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Symphony Spectacular, NBC Morning Show, Bay Area Showz & Another Free Song!

Welcome to the September Noizeletter!

Sorry for the delayed update… It’s the final day of a crazy busy September! Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz

1) Spectacular Symphony Showz!

“The symphony concerts we performed with Doctor Noize were spectacular!” said North State Symphony Maestro Kyle Pickett last weekend. “I have never seen kids respond to with so much enthusiasm to a classical music concert.” No, the Maestro’s not on the sauce. Last week opened a new chapter in family concerts: Doctor Noize Symphony Showz. Orchestral versions of Banana and The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof. A concert hall full of kids raising both hands to correctly identify the arrival of Theme 2 during a performance of Beethoven’s 5th. The Maestro ditching his tux pants for board shorts halfway through (don’t ask). Wanna check out my orchestral score for Banana? Here it is. It’s the only known score that calls upon the orchestra to yell: “Eat red meat!” The North State Symphony was incredible at these shows, and it was my honor to play everything from harpsichord to guitar with them. Read these two interview articles from North State Parent Magazine and the Redding Record Searchlight for more on the genesis of these shows. This is only the beginning.

2) A Noizy NBC Morning Show!

Doctor Noize will be giving a live performance and interview October 15th on the NBC 4 Reno morning show. My action/adventure superhero daughters and I will be getting up very early on the road for this, so please get yer booty outta bed and watch it! Then you can fly back home and go back to bed.

3) Big Bay Area Shows!

Big Noize for Bay Area folks in October… I’m playing two shows at the Community School of Music & Arts (CSMA) at Finn Center in Mountain View, CA. The gorgeous performing space, Tateuchi Hall, is one of my favorite venues to play in the country. But you haven’t heard the best part: Both shows are free to the public, courtesy of Target, who is sponsoring the event. (Editor’s Note: My family considers SuperTarget of Lone Tree, CO our home away from home, and not just for the exquisite Pizza Hut ‘n’ Mac ‘n’ Cheese Diner inside.) A donation to CSMA is greatly appreciated but not required. Note this quote from the CSMA website: “Due to event popularity, guests often arrive early to form a line. We do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.” Just like on Oprah.

4) And The Winner Is…

Wanna hear something funny? Listen to the Absolutely Mindy Theme Song I wrote for XM / Sirius Kids Place Live Radio last month. I wrote, played, sang and mixed the whole thing in one goofy afternoon. They played it on air but ultimately chose an entry by Justin Roberts, a rather obscure artist who is not nearly as well known to Dr. Noize’s mother as Dr. Noize is. Justin does not get nearly enough mainstream media attention or credit for his largely inaccessible avante garde family music, so I think I speak for all childrens’ musicians when I say I’m really excited for him that he won this competition. It should be really great for his career. By the way, Justin plays my home base of Denver at the Soiled Dove Underground on October 10th. I recommend you go and ask him to play Dr. Noize’s version of the Absolutely Mindy Theme Song.*

5) Noizemaker Of The Month!

The Noizemaker Of The Month is the great Ned Pickett of Cottonwood, CA. The boy loaned his father out to me this week to conduct the symphony showz. Ned had a tough time managing his family last week, what with his father conducting two family and two adult orchestral concerts to open the season, his grandparents visiting, Dr. Noize in town, a three-week-old younger brother Grant, and a sleep-deprived mother due to the aforementioned Muy Mini Maestro Baby Grant. Still, Ned held the fort down with grace, agility, and the iron fist of discipline. I respect Ned’s respect for rank: No matter how much I got to know Ned last week, he never deigned to call me Cory. It was always Dr. Noize. That’s just how Ned rolls. I am trying to get him to refer to his father as Herr Doctor Maestro Pickett — I’ll keep you posted on that. Plus, Ned knows tractors like nobody’s bizness. Hey Ned! Doctor Noize misses you already. I can’t wait to see you again next year.

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

* P.S. Disappointing those who crave Reality TV Controversy, Justin pre-approved my rant and thought it was funny.
* P.P.S. That’s because I have video of Justin performing Rick Astley covers.

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