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Happy Holiday Bailout & Hear The Radio Show!

It’s the November Noizeletter!

Welcome to the Holiday Bailout This Month Only! Total Sales Guy edition of the Noizeletter. The Top Five Noizy Thingz…

1) Get Yer Signed Holiday Gift Packs!

The holidays are fast approaching. Happy Christmas-Hannukah-Chanukah-Monica-Kwanzobama-Thanksgiving-NewYear’sEve-NewYear’sDay-Easter. (I figured while I was holiday housecleaning, I’d just throw Easter out there too, and then we don’t have to address it in March. Amen.) In any event, we’ve gotchya covered for yer holiday gift needs. You can order products individually… But wait, there’s more! That’s right, for this month only, order the Doctor Noize Triple Play Pack (a CD, book and shirt) and they’ll be signed by both Doctor Noize and illustrator Christian Lowe at no extra cost. That’s right, make all their (insert appropriate holiday here) dreams come true. Ain’t you The Santa? (Unless, of course, your family doesn’t hang with Santa, in which case… Ain’t you Not The Santa?)

2) Earn A Free Doctor Noize Mini Concert At YOUR Home!

The second über promotion this month is even more exciting than the first one. I know you didn’t think that was possible. But we’re all wrong sometimes. And that’s okay. You won’t mind when you find out why. Are you ready? Here’s how it works: For this month only, personally recommend a Doctor Noize show to your child’s favorite family venue or school, then contact us to let us know you did it. We’ll follow up with them the next business day. If the show gets booked, Doctor Noize will perform a Free Book Reading & Acoustic Mini Concert at your house for your kids and their friends when I’m in town. You will instantly become the coolest parents in town. And that’s groovy, baby. As are you. Yeah baby. You know it. Groove on.

3) Hear The Noizelets’ Radio Show!

My daughters Sidney and Riley (6 and almost 4) were invited to join me as guests of The Kids Show! on KRFC FM last month. My girls DJ’d their favorite music on air for a full hour, discussing their choices with host Chris Maldonado and singing along. Listen to the full show to hear Sidney and Riley introduce you to Doctor Noize, Mozart, James Brown, their Daddy’s soundtrack compositions, Mussorgsky, Andy Z, Howard Jones, and the Beatles. The show is super fun and gives a glimpse of some of the diverse music we listen to in the Noize household and how we approach studying and appreciating music. We closed the show performing a few Doctor Noize songs live in the studio. Kudos to KRFC FM — what a great concept for a radio show!

4) Rohan Rocks!

The Noizemaker Of The Month is Rohan Anand from Bellevue, Washington. Rohan’s Mom / Personal Assistant Kim emailed stories about him — read one at the top of the Buzz page. I responded by summoning upon my years of childhood education expertise to tell Rohan that he rocks. A day later, Kim emailed again: “So, after your last email I of course passed on the message. The next day, Rohan says to me ‘I’m going to be a rock.” I had no idea what he was talking about until he made some comment about Dr. Noize. (We then had a little discussion about what it means “to rock” :) Rock on, Rohan! And this month’s Noizemaker Runner-Up is Sarah Palin, who’s still making national noize two weeks after the election. You go girl!

5) Justin Roberts Shout-Out!

Acclaimed family musician Justin Roberts is playing in my childhood hometown Sunday. Justin is a fantastically witty and deservedly famous family musician who, for no other reason than having a big heart, was very supportive with sound advice to Doctor Noize when I launched. Other artists in this business have been similarly supportive of my work as Doctor Noize. In short: Support family musicians! They’re good people doing worthwhile things. You can start by going to one of Justin’s shows. My daughter and I saw one and loved it.

Thanks for yer support from yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. Mussorgsky rocks.
P.P.S. The Beatles and James Brown are classics.

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