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Noizemakers Of The Month!

Greetings fellow Noizemakers! It’s been a while and I apologize. Bad Doctor! Bad Doctor! Now that the self-punishment has been administered, let’s get to the happy positive stuff.

This month’s Noizeletter is launching a new fun segment: The Noizemaker Of The Month. And as you will see, this month’s winner is indeed worthy. He’s a virtuoso. He’s passionate about music. He’s The Man. He’s…

Seth from Colorado!

I would play Seth a drum roll, but I don’t need to — he can play it himself. See that for yourself right here:

So is Seth cool, or what? I know you didn’t pick “what.” It’s undeniable: he’s way cool.

I’ve had the privilege of performing for Seth on several occasions in Colorado. He is a young man who prefers to express himself with a big stick (or two) and a drum rather than with mere words. A true musician and poet. And he can sing and play at the same time, just like Backbone (and Phil Collins, but we’ll overlook that, because honestly Seth’s muse is already well beyond conventional light rock ballads.)

Seth can play in The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses any time. Keep rockin’, young man, keep rockin’. Doctor Noize loves you.

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