Lake City
    Radio Play-By-Play Announcer of the NBA’s Utah Jazz

  • Those cookies are awesome! How exciting is that to have fans that crazy about you … ; )

    Phil Jensen

    Noizy Band Guitarist & Singer Extraordinaire

  • Wow, what a great show!  I love the interactivity, the demonstration of tech choices/uses, the upbeat pace, the musicality… I’m sure you’ve heard all of that before…

    Kiffen Madden-Lunsford

    Teacher, Plasencia Elementary School and Math-Science Magnet

  • The symphony concerts we performed with Doctor Noize were spectacular! I have never seen kids respond with so much enthusiasm to a classical music concert. Cory has a great style; he’s very fun, funny and irreverent.

    Kyle Pickett

    North State Symphony & Juneau Symphony

  • Hubboy… (tears streaming down my face) the video of Kaia’s Song made my day as I was lying here feeling sorry for myself and wishing my sore throat would go away and bug someone else. Then Doctor Noize made his ‘wake-up, you dummy, and thank the heavens above that all you have is a goofy cold today’ house-call. Thank you, thank you for that. You are such inspiration… truly.

    Dida Gazoli

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • That was cool Great job!


    Online Noizemaker

  • In real life, his name is Cory Cullinan, and he said his show reflects a few things about his life. “One, I’m a little crazy,” he said. “Two, I’m an ex-music teacher so you can see my music-geekiness.”

    Kirsten Silveira

    The Coloradoan (read the full article)

  • Congratulations on the incredible production… Wow, I love that you cover the entire gamut of musical genres and the inventiveness of everything that you do.

    Ben Meisel

    Medical Director of The Painted Turtle
    & children’s recording artist with Kid’n Together

  • You were AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!

    Michelle Dujardin

    Recreation and Community Events Programmer
    City of Whitewater Parks and Recreation Department

  • Did your kids come home talking about Beethoven like mine did today?!? Hope so! Dr. Noize is generously taking time to introduce our kids to the world of classical music — and how it relates to modern, pop music. Now go ask your kids what they learned today … if you are like me, you’ll learn something new!

    Elizabeth Billups

    Acres Green Elementary Discovery Program PTO Director

  • One of my children’s music heroes, Dr. Noize – a talented children’s musician, composer, and CEO of Doctor Noize Inc. (Whew!). He is passionate about bringing sophisticated music to kids that will inspire kids to stretch their minds and explore. A keen observation from his page: “Today’s culture promotes increasingly short-attention-span multimedia to a generation who’ll grow up to face increasingly sophisticated challenges.”

    Peter Apel

    Children’s Recording Artist & Magician

  • I want to play “Banana” for my kids on a guitar. Now that I’ve memorized all the words, what are the chords for guitar?


    Cool Guitar-Strummin’ Dad

  • You Rock!!! Thank you for creating such a fantastic place for kids (and us kids at heart) to learn about music & have a BLAST at the same time. You, my dear, are pure genius and it makes me quiver to be in your presence :-) . Thank you for your books and the Grammaropolis CD. I love them! Much Love!

    Candace LiVolsi

    Harpist, North State Symphony

  • I heard so many wonderful things from my end… I hope you enjoyed San Diego and you have a great time in LA as well. Thanks again from making NCM a stop on your trip!

    Kristin Mehrwerth

    Membership Coordinator
    The New Children’s Museum

  • I enjoyed playing a symphony kid’s concert today that included the conductor ripping his pants off, opera songs about bananas, 30 second excerpts from Rite of Spring, and improvising in F-sharp minor. And they call this work?

    Dwayne Corbin

    North State Symphony
    On the Doctor Noize & North State Symphony showz

  • I am such a believer in what you do for young people and believe we must have more of this kind of energy/creativity to make education relevant.

    Brenda Opine

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Thank you so much for the book and cd for Jack. He LOVES them both!!

    Emily Eikelberner

    CO Noizemaker

  • It was great! There was a big audience and they really enjoyed the show… They were singing and dancing along… It would be great to have him back again sometime.

    Melissa Morwood

    Senior Children’s Librarian
    Mitchell Park Library, Palo Alto, CA

  • Five stars. Hard to put down, and still humming the tune. This is a really fun game for kids of all ages. Lots of fun to pick up and play but hard to master, so it keeps you coming back. The music is awesome and the game itself is visually appealing to look at. Highly recommend. You’ll love it.

    Russell Nelson

    Bananas iTunes review

  • Well… 500 kids under the age of 10, 30 members of the North State Symphony and all their instruments, Dr. Noize, and me in a shark hat…all in a hot, sticky gym… still buzzing!!! Did I dream that? No words can thank you enough.. all of you! Kyle W. Pickett, and all of the players… great day!

