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Planes, Meals & Holiday Deals!

Welcome to the October Noizeletter!

What, you got a problem receiving the October Noizeletter in mid-November? Talk to management. They will give you a complaint form to fill out. (Note: There is no “deliver to” address on the form.) Things have been very busy. Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz

1) Holiday Gift Packs!

Well, there are window decorations all over my local Target wishing me a Merry Christmas!, and the nearby gated communities have decided to shine light on the downtrodden and poor by enlightening the world with their Christmas decoramas even earlier than usual this year.* It’s a wonderful life. (Hey! A hundred bucks to the first company with the mojo to start advertising for Christmas before Halloween in 2010!) In any event, this all reminds me that it is time to get the Holiday Gift Packs up and going again. This year’s gift packs are a Signed Doctor Noize CD and Book for $30 — including gift wrapping and a personalized note. Email Pictoria Creations — including the gift recipients’ names and addresses — and we’ll mail ‘em out well before Christmas.

2) We Raised 2,860 Music Meals!

Dr. Noize went soft and played two Giving Back Showz last month instead of one. Sorry about that. I know, I know, my bizness is not a toy. Whatever. The shows are fun and it felt right. Anyway, at the show in Reno, we rocked the house and raised enough money to buy 2,860 meals for the hungry through the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Golly Beav, those meals must be even more nutritious and cost-effective than Costco pizza. While in town I got to tape a few segments for the NBC Reno affiliate. Watch this live performance on KRNV with my new little superstar friend Peyton!** On an interview segment, I informed the NBC anchor that my Reno Giving Back Show was all part of my highly controversial Pro-Eating political platform. That one kind of flew over her head, but, ya know, you never know until you try.

3) California, There I Went…

…is admittedly not as catchy a tune as California, Here I Come. Nonetheless, I was back in the State Of Moving Bridges last weekend to kick off the grand opening of the incredible new $30 million Lafayette Library & Learning Center. I’m assuming they went with hardcovers — that’s a lot of dough for paperbacks. I am actually writing this Noizeletter from a plane on the way back from California. Look up — yeah, that’s me. I’m not intentionally looking down on you. I’m heading home to play a bunch of Colorado shows this month for those near the Rockies!

4) Flying With Phineas?

On the subject of flying… I just received some nice royalty checks for Dr. Noize broadcasts on airlines ranging from Frontier to Jet Blue. Has anybuddy noticed Dr. Noize on their flights? I was not aware of this. I have never noticed Dr. Noize on my flights; except, of course, that I am actually on the flight, and I am Dr. Noize. But you know what I mean. You would think that maybe somebody would have told me my music was on all these airplanes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I cashed the checks anyway, without worrying about the overly-analytical and pesky Why am I being paid this money? question that only bean-counters and sissies would ask…) If only all my lack of business awareness could be so lucrative. But if you ever hear Dr. Noize on a flight, please be a dear and let me know.

5) “The Best Newsletter In Kids Music”

I recently learned this Noizeletter has been lauded by Stefan Shepherd in his influential family music blog Zooglobble as “the best newsletter in kids music.” Now, I take issue with this on many levels. First of all, how many children’s music newsletters are there, really? Secondly… The dude completely ignored the release of The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof — but he reviewed my Noizeletter. Isn’t that sort of like publishing reviews of TV Guide capsules? (I must admit I got that TV Guide capsule joke from Stefan himself. That’s right, I’m lampooning the Zooglobble guy with his own joke. It’s complicated.) Stefan has since blogged about my song The Most Annoying Children’s Song Ever. If you haven’t been harassed by this song yet, you should check it out. So Stefan beat out EVERYBUDDY to earn Noizemaker Of The Month. Globble globble on over to Zooglobble this Thanksgiving month and tell him you and the Doc say hi.

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

* P.S. I made that word up.
** P.P.S. Astute viewers will note the NBC Reno anchor inadvertently gives away my top secret alter ego live on air. That sort of cr@p never happens to Hannah Montana. Mylie, you listening?

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