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Talking To Great People

Greetings Noizemakers. You look lovely today. As usual. I am checking in with a little update. This month’s bizness break from performing looks like it is going to yield excellent and exciting results. I’ve had great interest from many people in the “Booking & Sales (B.S.) Director.” Even more important than that, the respondents have been good and interesting people. I have had many good candidates, and a few great ones, apply for the job. I have not had a single poor candidate apply for it. I’ve truly enjoyed talking with all the candidates about their experiences in the past, their goals for the future, and working for Pictoria Records. They have inspired me, and I am indebted to them for it. I wish I could hire them all, but I can’t. Maybe someday in the future.

Interviewing people about working for Pictoria Records has been an interesting experience. I have not been a “manager” since I was the high school Arts, Communication & Technology Department Head at Pinewood School in California. That was five years ago! (Yikes.) What the heck have I been doing since then? Well, a lot, but mostly flying solo in my endeavors. I feel a great sense of opportunity and relief that I will have a fantastic person working for me and booking my shows, because the workload has just become too much, and frankly always was. And I also feel a great sense of responsibility to do my job right and reward the faith that my B.S. Director is placing in me in deciding to take this job. I remember feeling even more accountable to perform my job at a high level after being a department head in my teaching career, and hiring the B.S. Director gives me a similar feeling. We will both be accountable to each other; we will both inspire each other to reach our full potential; and that is a good thing. It’s been five years since I was truly a member of an interdependent organizational team, and I am excited about it.

This is probably my last week of interviews for the job. Then I’ll pick somebody and move quickly forward. I have no doubt that I will be announcing an exceptional new Booking & Sales Director for Doctor Noize in the August Noizeletter, and that is very exciting. But wait, there’s more…

One of the candidates who applied for the job actually had such a good idea for another job working for Doctor Noize that she will be hired for that job instead. Got that? In other words, somebody conceived of a new and fantastically creative job in support of Doctor Noize, and thus she will fill that role from now on. In other words: If you create the job, you get the job. Creativity and innovation are wonderful thingz. So it turns out that there will be two, not one, new members of the Noize Team announced in the August Noizeletter.

Also… Backbone The Octopus and I went to see Lyle Lovett and His Large Band perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver last weekend. What a fantastic band. What a fantastic venue. I don’t get out to see live music as much as I’d like to anymore. One day, when I don’t have two young kids and a young and busy new career, I will go to more shows again. Until then, I certainly enjoy the few I get to. If you get a chance to see Lyle and his Large Band perform, I suggest you take it.

Talk to you soon.

New Dr. Noize Song & Join The Noize Team!

Welcome to the Independence Day Noizeletter! In the spirit of independence, here are this month’s Top Five Noizy Thingz dedicated to rugged individualists…

1) Download The New Doctor Noize Song For Free!

I was inspired by a fantastic teacher named Theresa Vayle to write a new song with a banana bunch of cool kids. My inspiration is summarized thusly (did I just write “thusly?”): Ms. Theresa is supercool. Theresa teaches my action/adventure superhero daughter Sidney three days a week. Sidney and her friends are heading on to kindergarten this year. A parent secretly suggested a party honoring Ms. Theresa, and the consensus was unanimous: Ms. Theresa rocks, baby. That meant one thing: Somebody needed to write a song about Ms. Theresa and the incredibly joyous and positive impact great teachers like her make on kids. The kids and I were all about that task. I played the instruments and mixed the song; the kids and I performed vocals. Enjoy Supercool Ms. Theresa!

2) Ms. Theresa Is The Noizemaker Of The Month!

Needless to say, Ms. Theresa is July’s Noizemaker Of The Month. So last month’s Doctor Noize Giving Back show was at the Creme de la Creme school in Lone Tree, CO at the party for her. She is a rugged individualist with her own absolutely unique and creative style, and an honorary member of The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses. My daughter comes home from school pumped up about all the learning, dancing, singing, curiosity and love that Ms. Theresa has instilled in her. Do you instill those qualities in others? If not, take a page from Ms. Theresa’s book and start today. Thanks Ms. Theresa!

3) Join The Noize Team!

Things are growing. It’s time for Doctor Noize to regain his independence and get to work producing The Return Of Phineas McBoof. So not unlike John McCain’s political team, it’s time for the annual shakeup. Pictoria Records’ Booking & Sales (B.S.) Director Cory Cullinan is being mercilessly fired. To let him down easy, we’re saying he’s been “reassigned.” He’ll be the new President & Marketing Director; The Bethinator is the PR Director; and You can be the new Booking & Sales Director. (Perhaps Bill Clinton is available for this position? He did so well selling Hillary.) Wanna join the Noize Team? You’ll be responsible for introducing new kids and families to fun, mind-expanding experiences; you’ll earn an above-industry-average percentage; and in the spirit of friendship and family that has always been the basis of this venture, you’ll stay part of the winning team as earnings continue to rapidly increase. The Booking & Sales Director will be hired this month; if you’re ready for some fun and purpose to go along with your income, contact now!

4) Proclaim Your Misunderstood Genius!

Even those who aren’t destined to join the Noize Team as the new B.S. Director can now officially join the International Band Of Misunderstood Genuises with the brand spankin’ new “I’m With The Band” line of clothing and merchandize. Specially designed by Doctor Noize artist extraordinaire Christian Lowe, it’s a fun and philosophical statement to everyone you meet.

5) I Love You!

Have I made that clear? Good. To prove it, here’s a funny story if you’re looking for laughs at my expense.

Thanks for yer support from yer buddy for life,

Doctor Noize

P.S. You can stop receiving the Noizeletter by responding with: “Ms. Theresa’s hot… You’re not!
P.P.S. Don’t worry about saying this to me, because I’m rubber and you’re glue.

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