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iTunes Essential Recording & Holiday Big Brand Relaunch!

Welcome to the October Noizeletter’s Halloween Dorktacular! Here are the Top Five Noizy Thingz…

(1) Doctor Noize Is An “iTunes Essentials Recording” For Halloween!

iTunes has named my song The Monster Dance (from The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof) an iTunes Essentials Recording. The song had monster sales last October — it sold almost 1,000 more copies than any other song on the album that month — and I wondered if I had switched bodies with Justin Bieber or something. A little snooping unveiled that the song was prominently featured last Halloween (and this Halloween) on iTunes as an Essential Recording. Check it out here.

(2) December Is Our Big Brand Relaunch Month!

Doctor Noize’s new, expanded multimedia world will bust out from our top-secret production facilities in North America, Asia, and the Island Of Thelonious to join your family for adventures in the real world in December. Our amazing team has been working six months to reimagine everything from the ground up, and I couldn’t be more excited about the results — so much so that I’m adding the suffix “-acular” to as many words as possible in this Noizelacular. (It is my favorite morpheme.) Here are the details…

(3) New Productions Will Be Ready For Fans For The Holidays!

We’re gonna start nostalgicacular and launch our first new Noize products the way I launched the first CD independently in 2006 — announcing it online to fans and friends first. In fact, our whole initial business model is based on creating insanely high quality products but promoting them with an organic grassroots approach — an indie label with an established mainstream production team. Crazy cool. The first productions will be available for the holidays. Details in the November Noizeletter.

(4) So What Are We Launching In December?

An enhanced The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof Album, featuring our shiny New Single, I’m With The Band (upgrade price for original customers). A brand new Book of the same name in sparkling new 3D animation. Our first 3D Animated Video, Banana. Our first muzical iPhone Game App, Bananas! Gorgeous new Shirtz. The foundation of a new Destination Website-acular with Online Games and sizzling Learning Adventures packed with new free recordingz. A National Tour to most top metros.

(5) And Finally… A Glimpse Into The Near Future!

The next two Dr. Noize recordingz and bookzThe Return Of Phineas McBoof and The Next Phineas McBoof — are already under production for 2011 and 2012 release. They continue the musicalacular adventures of the band and will launch a line of videoz, DVD’s, mobile appz, booger launchers, and more.* One of the new characters in those releases makes a cameo in the Banana video. His name’s Mama’s Boy, he’s the Noizemaker Of The Month, and if you think he’s scary… wait ’til you see Mama.

Thanks from yer buddy for life,
Doctor Noize

*P.S. Booger Launchers are a popular item and thus hard to keep on the shelves and subject to availability.

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