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Fun With Baby Names

New and expecting parents! Here’s a fun site for you. At, you can peruse a whole bunch of potential baby names and learn their meanings and sources. For example, you can learn that the name Ailbhe means “noble or bright,” but is “fast becoming outdated and old-fashioned.” (Note to reader: If you needed the second half of that description to let you know that Ailbhe was no longer an upcoming hip baby fashion name, then you really need this site.)

To my chagrin, the name “Ebeneezer” is not included on Perhaps in version 2.0? Anyway, go check it out and have some fun.

Dragons Licking Lollipops Instead Of Eating Dr. Noize

It’s the March Friday The 13th Noizeletter!

It’s lovely to see you again. Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Scary Spring Thingz…

1) Doctor Noize Live! (Has a nicer ring to it than Doctor Noize Dead!)

Come to this month’s Showz in CO and CA! For those in San Francisco’s North and East Bay, I’m returning to the beautiful bayside Bay Area Discovery Museum! For those in the South Bay, I’m at the tantalizing Tateuchi Concert Hall in Mountain View. And for those in San Francisco’s Alternate Reality Bay, picture me on a boat in a river with a walrus sitting on a corn flake waiting for the van to come. You know who you are.

2) Bay Area Joint Concert with Andy Z!

Now hold on there, you Bay Area hippies — this is not the kind of “joint concert” that the Grateful Dead and Phish play… Rather, it’s a show where Andy and I jointly play together. Just wanted to get that clarified. Honestly, the places your mind goes sometimes. This is an annual fan favorite, as we are not playing separate sets, but playing an entire set of each other’s songs as a duo! You know, sort of like Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. And no matter what Andy says, I am Troy Bolton in this dynamic duo. Get yer tickets here and attend the pizza party with me and Andy too!

3) Dragons Licking Lollipops!

Check out this rockin’ song that scares Dr. Noize to pieces on Friday the 13th. My only protection from absolute terror is the part about licking lollipops. The song was written and recorded in 75 minutes with a group of fearless families attending my Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize! workshop at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Song workshops can be added at any venue booking a show!

4) Play Where’s Noizo? At The Justin Roberts Show!

A few months ago, Justin Roberts played my old hometown in CA. Now he’s playing near my new hometown in CO. In short, this guy gets around, and his band is like the most popular kids’ band who’s name doesn’t start with a W. So you should go to his big show in Boulder tomorrow and play the hilarious and zany game based on the popular book series Where’s Noizo? That’s right, Doctor Noize and his three babes (action/adventure superhero daughters and their übermom) will all be in the audience dancing and singing. So you could go see Justin’s great show and stalk my family, all in one great family friendly outing. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

5) Bart Kaufman Is Noizemaker Of The Month!

March’s Noizemaker Of The Month is the great Bart Kaufman of Indianapolis. Last week, hundreds of families enjoyed concerts, workshops, and book readings thanks to the fantastic programming and marketing of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the generous sponsorship of Bart Kaufman. Dragons Licking Lollipops?… It wouldn’t exist without Bart. Doctor Noize events for the next four years at the world’s largest children’s museum?… They wouldn’t exist without Bart. The development of nanotechnology?… Okay, fine, that would probably exist without Bart. But two outta three ain’t bad. Thanks for supporting both Doctor Noize and your community, Bart!

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. Here’s a little insider info… At the song workshop, one kid wanted a song about dragons, one kid wanted a song about lollipops, and one kid wanted a song about “Yeah!” Why choose one when we can have ‘em all at once?

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