    Abbie Ehorn

    Music Teacher, Evergreen Elementary School

  • This fictitious tale of a wayward musical genius, who also happens to be a monkey, is as original as children’s entertainment gets The dialogue and interplay between the characters is charming and funny. The story, in addition to being extremely clever, also teaches listeners about the instruments being played, the sounds each makes and the variety of musical genres employed by the Misunderstood Geniuses. Oh, and there are terrific songs as well! The story is so endearing and funny. You will enjoy the musical adventure of The Ballad of Phineas McBoof as much as the story itself. One can envision Dr. Noize’s creation becoming as adored as Morgan Taylor’s Gustafer Yellowgold…


    Parenting Blogger & Music Critic, Out With The Kids
    “parent differently”
    (read the full review)

  • Thank YOU (and the Noizy Band) so much for performing for us Saturday. I got a lot of great feedback from visitors and members. I was amazed at how you could give 100% of your energy from start to finish. You guys rock!

    Lindsey Young

    Public Programs Coordinator, The Wildlife Experience

  • Thank you for coming to Eagle Ridge. I liked your dance moves and the beat to the song. Your singer, Jalen…


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • We just found time to really sit down and listen to “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” and it is pure genius!! I love this! Your live solo shows are great, but the attention to detail and the broad instrumentation on this is fantastic! Wow!

    Brad Loucks

    Audio Engineer & CO Noizemaker

  • The Doc and the Mayor hit on all of these grammar points (and more!) in this impressive set of engaging tunes. Coert Voorhees (aka The Mayor) is an educator, and Cory Cullinan (aka Doctor Noize), who plays nearly every instrument here, is just as amusing a musical storyteller as he is on his Phineas McBoof CDs. The songs are so lyrically rich you’ll want to listen to them several times to pick up everything that is going on.

    Michael Berick, L.A. Parent

    (Read the full review)

  • Thank you! It was great – a perfect day for KidFest and the kids loved dancing and singing with you.

    Stacy Simonet

    Community Relations Coordinator, Highlands Ranch Metro District, CO

  • Thank you for writing a song with us. Here’s a picture of the Discoball guy.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • I enjoyed checking out your Doctor Noize site and songs. That’s a very cool job and I can’t think of someone more appropriate to do it than you!

    Gary Scavone

    Asst. Professor of Music Technology
    McGill University

  • I love the funky frog song.

    Peter Apel

    Award-Winning Children’s Recording Artist

  • Dr. Noise. Thank you for coming to our school to help us make a song. It was so much fun! I hope we win against the first graders! PS Please do not get hypnotized by this disco ball.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • I loved your performance and it was like heaven… You didn’t care what anybody thought, you just went for it. That was the best assembly ever because you were there.

    Haley Waterman

    Student, Evergreen Middle School

  • (We) had a lot of fun taking part in your show on Saturday. The kids were spectacular! Thank-you for your wonderful performance!

    Cherry Harborne

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • We had so much fun at your little show at The Learning Game. Claire has done nothing but talk about you and has not stopped listening to that great CD. She knows all the words and listens to it daily. Phineas McBoof ROCKS! I love that some people call him Meloneious Thunk. HA! We love it!! And now Phineas McBoof has become our secret password! Oh..guess it’s not so secret anymore. Anyway, we can’t wait to see you again! It was such a pleasure to meet you! And great to meet someone who has such enthusiasm for life! You and your music are infectious. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of that day and I smile whenever we are listening to your CD. We can’t wait for your next one!!! Nathan Gunn is amazing! How did you get him to be on your CD? Hurry back to Northern Cali!!!!


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • “It’s the album… that is delighting our seven-year-old most right now. The good Doctor proves quickly to be a master… an alarmingly accomplished musician playing nearly every instrument you hear. Most of all, though, both the Doctor and the Mayor are funny, which is really what makes the album irresistible to kids. And that, in turn, lets all the grammar lessons the songs are really about just seep in without really even feeling like learning. It’s remarkably effective.”

    Myles McDonnell

    You Know, For Kids
    (Read the full review)

  • Love the Grammaropolis Song!

    Doug Eivers

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Thank you very much for coming out to Somersett and helping out the Food Bank of Northern Nevada!

