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Become A VIP Left Column

Wanna spend a few minutes having some fun, giving away stuff, and making the upcoming Doctor Noize Show in your community more awesome? Join our Band but skip the rehearsals. Become a Very Important Person for the upcoming Doctor Noize Show. It’s simple:


What VIP’s Do…

  • Give five VIP Tickets worth free stuff to friends with kids.
  • Write one email and Facebook post to your friends.

What VIP’s Get…

  • VIP Tickets for your kids for exclusive online and show perks.
  • A free signed copy of a Doctor Noize product of your choice.

That’s it! We told you it would only take a few minutes. Contact Doctor Noize directly to become a VIP.

Become A VIP Column 2



Yo Secret Santa! Any kid you give these tickets to gets…


  • A free exclusive Doctor Noize Mini Album.
  • A free Doctor Noize Product at the upcoming Show.
  • The opportunity to star with Doctor Noize onstage during the Exclusive VIP Song at the upcoming Show.

Sound like fun? It is. Not bad for one little ticket! Help us make some kids feel special. Become a VIP.

Teacherz Column 1

Are you a teacher? We think teachers are the coolest adults on the planet. Doctor Noize worked five wonderful years as a Music Teacher and Arts & Communications Department Head. We know your budget is tight.

Our productions help inspire creativity, curiosity and character in your students through music, art and words. Email Doctor Noize and he’ll send you our core commercial products for free. You can use them in conjunction with our free Learning Adventure curricula.

While you’re waiting for the products to arrive, you can introduce your students to our self-contained online Learning Adventures, The Banana Project and Who Dropped The Block?

Thank you for doing what you do and making the world a better place.

Your sidekick in kid-building,
Doctor Noize

VIN Column 1

Wanna have lots of fun and make a positive impact in your community? Join our Band. Become a Very Important Noizemaker.
What’s A Very Important Noizemaker?…
VIN’s work directly with Doctor Noize himself to bring an unforgettable event to your city. They’re inspired by music, humor, family and community. Together, we fuse all of those into one positive energy event. We at Doctor Noize Inc. provide you with cool opportunities for your friends before and after the Show. You are our Noizemaker on the ground, helping us connect with folks in town before the Doc arrives.
At Doctor Noize Inc., we do very little traditional promotion and marketing. Instead, we pour our passion and resources into creating great productions and organically partnering with Noizemakers to build meaningful events.
Contact Doctor Noize directly to get started. And learn exactly what VIN’s do and get to the right.

VIP Column 2

A special Noizemaker has given You a VIP Ticket for an upcoming Show. You must be a pretty awesome Very Important Person. What does this all mean? Well…


Present your ticket stub at the Creation Station activity table at an upcoming Doctor Noize Show. If you do…

  1. You’ll get a free Doctor Noize Guitar Pick Necklace. The same one Phineas wears in the books. The same one Doctor Noize wears onstage. Now you’re in the Band…

  3. VIP’s wearing the Doctor Noize Guitar Pick Necklace will be invited onstage to join Doctor Noize for a special VIP Song Performance at the upcoming Show. And…

  5. Your VIP Ticket is also a Backstage Pass for exclusive online fun: A Free Doctor Noize Mini Album and online training to rock with the Doc onstage at the Show.

Ready? What a silly question… You were born ready. Click on to go backstage for your Exclusive Online VIP Content

Backstage Column 1

Doctor Noize — who couldn’t do what he does without adventurers like you — is thrilled that you’ve earned his exclusive Backstage Pass. You’ve earned it for one of three reasons:

  1. A Noizemaker gave you a VIP Ticket for an upcoming Show.
  2. You are the proud owner of all our albumz and bookz.
  3. You are a magical monkey who randomly typed characters on the computer keyboard and arrived at this website page. Nice work.

So what do you get? Well…

(Who Dropped The Block? album cover image)

A Free Doctor Noize Mini Album, Who Dropped The Block? Rock around the block with four original Doctor Noize songs meticulously crafted in an infectious and nostalgic early rock ‘n’ roll style. It’s the exclusive soundtrack to our awesome online game — with the full songs only available here to Backstage Pass holders. Play and download it below!


(Player goes here.)

(You can download the songs in the player for free, and it has the album cover artwork attached if that’s possible.)

And speaking of shakin’ yer booty to throwback rock ‘n’ roll…

VIP Column 1

This page is Top Secret! Don’t tell anyone!! It’s time for You to join the Band at our upcoming show!!! Rumor has it you are the proud owner of one of the VIP Tickets below. Is that true??? Lucky you. Then read on at right for your mission…



Articles Right Column Text

Organic Love Rules…

Doctor Noize doesn’t spend much money seeking hoo-ha’s from the who’s who’s in children’s media anymore for our products. We’ve found the sophistication level of our releases to be inversely proportional to the interest level of the children’s media industry, and it tempts us to make things that are less awesome. Bananas! So we just do our thing and trust that Noizemakers, educators and superkids will support it. We invest in great productions instead of marketing, and things tend to work out.


At left are brave industry adventurers who’ve helped us spread the word at some point anyways. A few even supported us without being contacted by a publicist or sent an awards application fee! Now that’s crazy. If you’re in the family media and broadcast industry, are adventurous enough to promote sophistication to kids, and would like a free copy of our products — just ask! We’d be honored to send ‘em to you. And we’ll send any teacher our products for free.

Fundraisers Left Column

Doctor Noize — a former school teacher, lifelong musician, small business owner, and father — knows what it’s like to have limited funds at your disposal but still dream of big inspiring things for the kids in your life. That’s why the Doc will work with anyone who’s able to commit a little time and energy to bring a one-of-a-kind family event to your school, organization, or community. Find yourself short of the funds for a Doctor Noize show? Use our Fundraiser Program to bridge the gap. It’s simple, it’s effective, and here’s how it works:

  1. Decide which Doctor Noize Events you want to book.
  2. Contact for our current rates.
  3. Set a Fundraising Goal. Maybe you can pay half and need to raise the rest. Maybe you need to raise the whole thing.
  4. Print our simple Fundraising Drive Order Form and distribute them to everyone who’s helping raise the funds — kids, adults, musical monkeys, whoever. Everything they need to know is right on the form.
  5. Raise the money! Doctor Noize Inc. will let you keep $10 of every $15 product sold! That’s right. You keep all the profits from our products. Customers get imaginative, educational products and help sponsor an event to remember in their community. Dr. Noize gets to come share music and learning with you. Win/win/win!


That’s it! Together, we’ll create an unforgettable event for your school, organization, or community. We love people who put their energy to things their hearts want. That’s what Dr. Noize, Phineas, and the Band do every day. If you don’t raise enough money for the show, we’ll send the products you sold anyway — your organization can keep the money you raised for some other educational purpose. Just tell us what you’re gonna use it for! So no matter what happens, you’ve done something good.

See you soon! Yer buddy for life,
Doctor Noize

Banana Project Left Column Post

Doctor Noize — living his pledge to bring inspired music education to anyone with the passion to learn — has meticulously recorded a free full-length educational album online for you here, with the same great musicians who produced his for-sale albums.

Bottomus The Hip Popotamus

Five stars. Love it. That hippo is groovy. That monkey is a doozy. That octopus is the best eight-armed drummer I’ve ever seen.

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