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My So-Called Vacation…

I’m on a previously unscheduled “vacation” this week to look after girls with bronchitis! (In other words, I will no longer be having a real vacation week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, because I’ll be making up lost work hours…) The blog will return next week!

The Third CD Is Born

(Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on the Creative Process…)

Kids are great. They are adventurous, open-minded, creative, fantastic. They honor creativity and adventure. They are everything we should be as adults. And I am truly honored to have them, and the parents they bring along, as my target market. I have noticed with excitement and delight that most of the parents start getting into the Doctor Noize CD and shows too — partly because it’s adventurous and a little different, and within a genre that finds adventurousness within the realm of acceptability. Listening to family music with their kids, parents are not constantly trying to figure out the same things they are trying to figure out when listening to their own pop music, such creatively suffocating questions as: What type of music this is? Is this cool? Can I instantly understand and conquer this on the first listen? Kids open their parents up to new things. I see it all the time — it’s one of the great joys of being a parent, should you choose to accept this daily invitation from your children.

So why am I vamping about the creative process and the fantastic audience and genre of family music? Because I have something exciting to tell you: This week, in the midst of manufacturing a book, catching up on business, and doing nothing musical, I suddenly had a huge creative surge and developed the entire concept — as well as the entire Banana-esque “catchy hit song” — for Doctor Noize’s third CD. The third CD, you say — what about the second CD? As some of you know, the second CD was written completely in conjunction with the first CD. It’s done. In fact, much of it was even recorded at the same time as the first CD, including a hilarious operatic version of “Banana” featuring opera superstar Nathan Gunn.

But I had nothing — not even a concept — planned for the third CD. No idea where The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses would go after CD #2. Well, the third CD concept, both dramatically and musically, is now set. And I love it. Doctor Noize, Phineas and the band mature in a new and very cool — yet very entertaining and funny — way. And the concept offers bountiful opportunities to add some really cool new musical colors and guests into the mix. That’s all I’ll say about it. I always know when I hit on an idea that will work for me, an idea that will allow me to sit back after I’ve filled in all the compositional details, and recorded and mixed all the tracks, and say: This is what I wanted to say. And this idea inspires me.

So, even though the third recording is still several years away from producing, I am absolutely filled with excitement and anticipation of all the joy and positive energy its creative completion will bring to my life. Hopefully it will bring similar feelings to listeners. And that completes the circle: I thank you, very sincerely, for allowing me the opportunity to do what I do as a career. It is a gift you give me, and I will try to make it a worthy gift by giving you in return the best I can offer as an artist. Synergy. Shalom. Supercool. Mahalo. The End.

See you next week for more of the adventures of Doctor Noize.

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