    Brinn Willmer

    Assistant Activities Coordinator, The Club at Town Center ~ Somersett

  • I can tell you that I was so happy to be a part of your project. I think the world of you, and, at this stage of my career, I only want to work with people I respect and like. So let me thank you for the experience! I can’t wait to hear all about this wonderful project. Again, I’m so happy to have met you. You really touched my life ~

    Jenny Zielon

    Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
    “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony” Mini Opera Video

  • I just wandered by your site on a tip from a kind of mutual contact. I had a blast browsing around, listening to the music, and watching the videos. It was inspirational for me as a fellow artist. Congratulations on all your successes, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    Peter Apel

    Children’s Musician & Recording Artist

  • It was really great to have you perform at our school and it would definitely be fun to have you back! You are truly gifted as a children’s performer.

    Jennifer Morgan

    Program Coordinator
    Children’s Center Preschool

  • Lone Tree resident Cory Cullinan, also known as Doctor Noize, is as passionate as he is creative. Cullinan has successfully merged his enthusiasm for educating kids and producing music… Throughout the duration of the CD, kids learn to match the sound of the instrument with each character and are able to pick out instruments in songs. The story is similar to the Beatles, and Phineas McBoof has the same initials as the basis of his character, Paul McCartney.

    Stephanie Thompson

    Lone Tree Voice (read the full article)

  • What’s up Doc? I am not sure whether to thank you or curse you my daughter loves the Phineas McBoof CD but I can not get Banana and My Parents Think They’re Very Important out of my head!!! All day and all night it’s all I hear “ driving me crazy) It’s like you were spying on us when you wrote My Parents. Seriously though, great CD. Lots of fun for her and us. I love the story line and I can’t wait for the book and hopefully a DVD / cartoon…

    Chris Welborn

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Dang it! My son and I have been singing ‘Buh-NAH-NUH, buh-NAH-NUH, buh-NAAAAH-NUUUUUUH…’ all morning and now I can’t get it out of my head…

    Suzanne Wells

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • Cute video…looks & sounds like a big hit.

    Melanie Rivera

    CO Noizemaker

  • Just wanted to share with you that the “Banana” song has morphed into the “Pajama” song in our home, which we sing as we are getting ready for bed. I can’t imagine we are the first to discover how perfectly that works, but I wanted to give you a “shout out” to thank you for providing the go-to soundtrack for rallying my stepkids, 6.5yo Lily and almost 3yo Levi, to get their pajamas on and move into storybook mode.


    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Your record is special. Way above the norm. It’s so creative and fresh and thoughtful! It’s like a Sgt. Pepper for kids…

    Zak Morgan

    Grammy Nominated Family Musician

  • Thank you Cory for coming to teach us about music! I enjoyed making music. Thanks again. Bye!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • great time Friday night.


    WA Noizemaker

  • His two books – “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof” and “The Return of Phineas McBoof” – and CDs are jam-packed with crazy characters, including Phineas, a cheeky monkey. “It’s a story about McBoof – based on Paul McCartney – and his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses,” said Cullinan from his home in Colorado, as his two daughters, Sidney Grace, 9, and Riley Max, 7, made noise in the background. “What the band has in common is their openness to trying all kinds of music.”

    Eren Göknar

    Los Altos Town Crier (read the full article)

  • Oh Musical Impresario, Dr. Noize… You are amazing. Yours in all things fun…

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack

    Principal, Sitka High School
    Sitka, AK

  • My kids love this song — they can’t stop singing it and I think they’re actually learning the parts of speech! Yay!!!


    Online Noizemaker

  • Keep up the good music.

    Robbie Schaeffer

    XM Kids Radio Music Director

  • The (Grammaropolis) videos and songs will help students associate the characters with the parts of speech and fun at the same time!

    Learning Today
  • A day with Dr. Noize is like three days with normal people!

    Kyle Pickett

    Conductor, North State Symphony & Juneau Symphony

  • You are an extremely busy person so I feel so blessed that you are willing to do this concert for us. We are confident it will be a great night! We are all so excited! With the money raised, we plan on splitting the proceeds for both Treyton’s and Connor’s memorial projects. In Treyton’s name, we are fundraising to build a baseball field in Whitewater which will be called Treyton’s Field of Dreams. Connor’s memorial will be a playground in Jefferson. Thanks again for all that you are doing!

    Amie Alvarado

    Organizer, Concert For Treyton’s Field Of Dreams & Connor’s Playground

  • My second year with the Team, I raised money with the help of a fabulous musician Dr. Noize who came to Seattle and put on one rockin’ concert for kids. He’s AWESOME!

    Rachel Gerson

    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training

  • FRESH… Dr. Noize puts on an interactive show for the whole family — he plays the instruments and the kids supply the voices.

