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New Year’s Day 2012 Download 


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Meat Eaters v. Horn Heads Download


My Puppies Don’t Love Me Download


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  • You now have an army of new fans. You were so inspiring, dynamic, funny, and got folks so jazzed about music.

    Sonja Palmer

    Executive Director, Music For Minors

Doctor Noize — who never met a kid who couldn’t sparkle with inner Genius — is passionate about immersing kids deeper into musical sophistication than just dancing to a nice beat. Why do we only teach songwriting and classical music to people who are beyond the age of wide-eyed wonder? The Doc knows that kids are the most creative and adventurous people in the world. He respects them like no others. So he challenges them to write and record a song with him; to comprehend and hear Classical Sonata Form in the finest works of Beethoven; to actively listen and identify fundamental musical differences in popular songs — all in a single session. It’s not just that no other touring musician accomplishes these things with kids across the country — for the most part, no one else even attempts them. Let’s inspire kids to go big together.

Explore The Workshopz & Keynote Addresses…

Create A Hit Song With Doctor Noize!: What’s the formula of most popular songs today? It’s not complicated. You can learn it. You can hear it. And you can write it. In 60-90 minutes, Dr. Noize writes and records a song with kids — lyrics, music, everything — in an energized and challenging interactive workshop unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. The next day, a professional mix of the song is posted online for kids, teachers, friends, parents, and Grandma in Siberia to download for free (pending Grandma’s internet connection…). Want proof? Listen to Workshop songs from across the country to the right. This Workshop is based on the Doc’s popular high school songwriting and recording class that yielded over a hundred student songs and eight full-length student albums during the Doc’s five year teaching tenure.

Compose Yourself!: An innovative three-day residency (45-60 minutes per day) that inspires kids to expand their horizons and experience a “music comprehension makeover.” Did you know that modern pop songs are based on a structure called Sonata Form that was developed by composers like Mozart and Haydn hundreds of years ago? Don’t worry — most rock stars don’t know that either. But before you go off and become a rock star, you will know. Day One launches kids, without delay, into Classical Sonata Form through one of Beethoven’s finest works. Kids will be able to identify Sonata Form by the end of the day. Day 2 examines some of the kids’ favorite current pop songs and astounds them by revealing a structure based on Beethoven’s. In Day 3, we become the composers, utilizing our new inspiration to create and record our own work of music — like this one. This Residency is based on the the core principals behind the Doc’s revolutionary high school Classical Music History course — an elective that became so popular, it was made a required course for all incoming Freshman where the Doc taught for five years.

Let’s Go Bananas!: A one-of-a-kind music fundamentals experience that’s both simple and crazy in its innovation. In 60-90 minutes, explore eight different versions — from ska to operatic — of Doctor Noize’s smash #1 national hit, Banana. Hear how drastically the expression of a song can change when you alter one element — meter, tempo, major/minor key, instrumentation, etc. — or multiple elements. What makes them different? What unifies them? A former teacher and Arts & Communications Department Head who always wanted a curriculum like this for his students, Doctor Noize has poured substantial time and resources into developing this Learning Adventure for you and your students.

Live Learning Adventures!: Every single one of Dr. Noize’s free online Learning Adventures is available as a live 60-90 minute learning session with your group of students, hosted by the Doc himself! Choose one of these programs individually or in conjunction with a Doctor Noize Show or Workshop above. Or use the online versions yourself to energize your kids and help them prepare for an upcoming Dr. Noize Show or Workshop.

Keynote Addressses: Dr. Noize’s two big-picture areas of advocacy in education and “child building” — Demystifying Excellence and Sophistication Matters – galvanize assemblies of students or adults in equal measure. Both are delivered in challenging, call-to-action Keynote Adresses. Let’s give away the endings right now. In both Keynotes, the ultimate message is clear: If you know what your purpose is in life, you won’t be deterred by those who would settle for less, and you will go to bed very, very happy — even on days when you fail. Below are details on the two Addresses…

Demystifying Excellence: Draws on Doctor Noize’s catalyzing teenage experience of learning through tragedy — the loss of his father and brother — to take charge of your life, pursue your passions, hone your focus, and lean on your “extended family” of community to make your own personal creative contribution to the world. It’s the blueprint upon which the Doc has lived his life, and has lead him to reach and aim big as a father, husband, teacher, coach, composer, writer, and entertainer — sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, always ready to get up and go for it again tomorrow. It’s why you see the Doc onstage with an intimidating collection of instruments and looping technology, a bunch of unpredictable kids, endless possibilities for unexpected chaos — and a big smile on his face. Don’t want a live speaker? You can read — and share — this speech in its entirety online.

Sophistication Matters: Articulates Doctor Noize’s challenge to kids and adults capable of greatness in a short-attention-span culture that is often content with artistic comfort food. Doctor Noize seriously and comically addresses his up-to-the-minute successes, failures and challenges championing sophisticated music and content to the family media industry. If the industry prefers your one-word, less-than-two minutes blast of silliness Banana to your more sophisticated family fare… should you simply feed them what they want over and over? If you want to give kids something more, how do you survive? If you’re wise, you seek to bridge the gap between the two. Here’s a hint: See Let’s Go Bananas! above. This Keynote Address — which bluntly challenges assumptions on what the industry believes children are capable of, and suggests that it is actually adults who have such limitations — is only available in a live setting.

“Don’t Miss Doctor Noize.” –Denver Post