• Cory Cullinan, the musician/genius/madman behind Doctor Noize is both a very funny and a very loquacious man. The interview below, which was conducted in late December, was even longer what’s printed below. I left out jokes and I left out even more of the obvious passion Cullinan brings to his unique family music project.

    Stefan Shepherd

    Zooglobble & NPR
    “Kids music worth sharing”

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Doctor Noize — a father and acclaimed family musician — knows that kids are the most creative adventurers in the world. These books — telling the same stories as the musical theater albums of the same name — respect the brilliance and color of a child’s imagination. Written and produced by Doctor Noize and featuring the meticulous 3D illustrations of Art Director Yan Miu and Dream Cortex, each book works as a stand-alone adventure or part of a larger multimedia story arc. Explore your Genius. Join The Band!

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