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Datebook Section

  • It was magical to be with you, warming our hearts now as in the past. And the girls — I will never forget seeing them sing with such gusto — and meeting me with such smiles. I took a good many photos of happy children. Thanks for all you continue to give.

    Ann Rando

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • NOTEWORTHY: THE BEST IN RECENT KIDS’ CDS… Pity Phineas McBoof. Exhausted by his fame and fans, the “musical King Kong” has disappeared, and only his International Band of Misunderstood Geniuses knows how to find the iconic monkey. It’s a familiar tabloid tale, as seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope rather than a paparazzo’s camera. Loaded with witty narration and some creatively impressive tunes, the CD has launched a book by the same title and a sequel is due. Recipient of a 2007 Parents’ Choice Award, it goes without saying that the album also wins the prize for best title of the year.

    Yvonne Zipp

    Christian Science Monitor

  • Thank you for coming to our school and helping us make a song.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Congratulations you deserve all your success. You are awesome at what you do and you are an awesome man. GO BANANAS!

    Kerri Brough

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Hi doc noize, can you do a huge favor for a little guy with cerebral palsy? My son turns 7 on Saturday and he loves your music! He wants to see you at the palo alto theatre. I want to bring him and 6 of his siblings…

    Suzie Moll

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • You’ll be happy to know that your CDs are being played over and over and over and over and over and over in our house.

    Peter Apel

    Award-Winning Children’s Recording Artist

  • You had the audience’s FULL attention! We had a great time. Our three year old was especially engaged. The six year old said she really liked it She was impressed that you talked to her.

    Penny Lave

    Northern CA Power Grandma

  • So close your eyes, turn off your TV, and imagine yourself in The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof… Did you love it or did you love it?  I know, I loved it too!

    Mindy Thomas

    Program Director & Host, Sirius XM Kids Place Live!
    On air before & after playing “The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof” album

  • I am a high school English teacher in a small coastal town called Bunbury, in Western Australia. I have been trying to make grammar interesting for my class of Year 9 students who are classified as ‘at risk’ because of low literacy skills. They are absolutely fantastic students who make my days funny, interesting and sometimes challenging. Lucky for them (and me) I love what I do. I came across your fabulous Grammaropolis YouTube productions and have ordered the CD. I can’t wait to introduce it to my students. I love your work and what you are doing to help kids.

    Gwen Stapleton

    English Department
    Newton Moore Senior High School
    Bunbury, Western Australia

  • Congratulations. You are making your old first grade teacher really proud. It was fun to see you on Saturday at The Bus Barn Theatre. Keep up the good work. You get an E for excellent entertainment and an N for “Never sits in his chair.” Love, Mrs. Bryant

    Mrs. Bryant

    Dr. Noize’s Former 1st Grade Teacher @ Santa Rita School

  • In 2007, Cullinan created his Dr. Noize character and began devoting himself to music for children and families. He released both a recording and book called The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof (the recording features the Grammy-nominated string quartet “Quartet San Francisco”). Within two months, the track Banana had become a national #1 hit on XM Kids Radio. Word quickly spread from kids to parents to college music professors, and Dr. Noize won awards ranging from the Parents Choice Award to being named one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products.

    Lisa Shara

    Editor, North State Parent Magazine (read the full article & interview)

  • I really enjoyed listening to your cd.

    Neil McIntyre

    Kids Hip Hop Artist
    the Littleague

  • So, as soon as we left the concert my son said “When I grow up I want to be a music-maker!” We had a great time, you put on a wonderful show. It was so fun hearing the kids laughter! What wonderful energy!

    Deborah Heffley Jones

    WA Noizemaker

  • Doctor Noize Is the Best! I just want to take a minute to recognize the extraordinary talents of my good friend and the songwriter for Welcome to Grammaropolis, Cory Cullinan–better known in the music world as Doctor Noize. The words come fast and furious, and the tune is nefariously catchy. The goal has always been for kids to want to memorize the song and thereby (perhaps without even knowing it) memorize the roles of every part of speech. The good Doctor and I spent just over three years together on the faculty of Pinewood School; he was the Music teacher and Choir Director, among other titles and responsibilities. I always admired the creativity of his lesson plans and his dedication to his students, and I’m thrilled that he agreed to lend his talent to the world of Grammaropolis.

    Coert Voorhees

    Mayor of Grammaropolis

  • Thank you! It was great.

    Jennifer Cassell

    Board President
    Children’s Corner Preschool

  • It was a very great performance… we all enjoyed learning about the orchestra so much!


