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Your Free Holiday Gift & My Backbone!

Welcome to the December Noizeletter!

Happy Holidays! No, not you… You! I don’t know that other guy. Here’s a gift and this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz…

1) Phineas Is A Children’s Music Web Winner!

To close out the year, The Ballad Of Phineas McBoof just won the Judge’s Special Award for excellence in the 2008 Children’s Music Web Awards. What’s all the fuss about? See for yourself by ordering Doctor Noize’s acclaimed and super duper wooper pooper fun recordingz, bookz and merchandize for yer favorite kid or kid at heart. Go get that final holiday shopping done right here, right now, right on yer tookus in that chair. That’s right, Captain Procrasti-Nation — make it happen. Then get back to YouTubing Hasselhoff.

2) The Good News On The Bad News!

Some of you know that I used to write music for film and TV soundtracks. One song I wrote, The Bad News, found its way into a lot of movies and TV shows — from the hit movie Spy Game (starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford and roughly based on my life before I became a musician) to TV’s Popular (which, in sharp contrast to its title, was cancelled several years ago). It was just released as part of a compilation album called Big Movies, Big Music. Cool. Go look it up on iTunes.

3) A Holiday Gift For You!

The release of The Bad News is the inspiration for my holiday gift to you this year: a brand new free Soundtracks album. That’s right, I’m giving you over 48 minutes of free music to download, intended as a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Doctor Noize and (before that) the music I released as Cory Cullinan. And that’s not even mentioning all the fine music I released as “Milli Vanilli” (all those pre-show makeup and hair appointments, not to mention the lip choreography rehearsals, just proved too demanding). Far from throwaway music, this album contains some of the best music I’ve ever written — from the folksy American roots of The Corner Store, to the vainglorious pop satire of (The) Sound Of Courage, to the introspection and redemption of Loss and Here’s To Life. So go get yer free album here — and thank you.

4) Party With The Doc On New Year’s Eve!

Ready to party with Doctor Noize on New Year’s Eve? Sugar up the kids and let’s get rockin’. Once again I will be making a whirlwind tour of Denver by playing at the Children’s Museum of Denver for their daytime Noon Year’s Eve bash and the Denver Zoo for their nighttime Zoo Year’s Eve bash. These people really know how to party — and get to bed hours before the New Year arrives.

5) Noizemaker Of The Month!

The Noizemaker Of The Month is the most extraordinarily beautiful and brilliant woman in the universe. Got your attention? Her name is Janette Cullinan. Maybe you’ve heard of her, because she’s the voice of Backbone The Octopus on the CD. Just as James Brown is Soul Brother #1, Janette is Noizemaker #1 — she makes the adventures of Doctor Noize possible. I love you my Backbone! Wanna hear my actual wedding proposal to Janette, recorded live in song with everything on the line? You know you do. Then head on over to hear Something (For Janette), the song that launched my wedding engagement, which in turn launched my career as a father, which in turn inspired my career as Doctor Noize. So it’s the most impactful song I’ve ever written. And chicks dig it, baby.

Thanks for yer support from yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. Like the rest of us, Santa is facing budget cuts this year, and your neighborhood has been removed from his route.
P.P.S. Don’t worry, your kids won’t be too upset. They’re very mature.

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