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Radio Hosting, Symphony Concerts, A New Show & Wocking Wisconsin!

June Noizeletter! Here comes the sun! It’s all right. Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz

1) Doctor Noize Guest Hosting On XM Kids Radio!

I’ve been invited to be a Guest Host this summer on XM Kids Radio! I’ll be discussing and playing some of my favorite family music, talking to brilliant and crazy guests, and sharing my love of music and delicious Spamâ„¢ sandwiches on national radio. Rumor has it there may be segments of my show that are not entirely serious. Surely this will be the downfall of XM Radio, perhaps even civilization as we know it. (Want proof? True story: I once wrote a song for the long-running network soap Another World, which had been on air for 35 years. My song was played on the show, and just months later… the show was cancelled. That’s power, baby.) My Guest Host funfest this summer will replace my previously announced live concert on XM Kids Radio. So… I am no longer playing a live concert on XM Radio on June 19th — my Doctor Noize Live concert on XM will happen on a later date. You’ll hear about it here first.

2) Doctor Noize Symphony Concerts This Fall!

I can hardly contain my happy-go-goo-goo for this one: Doctor Noize has been hired as the the soloist for two California orchestral concerts in September with the North State Symphony! Doctor Noize (fake Doctor of music) (crazy) and maestro Kyle Pickett (real musical Doctorate) (geek) are joining forces for two family orchestral concerts this fall. Yowza wowza bo bowza banana fana fo fowza! Some of you know that my background actually does support this crazy event — I have a classical music degree from Stanford and taught music history for five years. I’m really excited about the opportunity to link two of my favorite things — kids and the concert hall. (If we could only get Hasselhoff involved, then we could link three of my faves… Pickett, are you listening???) Herr Maestro and I promise these events will be very solemn and absolutely no fun at all, especially the rockin’ tuba solo. Details are forthcoming…

3) The Acoustic Loopfest Is Here!

Venues! I’ve added a new Doctor Noize show program level due to a consistent demand for it: The Acoustic Loopfest! It features vocals galore, acoustic guitar, and saxophone, all loop recorded live with audience interaction into an amplified frenzy of sound. It’s bigger than the Acoustic Mini Concert (voice, kazoo and guitar with no PA), smaller than the full-instrumentation Doctor Noize Live! (which adds electric guitar, percussion, keyboard, the red synth AX, crazy FX and the world-famous Dr. Noize pedalboard), and faster than a speeding bullet (actual superhero results may vary). The Acoustic Loopfest! gives a taste of the loopy uniqueness of a Doctor Noize Live! show without the travel expense of the big show. So all those tour venues who haven’t been able to afford an amplified Dr. Noize show in the past… Now you can. Highly trained monkeys from the Island of Thelonious await your call.

4) Another New Show Poster!

Last month we debuted the first of Christian Lowe’s two new Doctor Noize show posters for venues to use. This month we debut the second poster, the one with me and Hannah Montana totally thrashing Barney in a WWF match. That’s real purple blood, too. Wait, hold on… Apparently we did not get clearance for that poster idea. Oh well, this poster is pretty good too.

5) Noizemakers Of The Month!

Well, it was wonderful wast weekend wocking the wide wild world of Wisconsin. I found fine friends in fantastic family folks. Fabulous! So June’s Noizemakers Of The Month are Taran and Kenna Bock of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, who are just about the most lovable Dr. Noize fans possible. I think they know more about Dr. Noize than I do. After the show, Taran gave me a big hug, thanked me politely and effusively for all the songs I played… and then wistfully (and accurately) listed every single Doctor Noize song I didn’t play at the show. He asked if I’d play them next time. Taran: Yes! Just remind me which ones they were. Thanks so much for the joy you shared with me, Taran and Kenna — it is a true gift.

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. Ms. Montana could probably take the purple dinosaur on her own without my assistance. I’ve seen her show.
P.P.S. Remove yerself at any time from this list by responding “No Barney death match, no mailing list.”

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