    CO Noizemaker
    On “Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony”

  • It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dr. Noize, the mad genius behind The Ballad of Phineas McBoof – the album and the book. He’s back now making a splash with… Grammaropolis, a mashup off Schoolhouse Rock and Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss/Mr. Men books. Having spent some time exploring the impressive Grammaropolis website, I predict Dr. Noize is ready for the big time (and by that, I mean TV and mass merchandising)… You’re going to want to get ahead of the curve on this one, that way you can say you loved Grammaropolis way before it landed on Nick Jr. and on your kid’s backpack and lunchbox. You’ve been enjoying (and requesting it) on XM Radio’s Kids Place Live, now buy the mp3 single of Grammaropolisâ here.

    Jeff Bogle

    Out With The Kids
    Kids Music, Books, Toys & Culture

  • My husband is a big fan of Dr. Noize after attending a concert with our kids through Music for Minors. He has been a MfM docent for the last 5 years+ and loves getting our own kids (and others) to love music as much as he does.

    Cari Pang Chen

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • That was an auditorium of “pure joy,” and who wouldn’t love being a part of that?!!

    Art Bouton

    Woodwind Dept. Chair, University Of Denver

  • An amazing children’s musician in Denver… He performs concerts for kids in all different venues across the country. He is really great. He’s got all these characters…songs…books…he is really talented.

    Shelby Sheehan

    NV Noizemaker & KRNV NBC News 4 Anchor

  • Thanks for the great show at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was my son’s 4th birthday. He loved the show & listened to the CD the whole way home & then again at home.

    Edie Hirsch

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • OK, I just had a chance to check out your live performance on your webpage!! I am stunned to amazement at how incredibly cool your act is!!!!… Bravo!

    Katie Brady the Music Lady

    Children’s Recording Artist & Performer

  • My son’s been singing ‘banana banana’ and ‘that’s just silly’ NONSTOP since saturday’s concert… He’s so into your music!

    Mythily Herz

    CO Noizemaker

  • I just got finished listening to your album to see if we might post it on our TinyTuneTown.com site. I was ASTOUNDED at the quality and creativity of your endeavor and I hope you are doing really well because you deserve to. Your album is incredible.

    Barbara Silberg

    Director of the famed West Los Angeles Children’s Choir

  • hello, i discovered you from a friend. anyway, i am still trying to get a handle on all the cool stuff you do and was hoping to see it in person, but apparently you like to tease southern californians by periodically visiting other areas and then coming to northern california but NOT coming down to LA and then going back to other regions then northern california….repeatedly. when will you be coming to LA (if ever?). will you, pretty pleeeeaasee??


    (If that is, in fact, your real name…)

  • “Schools teach students how to perform music and music history, but they don’t give students the opportunity to create music of their own” said Cory Cullinan, aka Doctor Noize. “Every other subject allows you to practice creating, there English lit classes and then there’s creative writing, there’s art history classes and then art classes, where you get to actually make things” said Cullinan, a former high school teacher. But when you get to music, there’s chorus and band. That’s it. I want kids to start thinking, “I could write a song?” So rather than just quietly listening to Cullinan perform his various instruments including keyboards, saxophone and, of course, a kazoo kids will also get to help arrange and record a song. “(The kids are) sort of shocked when they are able to just get up and do it”, he said. “They think there’s this wall between them and music. I don’t think we encourage kids enough to be creative musically. Kids just like to be part of the creative process.”

    Stacy Nick

    The Coloradoan

  • GREAT!

    Lucas Wilder

    Event Coordinator, City of Redwood City
    Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.

  • My daughter has really remembered the event and keeps saying “Phineas McBouf – that’s funny!” and Bananas so we’ll definitely be buying your album. I wish you could hear her inflection and see her glee when she says it. You’re so talented and funny, you really still seem like a kid yourself.

    Gina Silverman

    Northern CA Voice & Music Teacher

  • THANK YOU for all you did to provide the Pinewood Singers with such an amazing performance “road trip”!!! Christopher had a fabulous time! He told me that the singing — the performances, the preparation, the bus trips, the group time….all that was even more fun than Disneyland (which, of course was a great time, too!) He loves being part of this group. Honestly, I think if you wanted him to dress in leiderhosen and yodel, you could probably get him to do that, too….!!! You have an amazing gift for connecting with these teenagers, and we are SO lucky to have you in their school lives. Thank you, thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS on the awards as well!!

    Jeannette Beeger

    Mother of Doctor Noize’s former high school student

  • Thanks again for sharing the Dr. Noize brand of fun with us on Saturday. I can’t wait to hear the final version of Meat-eaters vs Horn-heads! The song is wonderful! Hope to see you again next summer, if not before.

