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Tours, National Broadcasts, Grammies & Cookies!

It’s the February Noizeletter!

Hello Dears. (That’s senior slang!) Here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz…

1) More Fun On XM Kids!

I’ve heard from at least one of you who heard me on XM Kids Place Live radio with Mindy again last month. Mindy called to ask me live on air about a recent show I played where I had a, um, wardrobe malfunction. She read about it in my blog. If there is one person in this world kookier than I am, it just might be Mindy. The woman almost makes me feel sane. In any event, she invited me on air to come play a live show on the XM Kids Rumpus Room, and I accepted. So…

2) Get On The Tour Bus!

Doctor Noize will be performing a live nationally broadcast show for an XM studio audience in Washington DC on Friday, June 19th. Additional likely 2009 Tour stops now include Omaha, Minneapolis, Sun Prairie, Chicago, Pittsburgh, DC, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Reno, Sacramento, Grand Junction, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and the Moon. Wanna have some fun and get involved when the tour comes to your neck of the woods? Contact me to become a VIN (Very Important Noizemaker). VIN families get involved in organizing their local shows have some extra fun with Dr. Noize while I’m in town. Whether it’s a little acoustic library show or a nationally broadcast full band show, making it all happen on a grassroots level with other Noizemakers is still what it’s all about.

3) Did You See The Grammy I Won Last Weekend?

Oh wait, sorry, that was Robert Plant. My bad. I always get the two of us confused. But you must admit that my rendition of Burnin’ Up was rockin’. Hold on a second… Somebody just told me that was the Jonas Brothers. Again my apologies. But I did love all the incredible classical, world and jazz performances they had in the celebration of the world’s greatest music. Wait a moment… I have just been informed that there was no classical, world music or jazz on the Grammy broadcast, so obviously that is not some of the world’s finest music. Justin Timberlake performing twice is. In any event, I watched the whole 3-hour broadcast, so I can tell you with great excitement that the Children’s Music Grammy winner was… was… Oh, sorry, I actually have no idea, that didn’t make the broadcast either. But Kanye West rapped twice. Wow. Awesome.

4) Another Indy Adventure!

No, I am not starring as Harrison Ford’s grandson in the franchise’s fifth installment, Indiana Jones & The Senior Power Scooter Geritol Run. Although I’ve read the screenplay and it’s quite good — even better than an episode of Matlock or Murder, She Wrote. And that’s saying something. Rather, I will be performing a whopping eight times at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis early next month. If you’ve never been to the world’s largest children’s museum, you should like totally go dude. It’s rocking.

5) Noizemaker Of The Month!

The Noizemaker Of The Month is Jack Eikelberner, who recently celebrated his birthday in style with a Doctor Noize show. Jack’s ascension for one month to the Almighty Noizemaker Throne was assisted in no small part by his industrious and energetic mother, who had these totally rad Doctor Noize character cookies made for the occasion. Hippo has never tasted so delicious. Congrats to Jack and his mom!

Love yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. I thought Kanye’s second performance was superior to his first.
P.P.S. I thought Justin’s first performance was louder than his second.

Have Some Fun & Get Involved!

As I get ready to do a lot more touring and visit a lot more cities this year, I wanted to extend an invitation and request to all of you out there across the country to have some fun and get involved with the Doctor Noize showz.

Things are growing and that is good. I am getting more calls from more cities across the country to perform. The truth is, though, that I kinda love my kids and my wife and my hometown a lot, and balancing my desire to bring Doctor Noize to as many kids as possible and my desire to spend as much time with my wife and my kids and hometown friends as possible is always a challenge.

On the other hand, the greatest thing about going on the tours is connecting and sharing music and life with all the new and old friends along the way. And this is where the VIN‘s (Very Important Noizemakers) come in. VIN’s do two vital things for which I am very grateful:

(1) They help me organize, promote, and even book shows in their area.
(2) They help make me feel more at home, and less on the road, while I’m there.

In return, VIN’s have a lot of fun, earn my eternal friendship and gratitude and often become good friends (which makes us both lucky), and often even get to have a little extra fun. This may come in the form of informal acoustic mini concerts and book readings at their homes, coming up onstage to do something a little extra at a Doctor Noize show, or just a fun family dinner with Doctor Noize after a show.

In short, I really, really believe in the grassroots nature of family music and books, and this grassroots is essential to the survival and flourishing of the type of music and books I want to create. I will continue to create shows, books and recordings with an independent spirit , with both kids and parents in mind, and with a sense of fun coupled with an elevated opinion of the type of music and interactive creativity that kids and parents can handle. And if you agree with me on that, then you are exactly the kind of person I’d like to work with when I come through town, and I have no doubt that we will both have fun making it happen.


If you live in one of the areas of my expected tour routes this year, or even another area where you’d like Dr. Noize to perform, and you’d like to have a little fun and help make the showz a smashing success… Contact me and let’s all inspire kids about music, words and creativity together.

Thanks from yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

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