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Frogs, Mail Chimps & Noizemakers!

Welcome to the July Noizeletter! Many states and more monkeys this month! Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz

1) Bay Area, Utah & Colorado Tours This Month!

A wild week this week: Today I play the Rocky Mountain resort town of Keystone. Then it’s Bay Area shows at Yahoo! and the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum on Friday. Saturday a full show kicks off the grand opening of a brand new Denver metro library. And on August 1st, I invite everybuddy and their cousins to my big show at the Utah Museum of Natural History. (People in Utah have a lot of cousins…) Sign up for my songwriting workshop there to help write a song about frogs for the museum’s Toadally Frogz exhibit. Oh Kermie!!! Oh Piggie. Check out all the links at the Showz page.

2) The Article That Could’ve Been…

Speaking of the Bay Area, here’s a great blog post (with an awesome title) by Rebecca Wallace, Arts & Entertainment Editor of the Palo Alto Weekly. It’s too bad I sent out my High School Musical 4 correction email on April 2nd — otherwise, it sounds like there would’ve been a really great article in the Palo Alto Weekly the following week…

3) Updates Faster Than A NanoMicroSteveJobsTechnoSecond!

Our latest updates go out of date even faster than last month’s iBrains. (Don’t have an iBrain yet? You will.) The Acoustic Loopfest! shows have already been updated to the way totally mondo cooler Doctor Noize Lite! showz — before I even performed an Acoustic Loopfest show. I invested time and money and rethunk my “middle tier” show program to contain almost all of the core elements of the full show in a streamlined format. There’s no saxophone, no electronic drums, and less spectacle. What remains are guitars, keyboards, audience interaction, vocals and computer loop recording galore. All in just two carry-on and two check-in bags. Hail the cutting edge of technology! The bottom line: Venues across the country can now book Dr. Noize for a totally unique but much more affordable touring show. So I expect to make music with more Noizemakers in more places from now on.

4) Mail Chimp Goes Bananas!

So we’ve like totally gone pro and hired a Mail Chimp. You read that right. Here’s a quote from a satisfied customer on MailChimp’s home page: “MailChimp passed a long and detailed list of requirements with flying colors.” Uh, right. MailChimp also passed our stringent requirement list, which consisted of a single question: Is your mascot a monkey? That’s just how we make decisions over here. I mean just look at this great mail monkey! He could totally hang with Phineas. Our Noizeletter template isn’t quite dressed up for the ball yet, but I predict soon we’ll have an email template even better looking than Sarah Palin in retirement fishing boots.* Why? Here’s a Top Secret Peek inside our incredible creative workflow: Webmaster Weldon gets an idea to update something. He does all the brainy work and skillfully manages my fear of change. (Sample dialog that occurs for virtually every single update… Doctor Noize: “But that will be more work for me, right?” Webmaster Weldon: “No.” Noize: “But you really mean yes, right?” Weldon: “No means no.”) So Weldon slaps it up there for the general public. Soon illustrator Christian Lowe can’t stand having his name associated with something so ugly; he succombs to temptation and ignores his real responsibilities to stay up too late and make it perfect. Ultimately Weldon gets his way and I get the benefit. (Editor’s note: Weldon, don’t send this Noizeletter to Christian or he might figure this process out.)

5) Noizemakers Of The Month!

The Noizemakers Of The Month are siblings Kai, Rowan and Jasmine from Highlands Ranch, CO. Jasmine is an expert dancer and made her own Doctor Noize Banana shirt. Kai and Rowan are excellent kazoo techs and — as their T-Shirts demonstrate — are proud members of The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses. Thanks Kai, Rowan and Jasmine!

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

* P.S. I’ve decided to “shake up children’s music as usual” by stepping down early as Dr. Noize.
* P.P.S. This is because I’m a great point guard, passing the ball on to other family musicians… Oh forget it — I’m still Dr. Noize.

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