    Lisa Thompson

    Manager of Public Programs, Utah Museum of Natural History

  • My kids listened to the noun town song all summer long. My 2 year old in particular liked to turn it on really loud from my phone app when we were at the grocery store, or church, or standing in line at the post office.
    A couple days ago I asked my second grader what she learned in school that day, and her whole face lit up when she replied, “we learned about nouns! My teacher asked us what a noun was and I told her a person, place or thing.” And for the record, I had no idea what an abstract noun was until I heard the song.

    Melissa Buecher

    CO Noizemaker

  • My daughter and son love your CD!!!!!!!!!

    Caroline Trebowski Colantuno

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • In concert, Cullinan takes a cue from Riley the Robot. He plays a multitude of instruments, including a laptop that he uses to create songs live on stage, layering vocal and instrumental parts and enlisting the young audience to help improvise.

    Rebecca Wallace

    Arts & Entertainment Editor, Palo Alto Weekly
    (read the full article & interview)

  • Over the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of mixing 3 records for children’s music artist Doctor Noize. His music is smart, funny, educational and–perhaps best of all–enjoyable for parents. Through music and books he teaches kids about our greatest form of art, and all of the styles within. His albums involve the evolution of a story surrounding Phineas McBoof and his colorful bandmates and friends. They have been on quite the journey and the next installment may be the biggest and most important step yet: classical music. Doctor Noize has composed a symphony–for recording and live performance–to teach kids about the most sophisticated form of music there is. The piece has been performed multiple times with full orchestras and has been a great success. And now it’s time to record it.

    Justin Peacock

    The Hook Factory

  • I went up to the front counter of a small children’s store in downtown Los Altos, aking if I could post your flyer in the front window. The owner was fairly negative in her initial response. But a mother with a 5 or 6 year old boy saw the poster and could not stop saying what a wonderful teaching entertainer you are. When her boy heard the name Dr Noize, he stood up and told his mother he just had to go to the show. It was amazing how fast the store owner’s attitude changed. She grabbed the flyer from me and immediately taped it to the window. I should have asked that mother and son to follow me around to all the stores. You’re developing quite a following!!!

    John Wooldridge

    Northern CA Noizemaker & Dr. Noize’s Stepfather!

  • Taking a page out of his high school teaching method (“make every lesson an adventure, not a seminar”), Cullinan introduces various musical instruments and styles as each band member joins the band. Cullinan is careful in the orchestration of each song to use only the instruments and voices available to the band at that specific point in the story. Yes, this CD does all that Cullinan says it does and yet it does much more than that. From the very beginning of the very first track, your child will be entertained by a story that is witty and funny and executed with finesse and humor. This band of creatures will make you laugh and hang on their every word and every bit of music they make…

    Charlotte Bohn

    Baltimore’s Child (read the full review)

  • I still think you are the brilliant one among all of us.

    Barbara Klaskin Silberg, a/k/a Mrs. Music

    Founder and director of the famed West Los Angeles Children’s Choir
    Children’s Songwriter

  • Thank you for a truly amazing week. You are fantastic! It was a joy to work with you… and it helped me get through the week having you there being you! :-) I look forward to working with you in the future!

    Katie Brown

    Executive Assistant & Stage Manager
    North State Symphony

  • It was so great to see you! You and Andy Z were fantastic…I just got so much pleasure out of watching you guys rock out!

    Debra Massey

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Your videos are terrific.


    Maui, HI Noizemaker

  • Thank you for coming to the school for teaching us how to record a song. I hope you become your dream. Sincerely, Dennis.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • You guys rock! Thank you mucho for donating back to Pinewood and helping us finally get Middle Campus renovated. We love your music!

    Michele Isaac

    Teacher, Pinewood School

  • I’m glad you enjoyed performing at Yahoo! We loved having you there. We definitely want to do it again next year.

    Andrea Joe

    Yahoo! Corporate Events

  • While attending Stanford, Cullinan met Kyle Wiley Pickett, now Music Director and Conductor of the North State Symphony. The two hit it off and became friends. They sang in the Stanford Chamber Chorale together, and performed together in operas for Bay Area school kids. They’ve kept in touch and have followed each other’s careers over the years…now both fathers, they are excited to be coming together again to blend their musical talents in this very special show for kids.

    Lisa Shara

    Editor, North State Parent Magazine (read the full article & interview)

  • Doctor Noize is beyond brilliant! Noun Town is definitely something to watch.

    Lori Henriques

    Acclaimed children’s musician

  • Thank you again for working with us on our event. If the voice of the child is is the measure of success then it was a resounding … yea, whoopee, fantastic! The adults enjoyed as well.

