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Doctor Noize Live!…


“A high-energy, interactive, educational, and FUN concert for kids and their parents.” Bay Area Parent
Doctor Noize’s famed one-man-band show is the one most places book. A multi-instrumentalist and singer with the mind of a teacher and spirit of an entertainer, he performs his full stage show with his trademark high-octane positive energy, armada of instruments and looping technology galore. Audience members interact with the Doc to arrange and record songs live onstage. 45-60 minutes. Money tight? Use our Fundraising Program.
“I am stunned to amazement at how incredibly cool your act is!!!!… Bravo!” Katie Brady The Music Lady
“One of my favorite things is that he seamlessly weaves music education into his concerts. You can’t help but walk away feeling more musically inclined…” –Chris Walsh, School 180

Doctor Noize Unplugged…

“The greatest kids performer.” Dr. Toy


A scaled-down show for smaller venues, intimate library settings, classrooms and private parties. Just the Doc, his guitar, his voice, his kazoo — and his ridiculous doses of positive energy. Still includes plenty of audience participation. Sometimes includes improvised a cappella pieces with the crowd. Can include a book reading upon request. 30-45 minutes. Still a little short? Raise the money with our Fundraising Program.

“I was amazed at how you could give 100% of your energy from start to finish. –Lindsey Young, The Wildlife Experience


“How many people can capture the attention of 20 kindies and keep their undivided attention for an hour? I don’t even think most working teachers can do that. You are such a talent!!!”
–Emmy Dobyns

Doctor Noize  Symphony Showz…


“Your gift for inspiring kids is unparalleled.”
Maestro Kyle Pickett, North State Symphony


Doctor Noize brings his orchestral scores, Stanford music degree, unique approach to classical music appreciation, and experience as an award-winning music teacher and family musician to a highly energized and unforgettable concert with your orchestra. There’s nothing else like this show on the planet; ask anyone who’s been. Kids walk in thinking classical music is for blue-haired old ladies, and walk out thinking any adult who thinks kids can’t handle classical music is uncool. Two show options are available — Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony and Doctor Noize Goes Bananas! 60 minutes. Inspire the young with our most sophisticated art forms.


“Musician/genius/madman… the funniest guy in kids music.”
–Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

Doctor Noize Workshopz & Keynote Addresses…


A former high school Music teacher and Arts & Communications Department Head whose choir won the prestigious Disneyland Music In The Parks Festival over schools ten times larger, Doctor Noize is a master teacher who conducts innovative workshops, residencies and keynotes galvanizing elementary school students and teachers. Choose from Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize!, Compose Yourself!, Let’s Go Bananas!, his Live Learning Adventures, or his two challenging call-to-action Keynote Addresses. 45 minutes to 3-day residencies. Read all about ‘em and hear workshop songz written with kidz here.


“From the onset of the program to its conclusion the students were engaged, delighted, and involved. It is one week later and the students continue to ask when Dr. Noize will return.”
– Skip Johnson, El Crystal Elementary School