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Doctor Noize Signs Dream Multimedia Deal!

Welcome to the July Noizeletter — with the most awesomestest newz of Dr. Noize’s career! On to the Top Five Noizy Thingz

(1) Doctor Noize Signs Dream Partnership!

I’ve just signed a dream partnership with Hong Kong based media, entertainment and technology company Outblaze. Through its subsidiaries and business partnerships, Outblaze has produced a wealth of content, from the Hello Kitty 3D animated videos and online world to online and video games for Ben 10, Tom & Jerry and others. They also create the popular Dream Cortex kids’ mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, and many of their products have gone on to be top sellers. Outblaze has joined with Dr. Noize to form a new company — Doctor Noize Inc. — to expand the Dr. Noize brand for years to come! And no, this is no April Fool’s joke.

(2) What It All Meanz For The Monkey Man…

We’re already at play I mean work developing an expanded line of interactive, edutaining, monkeytastic Dr. Noize productions that include Recordingz, Bookz, 3D Animated Videoz, DVD’z, iPhone Appz, iPad Appz, Merchandize, Online Games, free Educational Content, and annual National Tours to most major US metros and Hong Kong (check for more listings soon). I’m the Creative Director on all productions, so if anything sucks, blame me. I recently spent a week in Hong Kong with the animation and programming team, and 3D models of the characters already exist! This is honestly my creative dream come true.

(3) The New Team!

I suppose now is the time to tell you my other exciting news: I’m joining LeBron James and Dwayne Wade on the Miami Heat. I apologize that I did not schedule an hour of programming on ESPN to relay this information. Oh wait, hold on… I have just been informed that was Chris Bosh, not me. We have similar dunking styles and the casual fan hasn’t heard of either of us, hence the confusion. So scratch that — I am not joining the Miami Heat, but many talented people are joining me at Doctor Noize Inc.! Scroll to the bottom or click to see who’s signed with the New Doctor Noize Inc. Team.

(4) The Noizemakers Of The Year

…are Adam Bock, Craig Swanson, Coert Voorhees, Janette Cullinan, and Weldon Dodd — my Crack Advisor Squad who’ve spent over six months assessing all Big Noizy Bizness. No known words could properly thank them, so I will follow the example of Shakespeare’s sister Sarah Palin and invent one: Thanksalicious! Everyone at Doctor Noize Inc. would also like to thank Christian Lowe for being our original illustrator. Christian’s illustrations have brought joy and curiosity to many children, including my own. And finally…

(5) Thank YOU Noizemakers!

Without you, none of this would’ve happened. You’ve all helped build this success. I’m grateful to you, I’m grateful to Dave Kim and Outblaze for the commitment they’ve made to expanding Doctor Noize with me, and I take the faith you’ve all placed in me very seriously. (Seriously is a relative word in my case…) I will honor this opportunity by endeavoring to prove you right, and I hope to be rolling into a city near you in the next year. Contact us if you’d like to be a Very Important Noizemaker — regional Noizemaker leaders who rally the troops and take part in great fun thingz in return. Here’s to the future!

Thanks from yer buddy for life,
Doctor Noize

P.S. The great irony of this year’s April Fool’s Noizeletter was that the deal above was already well under way, and the real story is way better than my fictional iPad story was… but I couldn’t publicize the information yet.

P.P.S. Here’s a partial list of the new Doctor Noize Inc. team:

Cory Cullinan
: CEO, Creative Director & Performing Artist
Weldon Dodd: Noizemaker #1, Gorilla Marketing & VIN Director
Lisa Shara: Booking Secret Agent (Shhhh!)
Very Important Noizemakers (VIN’s): Regional Noizemaker leaders

David Kim
: Executive Director
Benjamin Yiu: Project & Business Manager
Chun Yan Miu: Lead Animator & Art Director
Dream Cortex: Animation & Game Production

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