    Jennifer Landers

    University Of Denver Fisher Early Learning Center

  • Just wanted to let you know that our daughter Allison loves your CD, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof! She loves to dance around to it :) .

    Jana Lowe

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Your show was awesome! It was the first time (my kids) have seen a performance of any sort. They were totally mesmerized and loved it — hopefully you’ll return to the Bay Area for many future shows…

    Michelle Friedland

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Kaia really likes the book. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring.

    Brian Emery

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • Five stars. My child loves the games as well as the music! Good time.


    Bananas iTunes review

  • Wow… you drew a huge, happy crowd. Congratulations and once again, many thanks for giving Bus Barn the privilege of hosting your performances.

    Leslie Farrington

    Business Manager
    Bus Barn Theater

  • You talented sweetie!! (The boys’) Grandmother called last week from Washington. She emoted about the hit of their party…your books and thoughtful personalized inscriptions. They were thrilled and most impressed with your ingenuity. So much so she called from the car while going from one party venue to another. Thank you for giving them such a memorable memory and gift.

    Tammy Tossy

    Northern CA Noizemaker

  • My daughter came running through the house: “Daddy! Daddy! Placido the Flamingo and the opera guys know the Banana song!” Awesomeness.

    Adam Bock

    Scotland Noizemaker

  • I didn’t know how AWESOME you were until I saw your show… I was inspired by your concert to write a song on the guitar.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary

  • The concert was fantastic!!! We all loved the show and when we got home, my son was already asking if I knew when he’d be putting on another performance in the area.

    Melina Barnes

    Vancouver Noizemaker

  • We’ve been going “bananas” in our house since seeing you perform yesterday. (My son) has been roaming the house singing “Phineas McBook” and “Bananas” and saying “Doctor Noize” in a deep low voice. It’s quite funny. All he wants to do besides play football is to put a concert on which consists of him playing his golf club like a guitar and singing along to your songs. Anyhow, we really had a great time and (my son) can’t get enough of your CD.

    Teresa Taylor

    CO Noizemaker

  • The book really comes together, works great for our family. (Our son) laughs at the musical bottom every time… the one in your book that is.

    Craig Swanson

    Southern CA Noizemaker

  • Just saw (Grammaropolis)… It’s so good! My favorite part is where the grandma gets rejected haha.. does this make me a bad person?

    (Name Withheld To Protect Her Reputation…)

    Botswana, Africa (seriously)

  • Honorable Mention award: “Don’t Be Silly,” from Doctor Noize’s The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof.

    International Song Competition

    West Coast Songwriters Association

  • Congratulations on the success. The genre is a perfect outlet for your talent with music, wit, and charisma.

    Kathleen Pickett

    K-12 Curriculum Head, Pinewood School

  • Luv y’all! Thanks for rocking the KMA stage this weekend!!! Doctor Noize brings the crowd!

    Stacy Grant

    Kids Music Adventure Director
    Bohemian Nights @ NewWestFest

  • The new book & CD are awesome! By the way, my son saw the cover of the new Phineas book and said, “Hey, those are the people from the bananas game!

    Coert Voorhees

    Acclaimed Author & Mayor of Grammaropolis

  • Hi! Thank you! Thank you for making a song for us. You are relly Cool. Bye!


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • Strong aesthetic, quick paced, catchy song.


    Online Noizemaker

  • It was truly a treat to have a musician and entertainer of your caliber to Evergreen Middle School. Thank you for sharing your love for music and inspirational spirit with our students and staff. I hope we have another Noize experience in the future.

    Felicia Ross

    Principal, Evergreen Middle School

  • Musical styles range from rock, hip-hop, and polka to rap, blues, and show tunes. The vocals are very good, accompanied by terrific instrumental performances on electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, piano, harmonica, saxophone, synths, electronic drums and percussion, whistle, congas, cabasa, and cowbell. Elementary arts teachers can liven up their lessons with this fun production.

    Beverly Wrigglesworth

    School Library Journal (read the full review)

  • I just spent 5 years at college studying music history and theory that you managed to teach me in just a couple semesters back in junior high… I don’t think that I so much as encountered one name, piece or music characteristic in college that I was not already familiar with.

    Nathaniel Mela

    Doctor Noize’s former student

  • Dr. Noize – Are you a real Dr? And if so, what kind of doctor are you? Lenny Long Tail – Phineas says you were fiddling a really old kind of violin when he first met you. What’s the difference between a fiddle and violin?

    Benton Word

    TX Noizemaker (in a note to Dr. Noize)

  • Thank you for coming to our school and helping us wright a song and the lirics.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • My sons and I met you today at the Decker Library. We LOVED the show and are still listening to your cd… My family is very interested in coming to another one of your shows. Thank you for being so gracious with your time today!

