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Hip Hoppin’ Energy & Get The Gooderies!

Welcome to the August Noizeletter! Time for the gooderies! (Read on for details…) Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz

1) Come to NewWestFest!

Come this weekend to one of my favorite annual festivals: Fort Collins’ great Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest! Melissa Etheridge is the adult stage headliner; Doctor Noize is the Kids Music Adventure headliner. Who do you think will draw more? (Please do not answer that question — in retrospect, it was a poorly conceived rhetorical question that indeed does not shed the best possible light on Doctor Noize or family music in general… Webmaster Weldon, how do I delete that last sentence?) Here’s a good article published today about this amazing free festival, featuring ample quotes from yours truly.

2) And Now… A Moving Grooving Tribute To Funky Frogz!

Hop on over to the free Funky Frogz, a song written and recorded by Doctor Noize and a group of delirious amphibian-loving kids from the tough streets of Salt Lake City. Okay, fine, maybe their life ain’t so tough… but these kids can sing! Listen to that frogtastic mojo, baby. We wrote and recorded this song together in one hour at the Utah Museum Of Natural History. Next year I’ll be back to write a song with the kids about dinosaurs for a brand new exhibit.

3) Locked On Energy!

A big thanks to Utah’s top-ranked afternoon sports talk radio host for recommending my Utah shows to his listeners. Many of you know I’m a sports and fitness fanatic. David Locke, the high energy host of KFAN AM‘s Locked On Sports and the Utah Jazz‘s play-by-play announcer, may be the only man on the planet who has more things to say per minute than I do… David assesses the most energized athletes in the world for a living and had this to say about Doctor Noize: “Parents — this is a must see. My kids love Dr. Noize. His show is creative and had unreal energy. Make sure you put it on the schedule. You will thank me, I promise. This guy is completely amazing. He is insanely creative. It will be a blast. Trust me, the kids will love it.” And here’s the best part: I’m not even on the ‘roids.

4) Fun With Theme Songz!

XM / Sirius fans — listen to Mindy’s show on Kids Place Live! next week. She asked listeners to submit concepts for an Absolutely Mindy! Theme Song, and a certain professional family musician with the initials “D.N.” could not resist spending a goofy afternoon in the studio trying to make her laugh. So listen next week for my version and the theme songs submitted by other listeners, many of whom are little kids sending in adorable stuff. And no matter what anybuddy says, Mindy does not have off-air heart-to-hearts with her life-size poster of Zac Efron in the studio in between songs. I don’t know where you even heard that, but emailing that to everybuddy you know is definitely how rumors get started.

5) Noizemakers Of The Month!

The Noizemakers Of The Month are my two inspiring and energizing action/adventure superhero daughters, Riley and Sidney — the two main reasons I started this career in the first place. My girls have been to a million Dr. Noize shows but always wanna go to more. Living with them is everything anybuddy could ever want out of life. Here are two sample quotes from them, both from yesterday. Riley (4 years old): “Mommy, can you carry me? I’m not getting any younger.” And Sidney (6 years old): “Daddy, they should call it the goodery store, not the grocery store, because getting healthy food is good for you, not gross.” Sidney and Riley: I love you and you are the bestestest buddies in the world!!!

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. Mommy, can you carry me too? I’m not getting any younger either.
P.P.S. Sidney and I are heading off to the goodery story if you need anything.

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