    Pattie Kettle

    CO Noizemaker

  • Thank you for coming to our school and performing for us. I bet it was hard work setting all that up.


    Student, Eagle Ridge Elementary School

  • There’s a lot more to a children’s CD than just the music itself… “The Ballad of Phineas McBoof,” which chronicles the formation of a band, is full of characters whose stories “encourage kids to follow their muse.” Doctor Noize… believes children find more meaning in something when it’s attached to a figure they care about. “Every single character on the CD is somebody who decided to do his own thing despite the fact that people don’t understand,” he said.

    Julie L. Jones

    TD Monthly

  • In a just world, talent and its exercise should be duly rewarded, though Phineas professes to pursue the aims of art (the perfect song) over fame and fortune. Even the most cursory of listenings to this CD reveals how rich the author’s invention is, and one could be forgiven for jumping to the conclusion that the monkey is Cullinan’s alter ego. One hopes that the dumbo ears of Disney have not grown dumb to a genius of this caliber. Will the free market reward Cullinan for raising us up rather than dumbing things down? It rarely happens that way. But with compelling characters, glittering musical riches, and an abundant joy in song and dance, The Ballad of Phineas McBoof is the perfect gift, a CD whose covert mission is to educate children in music’s ethical and recreational powers and to do so with unbounded imagination and pleasure. Forget the banal Beethoven for Babies. The Ballad of Phineas McBoof is the musical primer of our times.

    David Yearsley

    Professor of Music, Cornell University (read the full published review)

  • Thanks for the fun afternoon in Fort Collins!! Very entertaining. We love your book too, thanks for the autograph!

    Brad Loucks

    CO Noizemaker

  • It was wonderful to see you at your Cubberley Show last Sunday. You are really quite the marvelous showman! And it was very sweet of you to recognize me in front of everyone. I’m very proud of your success and achievements and the years we spent together with Yamaha and piano lessons. (My grandson) enjoyed the show very much. When asked afterwards if he liked the show, he said “Yes, a lot!”

    Linda Jordan

    Dr. Noize’s childhood piano teacher! & Menlo School Music Director

  • My kids LOVE Phineas McBoof. It’s their favorite CD right now!.

    Andy Blackman Hurwitz

    Co-Founder of Baby Loves Disco,
    Baby Loves Jazz & Baby Loves Music

  • You brought fun to this town.

    Dr. PJ Ford Slack

    Principal, Sitka High School
    Sitka, AK

  • Your passion has always been an inspiration in my life and I always get teary-eyed when I talk about my high school experience with Pinewood Singers and how amazing you were as a role model. You started something new at Pinewood, touched so many lives, and broke some records with them and that is something I constantly try to do now that you have shown me that it is possible.

    Nana Kanzaveli

    Doctor Noize’s former high school student

  • My three year old is entranced by Dr. Noize. High praise from a kid who declares bluegrass to be “my music” and disdains Toddler Tunes in favor of Britten string quartets. “That guy is silly,” she says with a giggle.

    Sarah Long Holland

    MD Noizemaker

  • At the heart of Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest in Fort Collins lies the spirit of creativity and imagination. From the musicians I hear that it’s really wonderful to play at this event, but also that they can hear other musical talents, “kind of like a meeting of minds” added Hummell. That sentiment is echoed by Dr. Noize, who will be playing on the Kids Music Adventure stage, which Hummel believes is one of the best parts of the entire weekend because of the hands-on workshops and music education available for children and families alike. He plays upside-down music on keyboards, guitar, drums, saxophone and the kazoo, layering the instruments to build up in a loop, then adding vocals of the children and finally the adults in the audience. It’s not only about songwriting, but the creative process of making music.

    Lynette Chilcoat

    Loveland Reporter-Herald

  • i was just looking through your website again… and watched the video of the kaia song that you did at the show. i’m not sure i ever told you properly how amazing that was. i know it was a little overwhelming for kaia but i think she enjoyed it too. but maybe more significantly, it was a really amazing way to get all those people to express their love for her. it was a really cool thing to be a part of aside from the fact that i am her dad. being her dad too, wow…so very cool. so anyway, thanks again for that. the show was great, of course, but that little impromptu bit for her specifically was above and beyond.

    Brian Emery

    Father of Kaia Emery & Noizemaker Of The Month

  • Dr. Noize, you are soooo clever.

    Anita Nichols

    CA Noizemaker

  • You had them in the palm of your hand.

    Steve Weeks

    Chart-Topping Children’s Musician

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